November 6th, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic No 1739 by Teazel

Happy Friday everyone. I've found several of Teazel's recent quick crosswords quite tricky and today was no exception. It is one of those grids where none of the first letters of the Downs at the top of the grid are checked, which doesn't help. Not knowing the word at 3D and struggling to remember the tuber at 4D along with a tricky SW corner took me to 50% over my target time, finishing in just under 7 1/2 minutes. My FOI was 7A, LOI 23A and my COD is the clever 13D. Thank-you Teazel. How did everyone else get on?

Fortnightly Weekend Quick Cryptic. This time it is Phil's turn to provide the extra cruciverbal entertainment. You can find his latest crossword here. Enjoy! And if anyone is interested in our previous offerings you can find an index to them here.

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