September 2nd, 2020

Times 27759 - nay, Bob's your rich uncle.

A pleasant romp, nothing too obscure for me, with a couple of homophones that (for once) weren't dodgy. I nearly went wrong with the unchecked sixth letter of 25a, but plumped for the right spelling in the end. I liked 'revolutionary poet's last letters' and wasn't very keen on 'West coast city' as a definition at 4d. I knew 1a because as a young lad I spent holidays at our caravan at Durdle Door near Lulworth Cove and Pimple Hill; where the 'pimple' on top, I was told many times, was one of those. [too much information - Ed.]

1 Barrow, very noisy, that’s not got wheeled out (7)
TUMULUS - Very noisy = TUMULTUOUS; remove the reversed (wheeled) OUT.
5 Trooper occupying the back makes up crew (5)
EIGHT - GI in THE, all reversed.
9 Woman’s old name for tall winger (5)
HERON - HER (woman's) O, N.
10 Oddly, Spain doesn’t fancy the Rock (9)
SANDSTONE - SpAiN oddly = SAN, (DOESN'T)*.
11 United brought in successful player who cleans up? (7)
SCOURER - SCORER = successful player, insert U(nited).
12 Colonist, a hero, bringing remedy? (7)
ANTACID - ANT (colonist) A CID (El Cid, hero).
13 Factory I came across dealing with small measure (10)
MILLIMETRE - MILL (factory) I MET (I came across) RE (dealing with).
15 Shame city centre's controlled by party extremists (4)
PITY - IT (centre of cITy) inside PY (extremes of PartY).
18 Curious revolutionary poet's last letters (4)
NOSY -  end of TennYSON reversed.
20 Last letters by medic are entirely about dairy product (10)
MOZZARELLA - MO (medic) ZZ (last letters) ARE, LLA (all, entirely, reversed).
23 Rear enthusiast to cross river followed by another (7)
NURTURE - NUT (enthusiast) around R, then URE (another river).
24 Common groups of species initially leaving (7)
GENERAL - GENERA (groups of species) L (initially leaving).
25 Instrument from a laboratory upset first cosmonaut? (9)
BALALAIKA - Greek stringed instrument; A LAB reversed, then LAIKA a mongrel street dog in Moscow who became the first animal to orbit the earth. She died in space on 3 November 1957, the 40th Anniversary of the 'October' Revolution. I'd have spelt it balaleika if it weren't for knowing the Russian dog's name.
26 Left a German claiming one reward for late night? (3-2)
LIE-IN - L EIN (a German) insert I (one).
27 Bowl bishop when batting (5)
BASIN - B(ishop) AS (when) IN (batting).
28 Burnt-out cases end up here, lost around hospital (7)
ASHTRAY - Insert H into ASTRAY = lost.
1 Labour maintaining posh empty room causes unrest (7)
TURMOIL - TOIL = labour, insert U (posh) and R(oo)M.
2 Low bar spans Northern Line (8)
MONORAIL - MOO (low as cow does), RAIL (bar), insert N.
3 Supplier of narrow light dinghy (5)
LASER - double definition.
4 West Coast city teams caught tailing present carrier (5,4)
SANTA CRUZ - Well I see there are 7 places in the USA called Santa Cruz, and well over 100 worldwide; one Santa Cruz is a city and county in California. SANTA is the 'present carrier'; CRUZ sounds like CREWS = teams.
5 Bogus bunch of bankers at Zurich (6)
ERSATZ - hidden word in BANK(ERS AT Z)URICH.
6 Poor coaching’s put off ace — they may be in the soup (7)
GNOCCHI - (CO CHING)*, where the A (ace) is removed from coaching to get the anagrist. I've never had gnocchi in soup, but Mrs K assures me it is acceptable.
7 The way things are going, start regularly then finish (5)
TREND - Even letters of sTaRt, then END = finish.
8 Church Mass arranged in heart of Kent castle for one (8)
CHESSMAN - CH (church) EN (heart of Kent) insert (MASS)*> SSMA.
14 Heather collects a couple of notes for obscure topics (9)
ESOTERICA - ERICA (another name for heather plant) insert SO, TE (two notes).
16 One from Glasgow hosts peer, good runner (8)
YEARLING - YIN (Glaswegian bloke), insert EARL (peer) add G. Racehorse between 1 and 2 years old.
17 Gritty Greek circular lacking a name (8)
GRANULAR - GR (greek), ANNULAR (circular) loses an N.
19 Extra clerical vestment picked up (7)
21 Crime nearly sorted out: Charlie's collared (7)
LARCENY - Insert C for Charlie into (NEARLY)*.
22 Pondering briefly to absorb learner's fine material (6)
MUSLIN - Insert L into MUSIN(G).
23 Moneybags lifts box office embargo (5)
NABOB - BO BAN (box office embargo) all reversed. A Nabob can mean generally a person of wealth and importance, aside from its specific Indian meaning.
24 Good wood flanks new grate (5)
GNASH - Insert N for new into G, ASH = wood.