October 5th, 2020


QC 1715 by Wurm

This was an extremely easy puzzle from Wurm (whom I think I have only met once or twice before). In fact I do think it is the easiest puzzle I have ever blogged and many thanks therefore for providing a puzzle that even the newest anonoymous beginners should be able to get their teeth into.

As we often say this is one of the main purposes of the Quickie,  to get people to have a go at cryptics and realise that they are not as far out of their reach as they might have thought. I remember when I started I used to stare at a blank 15x15 grid and wonder how I would ever be able to penetrate the surface. Then after a couple of days I was managing to get a few of the clues and before long I was finishing the puzzle regularly. Nowadays the Quickie helps you through those early head-scratching stages so you should be able to be filling in at least some of the grid from the very beginning.

Pretty much sequential solving today, with FOI being 6A and LOI 19D. I think my COD was, for reasons of neatness rather than difficulty, 8D.

Definitions are underlined and everything else is explained just as I see it as simply as I can.

6 Swimmer in location without current (6)
PLAICE - PLACE (location) 'without' (i.e. 'outside') I (physical symbol for electric current).
7 Bet here as coin thrown about (6)
CASINO - straight anagram ('thrown about') of AS COIN.
9 Drink around north is bargain (4)
SNIP - SIP (drink) 'around' N (north).
10 7 game allowed to get in way (8)
ROULETTE - LET (allowed) in ROUTE (way). '7 game' is referring to 7A CASINO.
11 Use machete repeatedly with expedition! (4-4)
CHOP-CHOP - You use a machete to CHOP, and if you do it repeatedly you get this colloquial expression for 'hurry up'.
13 Good base for light (4)
GLOW - G (good) + LOW (base).
15 Black rodent irritating child (4)
BRAT - B (black) + RAT (rodent).
16 Become sunnier in resort, we hear (8)
BRIGHTEN - sounds like ('we hear') BRIGHTON (south coast resort).
18 Precious stones found in suit (8)
DIAMONDS - double definition.
20 Prepare some korma kebabs (4)
MAKE - hidden word: 'some' korMA KEbabs.
21 Relative brings us into money (6)
COUSIN - US 'brought in' to COIN (money).
22 Get to the point? (6)
NEEDLE - double definition.
1 One to embrace decisive argument (8)
CLINCHER - double definition.
2 Creature this puma moved across river twice (12)
HIPPOPOTAMUS - anagram ('moved') of THIS PUMA 'across' PO PO (the longest river in Italy 'twice').
3 Beginning to deal with world shortage (6)
DEARTH - D (beginning to Deal) + EARTH (world).
4 Rugby-playing group quietly steal apples (6)
SCRUMP - SCRUM (Rugby-playing group) + P (piano, quietly).
5 Join outfit that protects knight (4)
KNIT - KIT (outfit) 'protecting' N (symbol for the knight in Chess).
8 Tool has blade: hard to smuggle into jail (12)
SLEDGEHAMMER - EDGE (blade) + H (hard) 'smuggled into' SLAMMER (jail).
12 Rower in Tromso arriving (3)
OAR - hidden word: 'in' TromsO ARriving.
14 Large liver OK cooked, but too much (8)
OVERKILL - anagram ('cooked') of L (large) + LIVER OK.
16 Graduate meets fool in plant (6)
BANANA - BA (graduate) + NANA (fool).
17 Stupid and senseless to incarcerate son (6)
INSANE - INANE (senseless) 'incarcerating' S (son).
19 Hero at home entertaining company (4)
ICON - IN (at home) 'entertaining' CO (company).