October 21st, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic 1727 by Mara

An abundance of cleverly hidden answers, great anagrams and a touch of inventiveness, so there's lots to enjoy. I never got into the flow, however, and had to 'start again' with an unchecked word a couple of times. The SW corner was last to fall.

Can anyone help me with 18dn? There is no justfication for my interpretation in the dictionaries I have at home. Am I missing something?

Definitions underlined.

1 Various genres, each in online program (6,6)
SEARCH ENGINE - anagram of (various) GENRES EACH IN.
8 Field that has concrete mass (5)
REALM - REAL (concrete) and M (mass).
9 In public, once defeated, give up (7)
CONCEDE - hidden in (in) publiC ONCE DEfeated.
10 Flat jotter (3)
PAD - double definition.
11 Body of water in river rose unexpectedly (9)
RESERVOIR - anagram of (unexpectedly) RIVER ROSE.
13 Alcoholic drink is a hit (5)
PUNCH - double definition.
14 French river, one in mythology (5)
LOIRE - I (one) contained by (in) LORE (mythology).
16 Cherry, nut and bananas not required (9)
REDUNDANT - RED (cherry), then an angram of (bananas) NUT AND.
17 Medicine initially mislaid, suffering (3)
ILL - remove the rifst letter form (initially mislaid) pILL (medicine).
19 Original sign (7)
INITIAL - double definition.
21 Ungentlemanly spilling of a pint (5)
INAPT - anagram of (spilling of) A PINT.
22 So it's always the more still? (12)
NEVERTHELESS - cryptic definition: something that is 'always the more' is also, therefore, 'never the less'.

1 Band splits up (5)
STRAP - PARTS (splits) reversed (up).
2 A bit of kebab and one doughnut left (9)
ABANDONED - hidden in (a bit of) kebAB AND ONE Doughnut.
3 School improves, hence transformed (13)
COMPREHENSIVE - anagram of (transformed) IMPROVES HENCE.
4 Two letters read out, that's more than enough (6)
EXCESS - sounds like (read out) 'x' and "s" (two letters).
5 Commander leading attack when everyone's out (7,6)
GENERAL STRIKE - GENERAL (commander) in front of (leading) STRIKE (attack).
6 Born on the Algarve, finally (3)
NEE - last letters of (fainally) oN thE algarvE.
7 It's a shame only part of brigade armed (4,2)
DEAR ME - hidden in (ony part of) brigaDE ARMEd.
12 Start cooking or eating around one (9)
ORIGINATE - anagram of (coking) OR EATING containing (around) I (one).
13 Document what one might do with one's hair? (6)
PERMIT - cryptic hint: one might 'perm it'.
15 Speculation about everyone dancing in classical style (6)
BALLET - BET (speculation) containing (about) ALL (everyone)
18 Flower you found in a whole bunch (5)
LOTUS - U (you, textspeak) contained by (in) LOTS (a whole bunch).
20 Heart of policeman that might melt (3)
ICE - central letters from (heart of) polICEman.

Times 27801 - a souper test for your anagram skills.

I liked this, a classic type puzzle with several tricky anagrams and nothing obscure (unless you don't know French). I particularly liked 14a, 22a, 26a and 16d. I expect many will biff 6d and 10d and move on. It took me about half an hour to do and parse.

1 Habitually drink tea, mostly outside work (4)
TOPE - Insert OP (work) into TE[A].
3 Attainable diamonds regularly found here (2,3,5)
ON THE CARDS - double definition, one cryptic.
9 Drivers, one prevaricating about vehicle on track (7)
RAILCAR - All reversed (= "about"): RAC (drivers) LIAR (one prevaricating).
11 Posh politician one socialist judged (7)
UMPIRED - U (posh) MP, 1, RED.
12 Profanity from guru admitting constant anger (9)
SACRILEGE - SAGE (guru) insert C (a constant) RILE (anger).
13 Aid when strolling round love boat (5)
CANOE - Insert O love) into CANE (aid when strolling).
14 Liquid lunch? Ugly lawman tipsy with it (12)
MULLIGATAWNY - (UGLY LAWMAN IT)*. What an improbable looking but brilliant anagram!
18 Searcher wielding rod more beatific after drink (5,7)
WATER DIVINER - WATER (drink) DIVINER (more beatific).
21 Nitrogen close to ocean absorbed by marine plant (5)
SENNA - SEA (marine) insert N for nitrogen and N end of ocean.
22 Seemingly take the excitement out of stay (9)
DEFERMENT - Well, to ferment could be to excite, so to DE-FERMENT would be to take out excitement. STAY as a noun here.
24 Cunning vehicle for winter trekkers primarily (7)
SLEIGHT - SLEIGH, T = trekkers primarily. As in sleight of hand.
25 Fabled kingdom is lacking a capital (7)
ATLANTA - ATLANTIS with IS lacking, A. Capital of Georgia, USA.
26 Able to grasp floating sphere with line (10)
PREHENSILE - (SPHERE LINE)*. Another cracker of an anagram.
27 Race often won by such effrontery (4)
NECK - double definition.
1 Irritating irregular rise in volume (8)
TIRESOME - (RISE)* inside TOME = volume.
2 Noble needs to practise guarding king in church (8)
PRINCELY - PLY (practise) insert R (king) IN CE (Church).
4 Tend to run up banks of Seine (5)
NURSE - NUR (run up) SE (outer letters of Seine).
5 Servant to take in nuts I'll crack (9)
HOUSEMAID - HOUSE (take in) MAD (nuts) insert I.
6 Top eastern state bounded by waterway where craft launched (4,9)
CAPE CANAVERAL - CAP (top) E(astern) CANAL (waterway) insert AVER (state).
7 Enthusiastic band of artists? (6)
RARING - an RA RING is a band of artists.
8 Waterlogged lair beneath turf (6)
SODDEN - SOD (turf) DEN (lair).
10 What reviewer usually offers maybe beyond which reflection less than total (8,5)
CRITICAL ANGLE - double definition. If this is all Greek to you and Snell's Law is unfamiliar, see e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_internal_reflection
15 Brief relations ceased, not unexpectedly (9)
16 Expecting what’s required for defence in test (8)
ENCEINTE - double definition, the first being French for pregnant, the second being the enclosure or ramparts of a fortification. Not sure what IN TEST is adding, unless it implies the defences have to be tested? Ah, at last some one below has pointed out it's also HIDDEN in DEF(ENCE IN TE)ST so that's why in test appears. The word enceinte appears a lot in France, on every drug label and in every doctor's cabinet, telling people what to avoid if in that condition.
17 Young achievers, having defect, quietly coming in second (8)
BRATPACK - BACK = second; insert RAT (defect, jump ship) P (quietly).
19 Finishes milk drink (4,2)
USES UP - USE (milk, take advantage of) SUP (drink).
20 Quick expulsion of unknown European, first seen at sea (6)
SNEEZE - (SEEN)*, Z (unknown), E(uropean).
23 Beat learner driver involved in crash (5)
FLAIL - Insert L for learner driver into FAIL for crash.