September 6th, 2020

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Mephisto 3131 - Tim Moorey

I didn't get to this until after I blogged Thursday's daily puzzle, and it seems it was my week as there was quite a bit of chemistry spread between these two!  My particular expertise in chemistry is more along the lines of 20 across than 10 across.

This was not too difficult, and almost all of the down answers went in on a first reading and check of wordplay. There's some fun words here, and I had no idea that 17 had a meaning besides being a character in the legend of the headless horseman.  My run of blogging puzzles with 90 degree symmetry continues!

In Mephisto puzzles the definition can be confirmed in Chambers, so I will be focusing on the wordplay here.

Away we go...

1 Bishops after court pardoned thief (8)
BARABBAS - ABBAS(bishops) after BAR(court)
7 Name put forward in important part of Buddhist temple (4)
MANI - move the N(name) one position to the left in MAIN(important)
10 Out of date designation forming antibody stimulant (10)
ISOANTIGEN - remove D(date) from DESIGNATION and form an anagram
11 Member boring second house is one? (4)
SHMO - M(member) inside S(second) HO(house)
12 More than one goblet from Chinese resort sent back (6)
HANAPS - HAN(Chinese) then SPA(resort) reversed
14 Model embraces Madame returning in tartan undergarment (6)
SEMMIT - SIT(model) containing MME(madame) reversed
16 Joy has Knight in old card game (5)
GLEEK - GLEE(joy) and K(knight)
17 Bach I do fancy for “The glory is departed” (7)
ICHABOD - anagram of BACH,I,DO
18 Mistake with spades in long suit (9)
PINSTRIPE - TRIP(mistake) next to S(spades) inside PINE(long)
20 Salts provided by American navy repeatedly in eg Virginia and Florida (9)
STANNATES - A(American), and N(navy) twice inside STATES such as Virginia and Florida
23 Girl missing in action outside border (7)
MIRANDA - MIA(missing in action) surrounding RAND(border). Clued as a name but I guess most of us immediately thought of The Tempest (maybe more me - I was cast in a production of The Tempest that was canceled for the covid)
25 Months and months investing in advance (5)
MOONS - MOS(months) containing ON(in advance)
27 Press about on time for old-style spread (6)
SPERST - anagram of PRESS next to T(time)
29 Hardened and wronged, Jay’s for retirement (6)
INURED - INJURED(wronged) missing J(Jay)
30 Dormouse seen in river no end of trouble (4)
LOIR - the river LOIRE missing the last letter of troublE
31 Writers Bob, Ron and Eve somehow inspiring Elizabeth (10)
NOVELIZERS - anagram of S(Bob),RON and EVE containing LIZ(Elizabeth)
32 Strains apparent in society? Indeed (4)
SYES - S(society), YES(indeed)
33 At close quarters as one sleuth faces another (8, three words)
EYE TO EYE - sleuths are both EYEs so that would be EYE TO EYE
1 Smack is a fishing vessel (4)
BUSS - double definition, the first being kiss
2 Joy’s bottom, any short hot pants would expose it (10)
ANHELATION - ELATION(joy) at the bottom of ANY missing the last letter and H(hot)
3 Opener out, cut with an edge (6)
RIMMED - remove the first letter of TRIMMED(cut)
4 One penetrating large needle in small chassis (7)
BODIKIN - I(one) inside BODKIN(large needle)
5 Brass work at sustaining tuning note following endless bass beat (9)
BASTINADO - I'm struggling with the wordplay elements here, I think it is TIN(brass). A(at) and DO(tuning note) after BASS missing the last letter, but I can't quite see what function "work" plays in the clue.  As pointed out in comments, I was fixated on DO being the tonic, but an orchestra tunes to A so it is BAS, TIN and DO surrounding A
6 Walrus remains under stone (5)
STASH - ASH(remains) after ST(stone)
7 Term for tub in front of mosque Iran constructed? (6)
MINBAR - last letter of tuB inside the first letter of Mosque and an anagram of IRAN. Found in Chambers under MIMBAR
8 Waffle with what’s left of apples — cookers (4)
AGAS - GAS(waffle) and the first letter of Apples
9 Among alcoholic drinks mentioned, they have an edge (8)
INSIDERS - IN(among) then sounds like CIDERS(alcoholic drinks)
13 Nipper’s toy potty is bent (10)
15 Mongrel seizes cat to get excited (9)
16 In Aberdeen, small drilling benefits pipework (8, two words)
GAS MAINS - SMA(small) inside GAINS(benefits)
19 What ultimately supports French church is timber beam (7)
TEMPLET - last letter of whaT after TEMPLE(protestant church in France)
21 Shellfish coming from Cannes? Right for number out to lunch (6)
NACRES - anagram of CANNES with R(right) replacing an N(number)
22 Run into huge beast and you'll get gloomy (6)
MOROSE - R(run) inside MOOSE(large beast)
24 Pointer once part of the One-Eleven (5)
NEELE - hidden inside oNE ELEven
26 No veteran leading Italian soccer team (4)
JUVE - the first four letters of JUVENTIS(Italian soccer team), for a theatrical youngster
28 Nice street below front on the right (4)
TRUE - RUE(street in French) after the first letter in The

Sunday Times 4918 by David McLean

14:57. A thoroughly enjoyable of medium difficulty, thank you Harry. And other than a few specific points on particular clues below, that’s all I have to say on the matter so I'll just get on with it.

Definitions are underlined, anagrams indicated like (TIHS)*, anagram indicators are in italics.

1 Knock journalist Spooner says is a beast
HUMPBACK - Spoonerism of ‘bump hack’.
5 Relies on support, having caught touch of tonsillitis
TRUSTS - TRUS(Tonsilitis)S.
9 Geezers add up numbers using their minds
10 Greek city corners recalled Athens at first
SPARTA - reversal of TRAPS (corners), Athens.
11 Range of exams not initially offered by uni
12 Chestnutty horse of French revolutionary
HACKNEYED - HACKNEY (horse), reversal (revolutionary) of DE (of French). The carriage is named after the horse. According to Chambers the term comes from the Old French haquenée which in turn possibly comes from… Hackney in East London, where horses were pastured.
14 Officer finally involved in a dire alarm at sea?
REAR ADMIRAL - (A DIRE ALARM)* containing officeR. &Lit.
18 Earnest pleb must get changed to appear thus
PRESENTABLE - (EARNEST PLEB)*. Semi-&Lit. I would classify this as a Semi-&Lit because although the whole clue is the definition, it is not all wordplay (the words 'to appear thus' don't contribute). In the previous clue the whole thing is wordplay so I call it an &Lit even though you don't need the whole clue for the definition. Feel free to disagree, or to just not care.
21 Escapee a rubbish criminal communist turned over
ABSCONDER - A, BS (rubbish), CON (criminal), reversal of RED.
23 Track broadcast on radio
SCENT - sounds like ‘sent’ (broadcast). I had SPOOR here at first, thinking a spore could be defined as (something) broadcast. Doesn’t really work, does it?
24 Legendary royal drug-dealer’s confession?
ISOLDE - I SOLD E, geddit?
25 One engaged in motor madness in coach
CARRIAGE - CAR R(I)AGE. I followed the wordplay mechanically and wrote in CAIRRAGE at first but fortunately my brain wasn’t completely disengaged so I noticed that it isn’t a word.
26 Dope experiment produces pretty high people
GENTRY - GEN (info, dope), TRY. Presumably aristocrats would be very high people.
27 A flipping awful noise? Pal’s stuck in chipper!
ANIMATED - A, reversal of DIN containing MATE.

1 Sweet smell … cheese off?
HUMBUG - HUM (smell), BUG (cheese off).
2 Fashion item old lady and knight chat about
MAN-BAG - MA, N, reversal of GAB. N is chess notation for knight: K is spoken for by a more important piece. The definition is questionable.
3 Place to get a bite from fish around river by lake
BRASSERIE - B(R)ASS, ERIE. This clue made me sad as fishing for bass on a lake in Canada is exactly where I should have been this summer, but wasn’t.
4 The old cedar building is detached and remote
6 Mature with no time for nonsense? Essentially responsible!
RIPEN - tRIPE, respoNsible.
7 Petition to stop substanceless Swiss graffiti artists
SPRAYERS - SwisS containing PRAYER (petition).
8 Conservative in strappy wear creates uproars
13 Old statesman in March able to enter foreign state
CHAMBERLAIN - (IN MARCH ABLE)*. Unusual anagram indicator.
15 Marmoset roaming around Lima is a danger in the main
MAELSTROM - (MARMOSET)* containing L.
16 Small vegetable magnate giving a lecture?
17 I’m a little stirrer!
19 Wander off track with record-holder Bolt?
DEPART - D(EP)ART. 'To deviate; differ; vary' as in 'to depart from normal procedure' (Collins).
20 Go to see a nurse, with temperature taken
22 More daring to go topless in one’s later years