November 26th, 2020

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Times 27832 - in which I may be asked to 14

Time taken: 13:08.  I was a little nervous about one entry when I submitted, more so that I now have to scrape up an explanation.

Celebrations all around - as many of you read this it will be Thanksgiving in the USA.  Hopefully celebrated without large gatherings and anyone else getting sick unnecessarily. I'm hiding out near a beach and many golf courses.  This is also my blogiversary - my first Thursday Times blog was on November 22, 2007 (jackkt started the day after me, and didn't make a fuss about it on Tuesday, so happy late blogiversary to him).

Fairly tricky puzzle, I thought with very few write-ins, and one of my pet peeves, a foreign phrase clued as an anagram. As of now there are only five completions and they are all over 10 minutes, so for the early birds, this is a challenge.

Away we go...

1 Dreadful chaos, mostly — very? (5)
HAVOC - anagram of CHAO(s) + V(very)
4 Winter landscape feature melting down first? (9)
9 Chased by colonist, consider looking back (9)
REGARDANT - ANT(colonist) after REGARD(consider)
10 All I give in return for watch? Not all (5)
VIGIL - hidden reversed in alL I GIVe
11 Fruit ice with wrong coatings removed (6)
CITRON - remove the outer letters of iCe wITh wRONg
12 Part of train bearing Victoria or Gladstone, say (8)
CARRIAGE - this was the clue giving me the most grief - I see three definitions (part of train, bearing, and Victoria is a type of carriage).  Gladstone is a bag, maybe a fourth definition in terms of luggage?  Edit: see comments - Gladstone is defined as a four-wheeled carriage in Collins
14 Stop going on, as one may if boot's too big? (3,1,4,2,2)
PUT A SOCK IN IT - doble definition
17 Stubborn dope stopping on the way (12)
INTRANSIGENT - GEN(dope) inside IN TRANSIT(on the way)
20 Backsliding secretary disheartened by job in support group (8)
APOSTASY - the outer letters of SecretarY after POST(job) inside AA(alcoholics anonymous, support group)
21 Amount of liquid consumed's endless, everyone being drunk (6)
GALLON - GONE(consumed) missing the last letter with ALL(everyone) inside
23 Asian language, second on distant island (5)
FARSI - S(second) after FAR(distant), I(island)
24 Modern images from one book backed by right-wingers (9)
EMOTICONS - I(one), TOME(book) reversed next to CONS(right-wingers).
25 Opposing players step round vacated tee, as requested (9)
ENTREATED - E and N(opposing players in bridge), then TREAD(step) surrounding the exterior letters in TeE
26 It's fine after love in New York (5)
NOOKY - OK(fine) after O(love) inside NY(New York)
1 Printed output from PC grabbed by writer (4,4)
HARD COPY - COP(PC) inside Thomas HARDY(writer)
2 Idle surgeon worried nurses for instance (8)
VEGETATE - VET(surgeon), ATE(worried) containing EG(for instance)
3 Health precaution a rare condition's brought about? (6,9)
4 Expelled for minor disagreement (4)
SPAT - double definition
5 Public prepared to wait for case that's not admitted (10)
OUTPATIENT - OUT(public), PATIENT(prepared to wait)
6 Branching out, this writer had taken up poetry (15)
DIVERSIFICATION - I'D(this writer had) reversed then VERSIFICATION(poetry)
7 Dressed, ready to drive off? (2,4)
IN GEAR - double definition
8 £50 in bank that navigator gets hold of (6)
TILLER - L(fifty), L(pounds) inside TIER(bank)
13 Record of two sides getting under twenty? (10)
SCORESHEET - a SHEET has two sides, and is under SCORE(twenty)
15 Loaded spring not yet set in motion (4-2-2)
WELL-TO-DO - WELL(spring), TO DO(not yet set in motion)
16 Waits in the wings for champions (6,2)
STANDS BY - double definition
18 Rabbit food regularly impressed (6)
WAFFLE - double definition based on a waffle having a pattern
19 Investigator going up first round Olympic site (6)
POIROT - TOP(first) surrounding RIO(Olympic site) all reversed
22 Enterprising bachelor getting on (4)
BOLD - B(bachelor), OLD(getting on)

Times Quick Cryptic No 1753 by Izetti

Always nice to blog an Izetti, and this was no different.  Very little GK required (maybe for 9a, 15a and 19a) and everything fairly clued.  The result in my case was 12 minutes of easy solving and a satisfying finish with 19d LOI.

Thanks to the Don, and good luck to you lot – I expect to see some fast times quoted.


Energetic person, 50, with strange view, and anger (4,4)
LIVE WIRE – L (50 in Roman numerals), with an anagram of [VIEW], and followed by IRE (anger).  Chambers defines a LIVE WIRE as being a ‘wire carrying an electrical current’, or as a ‘person of intense energy’.  In either case, I am suspicious of them and find them dangerous.  I therefore do my best to keep well away from either example!
Still an apartment (4)
FLAT – Double definition.
9 Author to progress repeatedly, reaching end of novel (5)
GOGOL – GO (to progress) repeatedly (GOGO) and end of {nove}L.  Refers to Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, a Russian novelist, short story writer and playwright of Ukrainian origin.  Yesterday's novelist was Zola, a Frenchman.  I wonder who we'll have tomorrow?
10  Mother’s wise doctor (7)
MASSAGE – MA’S (Mother’s) and SAGE (wise).  To MASSAGE a set of figures is to doctor them.
11  Endless row – inconclusive result (3)
TIE – TIE{r} (endless row).
12 Not 3, and struggling at night? (2,3,4)
IN THE DARK – The answer to 3d is ‘well informed’, the opposite of which is to be IN THE DARK, which might also be the cause of someone struggling at night.
13  Sign off please when the leader has departed (6)
RATIFY – {g}RATIFY (please, after the leader (first letter) has departed).  Hopefully, there will be some RATIFYing of a trade agreement between the UK and the EU in the very near future.
15  Second turning point (6)
MOMENT – Double definition, the first as in ‘wait a moment / second’, and the second causing me to question my parsing.  However, MOMENT is also defined in Chambers as a stage or turning point.  I was thinking that in mathematics / geometry, a moment is also the effect that a force has about a pivot or turning point, which is a function of the size of the force and its perpendicular distance from the turning point, rather than it being the turning point itself.
17  Awaiting divorce maybe as red tape is sorted out (9)
SEPARATED – Anagram (sorted out) of [AS RED TAPE].  The ‘maybe’ is there because not all separations are related to impending divorces.
19  Tiny bit of money person has not got left (3)
SOU – SOU{l} (person, not including (not got) L{eft}). A SOU was an old French five-centime piece, and is now more generally a tiny amount of money.
20  Stop publicity being given to competition? (7)
PREVENT – PR (publicity, public relations) and EVENT (competition).
21  Go off to match unexpectedly? (5)
ELOPE – Cryptic definition with misdirection resulting from the use of ‘match’ to define the wedding.
22  Lacking caution in endeavour – a shame (4)
RASH – Hidden answer, in {endeavou}R – A SH{ame}.
23  Theo with shakes becoming incandescant (5-3)
WHITE HOT – Anagram (shakes) of [THEO WITH].


Ignition device in vessel (7)
LIGHTER – Double definition.
2  Five having fever hard to pin down (5)
VAGUE – V (five in Roman numerals) and AGUE (fever).
3  Dim feller now surprisingly knowledgeable (4-8)
WELL-INFORMED – Anagram (surprisingly) of [DIM FELLER NOW].
Send clock, perhaps, up (5)
REMIT – TIMER (clock, perhaps) reversed (up in this down clue).
Ale splashing – a keg ruined – because of this? (7)
LEAKAGE – An anagram (splashing) of [ALE] followed by another anagram (ruined) of [A KEG] in a semi-&Lit clue (one where the whole clue gives the definition).
7 Slightly adjust end of saw penetrating wood (5)
TWEAK – End of {sa}W inside (penetrating) TEAK (wood).
8  50 per cent of satellites orbited off course in region of solar system (8,4)
ASTEROID BELT – an anagram (off course) of [ORBITED] and [SATEL] (50 per cent of SATEL{lites}).  The ASTEROID BELT lies between the orbits of the planets Mars and Jupiter.
14  Excellent folk seen in Cork, first to last (7)
TOPPERS – STOPPER (cork) where the first letter is moved to become the last letter (first to last).
16  Ordeal around the first half of autumn making one most tense (7)
TAUTEST – TEST (ordeal) containing (around) the first half of AUT{umn}.
17  Wonderful agent, American, turning up (5)
SUPER – REP{resentative} (agent) and US (American) all reversed (turning up in a down clue).
18  Little person – bit of a pain after short time (5)
TITCH – ITCH (bit of pain) after short T{ime}.  I’m not sure that TITCH is very PC these days.
19  Opening hotel, displaying sluggishness (5)
SLOTH – SLOT (opening) and H{otel}.

Times 27,833: Blue As The Gendarmerie Were The Waves Of The Sea

FOI 12ac, LOI 18dn. I'm assuming this was quite easy as I managed it in 6m after tottering back from a Thanksgiving repast involving plenty and I mean plenty of wine. MER at 9ac as Epicurus was assuredly not a pleasure-seeker. WOD to 14dn, COD I think to 23ac with is saucy surface. Thanks setter, I'm off for my post-cheesecake nap now!

1 I'm surprised by refusal to back name-giver (6)
EPONYM - MY! [I'm surprised] by NOPE [refusal], all reversed

5 Model soldier like millions (8)
PARADIGM - PARA DIG M [soldier | like | millions]

9 European Pope defending rogue pleasure-seeker (8)
EPICURUS - E PIUS "defending" CUR

10 Male with head turning for Sally (3,3)
BON MOT - TOM [male] with NOB [head], all reversed

11 One's inclined to travel in this vehicle and clear off (5,3)
CABLE CAR - CAB [vehicle] + (CLEAR*)

12 Virtuous person knowing formal behaviour (6)
STARCH - S(ain)T + ARCH [knowing]

13 Something burning affected tree close to copse (8)
CAMPFIRE - CAMP FIR [affected | tree] + {cops}E

15 Duck appears from the east without its head (4)
SMEE - reversed {s}EEMS

17 After alcohol, kiss boy or girl (4)
ALEX - X after ALE

19 Reptile quietly buried in ground (8)

20 Bow milliner, perhaps, put on line second (6)
LATTER - 'ATTER put on L

21 Damned instigator of riot has charged around (8)
ACCURSED - R{iot} has ACCUSED around

22 Just bank on reversal of rating (6)
BARELY - RELY on reversed AB

23 Fancied a military man in tight denim (8)

24 Rugby player's leg with which ball may be struck (8)

25 Gutted, Edgar was on the bench, perhaps an unknown substitute (6)
ERSATZ - E{dga}R + SAT [was on the bench, perhaps] + Z [an unknown]

2 After drink, Englishman abroad welcomes plug for Indian food (8)
POPPADOM - after POP, POM "welcomes" AD

3 Ornament put away rapidly on spike (8)
NECKLACE - NECK [put away rapidly] on LACE [spike (a drink)]

4 Visitors arrived in greater numbers around British seaside resort (9)

5 After sectarian conflict, dispatch part of army deployment (4-11)

6 Supporter lost ground in a sport (7)

7 Wrong about temperature, which won't be perishing (8)

8 Lucifer may be here, game to fight (8)
MATCHBOX - MATCH BOX [game | to fight]

14 Touching new peach, extremely gentle heat (9)
REPECHAGE - RE + (PEACH*) + G{entl}E

15 Sweet course not finished by bishop (8)

16 I'm not sure highly colourful clothes will be for the general public (8)
EXOTERIC - ER [I'm not sure...] clothed by EXOTIC [highly colourful]

17 With poles, carrying current mechanical beings (8)

18 Release men thus possessing a legal right (8)
EASEMENT - hidden in {rel}EASE MEN T{hus}

19 Rest breaks around bad climbing frame (7)
TRELLIS - (REST*) "around" reversed ILL