September 23rd, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic 1707 by Orpheus

Nice puzzle - average time. Following on from yesterday's Japanese poetry lesson, I was forced to guess a bit more general knowledge today (18ac, 20ac), and I was slow to think of the required woman at 11ac. I especially enjoyed the two clues with slightly more convoluted wordplay at 5dn and my COD 11dn.

Definitions underlined.

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1 Uncouth old swimmer crossing centre of bay (6)
OAFISH - O (old) and FISH (swimmer) containing (crossing) the middle letter (centre) of bAy.
5 Expression wears thin for listeners (6)
PHRASE - sounds like (for listeners) "frays" (wears thin).
8 Italian citizens coming from same line somehow (8)
MILANESE - anagram of (somehow) SAME LINE.
9 In Tiepolo, a notable advance (4)
LOAN - hiddin in (in) tiepoLO A Notable.
10 Opposed to books being dumped in main road (4)
ANTI - NT (new testament, books) inside (dumped in) A1 (main road).
11 Bitter woman coming in to do a song (8)
SCATHING - CATH (woman) inside (coming in to) SING (do a song).
12 Bloke keen, some say, to establish wine shop (6)
BODEGA - BOD (bloke) then a homophone of (some say) "eager".
14 Cockney building boundary round field, moving slowly? (6)
EDGING - (h)EDGING (building boundary round field) as a Cockney might say it.
16 US politician caught deserter at end of rally (8)
DEMOCRAT - C (caught) and RAT (deserter) after (at end of) DEMO (rally).
18 She was Boaz’s wife? Pity (4)
RUTH - double definition; reference to the biblical story from the book of Ruth.
20 Hindu queen administered island (4)
RANI - RAN (administered) and I (island).
21 Scottish festival always associated with chap minding pigs? (8)
HOGMANAY - AY (always) next to (associated with) HOGMAN (chap minding pigs?).
23 Motto found in record kept by hospital (6)
SLOGAN - LOG (record) inside (kept by) SAN (sanatorium, hospital).
24 Insect originally good at digging for lost young? (6)
GADFLY - first letters from (originally) Good At Digging For Lost Young.

2 Like birds initially imported in a commercial vehicle (5)
AVIAN - first letter of (initially) Imported inside (in) A VAN (commercial vehicle).
3 Envisage instruments originally employed in Enigma variation (7)
IMAGINE - first letter of (originally) Instruments inside (in) an anagram of (...variations) ENIGMA.
4 Shade used in houses regularly (3)
HUE - every other letter from (regularly) HoUsEs.
5 Common old man fed by priest before fast (9)
PREVALENT - PA (father, old man) containing (fed by) REV (reverend, priest) then LENT (fast).
6 Fellow engaged in moral philosophy (5)
RALPH - hiddin in (engaged in) moRAL PHilosophy,
7 Quiet girl on Irish river (7)
SHANNON - SH (quiet), ANN (girl) and ON.
11 Endlessly casting about, catching high-class marine creature (3,6)
SEA URCHIN - all-but-the-last letter from (endlessly) SEARCHINg (casting about) containing (catching) U (upper class, high-class).
13 General deliveries a couple of Liberals assembled (7)
OVERALL - OVER (six balls in cricket, deliveries) then A and two Ls (couple of liberals) all put together (assembled).
15 Fish on estate, perhaps, getting floral decoration (7)
GARLAND - GAR (fish) on LAND (estate, perhaps).
17 Outstanding old part of house (5)
OWING - O (old) and WING (part of house).
19 Track taking dog across river (5)
TRAIL - TAIL (dog) containing (across) R (river).
22 Suppress comedian’s joke (3)
GAG - double definition.

Times 27777 - two and the Angel Number will look after us.

This was a fast solve and a not very exciting crossword for me, I can't find much to say about it, except it was disappointing for a Wednesday. So I noticed it was #27777. I Googled 7777 and was transported to some weird websites which told me all about Angels, the Bible and Goodness and luck and that anything else I wished for could be coming my way. Who writes this stuff? Who believes it? Anyway here's the blog.

1 Communicate with bishop over satisfactory primer (8)
TEXTBOOK - TEXT (communicate) B (bishop) O(ver) OK.
6 Doddery old bachelors originally living in outskirts of Whitby (6)
WOBBLY - W(hitb)Y has O, B, B and L inserted.
9 Greek mountain’s huge appeal (4)
OSSA - OS (outsize) SA (appeal, sex appeal). Impressive 2000m mountain halfway up the right side of the Greek mainland.
10 Makes start, sadly, as scourge of workforce? (10)
11 Wavering of ambassador initially inept in post (10)
HESITATION - H.E. (ambassador) STATION (post); insert I being initially inept.
13 Report of sludge in one of three rivers (4)
OUSE - Sounds like OOZE; one of at least three rivers so-called in the UK. Counting the Great Ouse and Little Ouse its tributary as two, there are four.
14 Ignorant, but not tight, do we hear? (8)
UNTAUGHT - Sounds like UN-TAUT.
16 Most balanced article written in small refuge (6)
SANEST - S(mall), NEST (refuge), insert A (article).
18 Italian poet’s heartless noble (6)
ARISTO - Ludovico ARIOSTO was an Italian poet. Take away his centre O.
20 Storyteller from Scottish island returning to centre of Kinross (8)
NARRATOR - Reverse ARRAN, add TO and R being the central letter of Kinross.
22 Fish deft anglers catch easily to begin with (4)
DACE - initial letters of D eft A nglers C atch E asily.
24 Half of them sketch vaguely from beginning to end (10)
THROUGHOUT - TH(em) ROUGH OUT (sketch vaguely).
26 Resident in Hampshire briefly entertaining a little (10)
INHABITANT - IN, HANT (presumably short for Hampshire, although believe it is more usual as HANTS) insert A BIT for a little.
28 Fellow keeping oxen at first for beef (4)
MOAN - O in MAN, beef as in complain.
29 Discharge former partner in robust health (6)
EXHALE - EX (former partner) HALE (in robust health).
30 Quiet, more colourful piece of office equipment (8)
SHREDDER - SH ! REDDER = more colourful.
2 Maybe Chinese festival involving English sailors (9)
EASTERNER - EASTER has E(nglish) and RN (sailors) inserted.
3 Empress’s army once carrying nerve gas (7)
TSARINA - TA (Territorial Army) has SARIN a nerve gas inserted.
4 It thus set up a Roman port (5)
OSTIA - IT SO (thus) is reversed = OSTI add A.
5 Aegean island some seek ostentatiously (3)
KOS - hidden (not very) in SEE(K OS)TENTATIOUSLY.
6 Lothario, perhaps? More like Solomon crossing eastern state (9)
WOMANISER - WISER like Solomon has OMAN inserted.
7 Instrument produced by graduates thus performing (7)
BASSOON - BAS (graduates) SO (thus) ON (performing).
8 City came first, securing last of five goals ultimately (5)
LEEDS - LED has E (last of fivE) inserted then S (goals ultimately) added.
12 Fashionable cosmetic preparation for one vocalising in church (7)
INTONER - IN (fashionable) TONER (cosmetic).
15 Spooky entertainer left president following golf (9)
GHOSTLIKE - G (golf) HOST (entertainer) L (left) IKE (Eisenhower).
17 Finally he hangs out somehow in Japanese governor’s office (9)
SHOGUNATE - (E HANGS OUT)* the E being from finally hE.
19 Scorer’s stock stories about start of match (7)
SMETANA - SET ANA being stock stories, insert M for match.
21 Remorseful American hiding in an outhouse (7)
23 Join a former partner collecting news (5)
ANNEX - AN EX, a former partner, has N for news inserted.
25 Speak indistinctly, losing marks at first, say (5)
UTTER - MUTTER loses its M.
27 A second son, one behaving foolishly (3)
ASS - A, S(econd) S(on).