September 18th, 2020

Quick Cryptic 1704 by Joker

I found this thoroughly enjoyable. Some fairly convoluted wordplay, but not too difficult. Describing a banjo as a 'sort of guitar' sounds like it might upset a purist somewhere. 6 minutes

1 Miser upset about landlord’s political belief in the US (13)
REPUBLICANISM - anagram ('upset') of MISER set around PUBLICAN
8 Jack’s entering bar with old sort of guitar (5)
BANJO - BAN (bar) + O (old) with J (Jack) inside
9 Cowardly chap is after elegance and style (7)
CHICKEN - CHIC (elegance & style) + KEN (a chap)
10 Rubbish in Jerusalem rail terminus? (7)
STATION - TAT (rubbish) inside SION (Jerusalem)
11 Some panic here in specialised part of the market (5)
NICHE - hidden word: paNIC HEre
13 Pressure concerning young claimant to the throne (9)
PRETENDER - P (pressure) + RE (concerning) + TENDER (young, as in 'tender age')
17 Tons lacking power to make changes (5)
19 A couple of people owe most, unfortunately (7)
TWOSOME - anagram ('unfortunately') of OWE MOST
20 Right pub in centre offering this item in crumble? (7)
RHUBARB - R (right) + BAR (pub) inside HUB (centre)
22 Leading pair abandoning the most doubtful visitor (5)
GUEST - Most doubtful is VAGUEST, lose the first two letters.
23 Enraptured current chaps score romantically (13)
SENTIMENTALLY - SENT (enraptured) + I (current) + MEN (chaps) + TALLY (score)

1 Tough case of decay limiting public transport (6)
ROBUST - case of decay is ROT, with BUS inside
2 Peel ’n’ a pip has the makings of a fruit (9)
PINEAPPLE - anagram ('has the makings of') of PEEL N A PIP
3 Element oxygen many initially discovered in sea water (7)
BROMINE - O (oxygen) + M ('many', initially) inside BRINE
4 Absolutely certain company is into table tennis, strangely (13)
INCONTESTABLE - anagram ('strangely') of TABLE TENNIS + CO (company)
5 Six into articles about birds (5)
AVIAN - VI (six) inside A and AN (indefinite articles)
6 Annoy when spilling kir (3)
IRK - anagram ('spilling') of KIR
7 Got together outside popular university dance (6)
MINUET - MET outside IN (popular) + U
12 Hole in skin interrupting pink of the body (9)
CORPOREAL - PORE (hole in skin) inside CORAL (pink)
14 Period without a drink is difficult after start of drinking time (7)
DROUGHT - ROUGH (difficult) after D (start of 'drinking') + T (time)
15 Some fissure turned up as a source of life (6)
UTERUS - reverse hidden word: fisSURE TUrned
16 Good first appearance needed for the upper crust (6)
18 Fabric sounding like something driver should carry (5)
KHAKI - sounds like CAR KEY
21 Royal Navy is after universal vessel (3)
URN - U + RN