August 5th, 2020

Times 27735 - carpe diem !

I had posted this for timely display, then checked LJ had saved it, all was fine. Then later I checked again intending to do a tweak or two and it had vanished ! Carpe diem indeed, said 11a. So have re-created with slightly less fascinating chatty bits. Fairly straightforward crossword today, 24a and 12d might cause some difficulty, liked 15d best.

1 Amongst pointed objects, men discover scissors (7,6)
PINKING SHEARS - KINGS (men in chess) HEAR (discover) inserted into PINS (pointed objects).
8 Almost all cheating to get European title (4)
FRAU - FRAUD, almost.
9 Out of bed and on one's feet, honest (10)
UPSTANDING - UP (out of bed) STANDING (on one's feet).
10 Fish struggle to stay afloat (8)
FLOUNDER - double definition.
11 Old poet in middle of school run (6)
HORACE - HO letters in middle of school, RACE = run.
13 Simple piece of music couple picked up in China? (10)
CHOPSTICKS - double definition, the second part alluding to Chinese eating equipment.
16 Catch that's catchy? (4)
HOOK - double definition, two similar but separate meanings of hook. One a verb, one a noun.
17 Sample of crystal clear powder (4)
18 A ton wasted with credit diminishing (10)
20 One of those on the fiddle — and bit of a racket? (6)
STRING - double definition for types of string; violin and tennis.
22 Figure of male grabbed by itinerant breaking free (8)
RHOMBOID - M (male) inside HOBO (itinerant) inside RID (free).
24 Raise a second monster (10)
COCKATRICE - COCK (raise, e.g. hat) A TRICE (a second). I had the trice bit from checkers then remembered the cock headed dragon then saw how cock could be raise.
26 A poem by Byron ultimately artless (4)
NAIF - N (end of Byron) A IF (a poem by Kipling voted the UK's favourite). Masculine gender of adjective naïve.
27 Strict order of mail train so arranged (13)
1 Medal Regius Professor initially suggested? (6,5) 
PURPLE HEART - U.S. military medal. The initials of Regius Professor being RP, are found in the 'heart' of the word PURPLE.
2 Island nation never accepted ultimatum, riling union leaders (5)
NAURU - initial letters of 'never accepted ultimatum riling union'. Small Pacific island nation mostly covered in guano and disused phosphate mines, previously called 'Pleasant Island'. I wisely omitted it from my Pacific diving tour in 1996.
3 Batting with no indication of time, completely overwhelmed (9)
INUNDATED - IN (batting in cricket) UNDATED (no time indicated).
4 Stomach device briefly placed under jaw (7)
GASTRIC - GAS (jaw, chat) TRIC(K) = device mostly.
5 PM in place less cultivated? (5)
HEATH - double definition, Ted and e.g. a blasted one.
6 Trees burning somewhere in Hampshire (9)
ALDERSHOT - ALDERS (trees) HOT (burning).
7 Lapse, not bad for sailor (3)
SIN - SINBAD the sailor has no BAD.
12 Fish in catch, one monster hauled up — snapper? (11)
CROCODILIAN - COD (fish) inserted into NAIL (catch) I, ORC (monster) being reversed. Not a great clue IMO.
14 Person taking photograph, you might say — one's spread out? (9)
PICNICKER - A nicker of pics, say, and presumably a picnicker spreads out on his or her picnic rug.
15 Content of book appears to be skewed in TV programme (4,5)
SOAP OPERA - (OO APPEARS)*. OO being the 'contents' of bOOk. Clever.
19 Final points in remit resolved (7)
TERMINI - (IN REMIT)*. Easy anagram.
21 Try series of motorbike races, a must (5)
GOTTA - GO (try) TT (Isle of Man Festival of motorbikes and bikers) A. You must, you gotta, see that.
23 Stick this person in part of Sydney (5)
BONDI - BOND (stick), I (this person). Suburb of Sydney famous for overcrowded beach.
25 Rotten cricket side (3)
OFF - Double definition; gone off, and cricket side opposite to ON or LEG.