October 2nd, 2020

Quick Cryptic 1714 by Juno

Well, this is a bit of a multi-definition fest, including two rather neat triples. Not too hard I'd say, 8 min for me. COD 8dn

1 Rent holiday place on the Adriatic (5)
SPLIT - double definition
4 Hang around some cathedral in Germany (6)
LINGER - hidden word: cathedraL IN GERmany
9 European trapped in loo: self-esteem to drop! (5,2)
LEAVE GO - Loo is LAV, insert E for european, add EGO
10 See director general close to some gatekeeper’s house (5)
LODGE - LO (see) + DG (director general) + E (last letter of 'some')
11 Organise race series (3)
RUN - triple definition
12 Unusual to have year in exotic capital (8)
ATYPICAL - Y inside anagram ('exotic') of CAPITAL
15 Daytime Brexit broadcast making use of both Left and Right? (13)
AMBIDEXTERITY - anagram ('broadcast') of DAYTIME BREXIT. Remember when everyone talked about nothing but Brexit? Happy days.
17 One using ruler from Middle East, a certain king (8)
MEASURER -  ME (middle east) + A + SURE + R (edited - thanks to Cedric below)
18 Pickle — or something sweeter (3)
JAM - double definition
20 No longer like to fall asleep, as alarm may? (2,3)
GO OFF - triple definition
22 Stick flexible as putty (4,3)
STAY PUT - anagram ('flexible') of AS PUTTY
23 Something sandy or maroon? (6)
DESERT - double definition
24 Like pitch Jack’s seen near railway (5)
TARRY - (Jack) TAR + RY
1 Ancient trade route composed of dark soil (4,4)
SILK ROAD - anagram ('composed') of DARK SOIL
2 Hear about tragic king meeting knight (5)
LEARN - LEAR + N (knight in chess notation)
3 Rival groups, leaderless, demand to enter thus (4,3,2)
THEM AND US -  (d)EMAND inside THUS. In the 15 x 15 this sort of clue would be constructed with synonyms rather than the words from the clue.
5 Trouble the setter is going to! (3)
ILL - double definition (I'll). 'Setter' usually denotes the first person singular. It sometimes means dog, or the sun (which sets).
6 Old African colonel initially grinning as dull dignitaries all file in (7)
GADDAFI - initial letters Grinning As Dull Dignitaries All File In
7 Rock in river covering snakelike fish (4)
8 Post Office New York state’s used for letter delivery system once (4,7)
13 Some wine Brian takes getting him drunk? (9)
INEBRIANT - hidden word: wINE BRIAN Takes
14 Harmony of form, a sort of m-mystery! (8)
SYMMETRY -  anagram ('a sort of') of  M-MYSTERY
16 British school’s for French people (7)
18 Comedian’s “yes” to German upset salesperson (5)
JAPER - JA + REP backwards
19 Ancient silver beads oddly missing (4)
AGED - AG (silver) + ED (alternate letters of BEADS)
21 Airmen coming north a long way (3)
FAR - RAF backwards