August 31st, 2020

Ulaca de Milo
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Times 27757 - Mother and Father of all. Biff. Fests.

My current reading is Deus nobis haec otia fecit a book written many years. Online am I reading it that means bookmarkingitisvery difficult. So I am always reading the same bits twice the same bits twice without realising. It. How wonderingly I ponder while reading can a book to read take longer than the time period it covers that is one day in the life of a blokeman in Dublin. Che sera sera while je connais un peu de Francais aussi any other languages I can get in? Clever am I see you j'espère.

As for the crosswordfillingintime 15 minutes with thirteen seconds.



1 Item of tableware in broken state quietly put back (5,3)
PLACE MAT - reversal of TAME CAL P
9 Busy period requires routine with no time off, hospitals admitted (4,4)
RUSH HOUR - RU[t] (routine with no T) HH (hospitals) in SOUR (off); it's fun seeing how these things parse...
10 Agency, largely understanding manufacturing needs, arranges openings for graduate (6)
ALUMNA - initial letters of the first six words
11 Uncertain about one religious group after daughter finds trouble (10)
12 Put another way, nothing doing (2,2)
UP TO - anagram* of PUT O
13 Fluid taken in by hippopotamus, say — one that's shy? (10)
WALLFLOWER - FL in WALLOWER; a song beloved of my the Diana Krall version
16 Best man's embraced by old friend (7)
17 Girl runs along with a bunch of keys (7)
REBECCA - R EBECCA (random musical keys); my wife is called Rebecca
20 Food's ready, with baker excited — bravo! (5,5)
DONER KEBAB - DONE (ready) BAKER* B (as in Juliet Bravo - NATO phonetic literal stuff)
22 Go first in division after gaining three points (4)
WEND - WEN (three random points of the compass) D[ivision]
23 Meat product novel writers “luv” (10)
25 Thing that is regularly what ballet dancers wear (6)
TIGHTS - alternate letters in the first three words
26 Crew provided obsolete engine part, for example (8)
27 One German mug? On the contrary! (8)
EINSTEIN - EIN (one in German) STEIN (beer mug)


2 Three pounds secures ring, I report — that's sweet (8)
LOLLIPOP - O (ring) in LLL (three pounds - libra in Latin) I POP (report=bang)
3 Give firm assurance, investing millions (10)
4 One flyer in drink, another being on rescue vessel (10)
5 Female chef, ultimately limited by time restriction, serves delicacy (7)
TRUFFLE - F (female) [che]F in (limited by) T RULE (restriction)
6 Sparkler hastily shortened at each end (4)
ASTI - [h]ASTI[ly]; a bit random with the shortening. Must be a female chef!
7 Touring lochs, picked up something from dog track (6)
FOLLOW - LL in WOOF (something from dog - a bit weak) reversed; L as in L Ness (Loch Ness)
8 Where it's unclear, agree to differ about chap that's upset (4,4)
GREY AREA - RAY (random chap) in AGREE*
14 Worn-out fan belt bodged together with tie (4-6)
15 One carrying spare tyre may be finished with boat crew (10)
OVERWEIGHT - OVER (finished) W (with) EIGHT (boat crew)
16 Letting down front, crease fabric and squeeze once (3,5)
OLD FLAME - FOLD (crease) with the F moved down > OLDF LAME (fabric - actually lamé)
18 It's usually broadcast after the match (8)
CONFETTI - LOL; Americans use rice, which seems a waste...
19 He died, supported by Duke in real push forward (7)
OBTRUDE - OB (third person singular past tense of obire (to die) is obiit (he/she died) abbreviated to ob.) D in TRUE
21 Nut enters rising river — that's devotion for you (6)
NOVENA - EN (a unit of measurement, half the width of an em, also called nut) in AVON reversed: Novena is 'a devotion consisting of prayers or services on nine consecutive days'. My last in
24 After whiskey, John spins yarn (4)
WOOL - W LOO reversed

Monthly Club Special 20,239: Nuke The Scrabble Tile Factory From Orbit, It's The Only Way To Be Sure

Yes, to a certain extent this grid is just one of those MCS exercises in maximising the silly-letter quotient of each answer (worth fewer than 10 points in a game of Scrabble? You can just go home now mate), but it does contain some brilliant clues, foremost of which for me was 13ac, but honourable mention to 2dn.

WOD to 6dn, concept of the day to 3dn, tip of the hat to the setter for another masochistically entertaining monthly workout. Tip-top!

1 Rotation of soil by first person in English and French and Mexican community farms (6)
EJIDOS - reverse all of SOD + I + JE [soil | first person in English | first person in French]

5 Volk seen going walkabout in this? (8)
VELSKOEN - (VOLK SEEN*), semi-&lit. South African walking shoes.

9 Decoration on band twisting middle of knee and wrist (8)
ENCARPUS - reversed {k}NE{e} + CARPUS [wrist], to find "a festoon of fruit ornamenting a frieze".

10 It is about containing breach in odd places in pirate ships of yore (6)
XEBECS - reversed SEX [it], containing B{r}E{a}C{h}. Three-masters sailed by the corsairs of Algiers.

11 Chemist’s employees against attention directed to the Left (10)
MENDELEYEV - MEN [employees] + reversed V EYE LED [against | attention | directed]

13 Low-level software returned each of consecutive letters (4)
UNIX - the "consecutive letters" are not from our alphabet, but NU and XI (which follows nu and precedes omicron in the Greek one).

14 Second for Cambridge as light blue (4)
AQUA - {c}A{mbridge} + QUA [as]

15 For example 13 fire into rabbit fur worn on head (7,3)
COSSACK HAT - OS [= operating system, e.g. Unix] + SACK [fire], into CHAT [rabbit]

18 Table-cooked food is very soft, some held by wood implements at first (6-4)
TEPPAN-YAKI - PP ANY [very soft | some], held by TEAK I{mplements}

20 Oil lamp in regular use by dairyman (4)
DIYA - D{a}I{r}Y{m}A{n}. Used by Hindus at Diwali.

21 Egypt’s sunny representative rejected polite but informal refusal (4)
ATON - reverse of NO, TA. Aton or Aten, an Egyptian sun god.

23 Never failing to include island celebs from S American republic (10)
SURINAMESE - SURE [never failing], to include I NAMES

25 Power of reflection: that of verse reduced worthless talk (6)
ALBEDO - reversed ODE BLA{h}

26 Old-timer’s poem about disheartened alcoholic’s aid for biochemical change (8)

28 Group of stars people generally put on uniform after sailor changes into uniform (8)
EQUULEUS - US [people generally] put on EQU{ab->U}LE; the A.B. [= able-bodied seaman] of EQUABLE changes into U.

29 Art going to get stuck briefly in outback shelter (6)
WILTJA - WILT [art going to, forsooth] gets JA{m}

2 Younger aged shield-bearer never seeing king or one with regal bearing (9)
JUNOESQUE - take JUNIOR ESQUIRE [younger | aged shield-bearer] and ensure it never "sees" either R [= king] or I [= one] to find JUN{i}O{r} ESQU{ir}E

3 Diameter over velocity plus volume over area in spacetime, say (7)
DVANDVA - D(iameter) over V(elocity} AND [plus] V(olume) over A(rea). Dvanda is a Sanskrit word for any word that is a pair of equally weighted concepts, such as tragicomedy or bittersweet, per my dictionary app's suggestions.

4 Step up energy to undermine energy-efficiency indicator (3)
SAP - reverse a PAS [step] to find any one of the three other definitions

5 Poet’s prodigious pen: see answer above (5)
VASTY - STY [pen] under V A [see | answer]

6 Maybe a wash-out celebrity welcomes team by way of note (11)

7 Most of Scots know Dollar stores British cheese there (7)
KEBBUCK - KE{n} BUCK "stores" B. A strange Scots word for cheese.

8 High priest interrupted by chief ambassador (5)
ELCHI - ELI [crosswordland's favourite high priest] "interrupted" by CH

12 Numbers busy cutting fruit tree short to reveal low church window (11)
LYCHNOSCOPE - NOS COP [numbers | busy] "cutting" LYCHE{e}

16 It’s medium in South Australia, not large in Perth (3)
SMA - M in S A. Scottish rendering of "small".

17 Preserve an opportunity to speak with artist to set up Hindu school (4,5)
ARYA SAMAJ - reverse all of JAM A SAY + R.A. An enlightened 19th century religious body opposed to idolatry, caste and child-marriage.

19 Red previously seen in unfinished Gauguin, perhaps (7)
PONCEAU - ONCE [previously] seen in PAU{l}. The colour of poppies or thereabouts.

20 Old maid’s shock, carrying maiden over lake (7)
DAMOZEL - DAZE "carrying" M{aiden} O{ver}, plus L{ake}

22 Leaves to chew over accepting the Arabic form of Islamic divorce (5)
TALAQ - reversed QAT [leaves to chew] "accepting" AL [the, in Arabic]. Nice change from "the French", which could also have worked here.

24 From country parts of America, Alabama’s plucked down under owls (5)
RURUS - take RUR{al} U.S. [country parts of America], and "pluck" out AL [= Alabama] to find these Antipodean owls, also known as mopokes.

27 Oscar bagged by monochrome film’s sex symbol (3)
BOW - O(scar) "bagged" by B&W to leave us with the lovely Clara Bow, after whom my younger daughter is partly named!