July 29th, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic 1667 by Oink

Not my fastest time for an Oink, but I can't tell if that's the result of me being offline for a week or so, or if it's really a tester. I put my LOI 22ac in with shrug and worked out what was going on jut now, but 11ac also took some staring at. Today's piggy reference is a bit more sinister than usual...

Thanks Oink!

Definitions underlined.

1 Workman needing new ear doctor (9)
DECORATOR - anagram of (new) EAR DOCTOR.
6 Pretend son’s out, getting meat (3)
HAM - sHAM (pretend) with 's' (son) missing (out).
8 Animal droppings disturbed one in cell? (7)
DUNGEON - DUNG (animal dropings), then an anagram of (disturbed) ONE.
9 Alluring woman’s anger in outskirts of Saigon (5)
SIREN - IRE (anger) inside the first and last letters (outskirts) of SaigoN.
10 In which monarch might be trapped? (9,3)
BUTTERFLY NET - cryptic definition.
12 Strong stuff from vulgar licensee (6)
GARLIC - hidden in (from) vulGAR LICensee.
13 Society girl knight rejected? Rubbish! (6)
DEBRIS - DEB (society girl) then SIR (knight) reversed (rejected).
16 System Iranian got so wrong (12)
ORGANISATION - anagram of (wrong) IRANIAN GOT SO.
19 Move slowly, freezing in empty cell (5)
CRAWL - RAW (freezing) inside the first and last letters of (empty) CelL
20 Determined to be a worker on embankment (7)
ADAMANT - A, then ANT (worker) on DAM (embankment).
22 Veteran is fooled from time to time (3)
OLD - every other letter of (from time to time) fOoLeD.
23 Magazine’s prose arranged with tact (9)
SPECTATOR - anagram of (arranged) PROSE with TACT.

1 Two parties, one completely dead? (4)
DODO - DO (party 1) and DO (party 2).
2 Defeat a hard nut, did you say? (7)
CONQUER - sounds like (did you say?) "conker' (hard nut).
3 Regret road followed by Jean-Paul Sartre? (3)
RUE - 'road' in French (followed by Jean-Paul Sartre?).
4 Holding catch up by river (6)
TENURE - NET (catch) reversed (up), then URE (river).
5 Strong engineer lies inert (9)
RESILIENT - anagram of (engineer) LIES INERT.
6 Only 50% bother about fish eater (5)
HERON - the second half (only 50%) of botHER, then ON (about).
7 Notes very small rhinoceros’s bottom (7)
MINUTES - MINUTE (very small) and the last letter (bottom) from rhinoceroS.
11 Large tins especially for instruments (9)
TRIANGLES - anagram of (especially) LARGE TINS.
12 Malcontent with love for Marx? (7)
GROUCHO - GROUCH (malcontent) and O (love).
14 What might be read as warning to the mob? (4,3)
RIOT ACT - cryptic definition.
15 Visiting Budapest, a terrific capital (6)
ESTATE - hidden in (visiting) budapEST A TErrific.
17 Fancy £1000? (5)
GRAND - double definition.
18 Prison resistance? It’s over (4)
STIR - R (resistance) and IT'S all reversed (over).
21 A case for Poirot? That would be appropriate (3)
APT - A with the first and last letters of (case for) PoiroT.

Times 27729 - gentle for Gentiles and such.

A pleasant if unexceptional puzzle today, the word play is fairly straightforward and I expect to see a low SNITCH value. It took me 15 minutes and nothing was hard to parse.

1 Cheer old troopers during dance (6)
HOORAY - A HAY is a circular country dance, or a dance move. Insert O for old and OR for troopers.
4 Sort of clock face seen crossing grand city centre (7)
DIGITAL - DIAL (face) goes around G (grand) IT (centre of city).
9 Tag lines Lincoln introduced (5)
LABEL - LL for lines ABE Lincoln inside.
10 Square, where stone comes from? (3-2-4)
OUT-OF-DATE - Cryptic second meaning.
11 Legal document fool took across river (5,4)
TITLE DEED - TIT (fool) LED (took) across the River Dee.
12 Enchanting woman accompanying boxing clubs (5)
WITCH - C for clubs is boxed by WITH = accompanying.
13 Nasty bloke, putting head back, crossing line (4)
UGLY - GUY (bloke) move head back to get UGY, insert L for line.
14 It helps to climb, walk and run (10)
STEPLADDER - STEP = walk, LADDER = run as in stocking
18 Get new tights here? (4,6)
20 Capital forfeits one seat (4)
SOFA - the capital of Bulgaria loses its I.
23 Pipe what's brought on board by waiter finally? (5)
BRIER - brie cheese on a cheese board, add R end of waiter.
24 Modern coffee bar daughter opens (6-3)
LATTER-DAY - LATTE (sort of coffee) RAY (bar of light) insert D for daughter.
25 The writer's cue initially unthinkingly unscripted (9)
IMPROMPTU - I'M (the writer's) PROMPT (cue) U initial letter of unthinking.       
26 Letter or article accompanying grateful comment (5)
THETA - THE + TA. Greek letter.
27 Child recalled no small animals (7)
STEPSON - NO S PETS all reversed.
28 Pagan ignores one kind (6)
GENTLE - GENTILE drops its I. Gentile usually means non-Jewish but can also mean heathen or pagan.

1 Harry girl admitting paper's misleading remark (4-5)
HALF-TRUTH - HAL (Harry) RUTH (girl) insert FT paper.
2 Test covers part of town bypass perhaps (7)
ORBITAL - ORAL test covers BIT part.
3 Head of army strips standing up in bed? (6)
ASLEEP - A (rmy) PEELS reversed.
4 Time-consuming end of Oxford dictionary was far from sound (5)
DOTED - (Oxfor) D, OED, insert T. Doted here as an adjective means foolish or unwise.
5 One female in fast car stole parcel for birthday? (8)
GIFTWRAP - I F in GT, WRAP = stole.
6 Given tribute when carried outside (7)
TOASTED - AS (when) inside TOTED = carried.
7 End up defending conservative doctor once (5)
LEECH - HEEL reversed (end up) insert C for Conservative.
8 European sailor clutching second leading light? (4,4)
POLE STAR - POLE, TAR, insert S.
15 Pick fruit etcetera regularly brought in (8)
PLECTRUM - alternate letters of E t C e T e R a go into PLUM.
16 Unoriginal confused daydream about theatre's closure (5-4)
READY-MADE - insert E (end of theatre) into (DAYDREAM)*.
17 American loudly leaving in a rage, attracting much interest (8)
19 Spot good story involving people in a house (7)
GLIMPSE - G (good) LIE (story) insert MPS.
21 Scrap old leaders in Daily Mail during depression (7)
ODDMENT - O = old, DENT = depression, insert DM.
22 Feel bad securing dry nick (6)
FETTLE - TT (dry) inside (FEEL)*. Nick, as in good nick, fine fettle.
23 Joy swept up contents of fossil bed (5)
BLISS - Hidden reversed in FO(SSIL B)ED.
24 Flower of Wolves cut (5)
LUPIN - LUPINE means to do with wolves, cut the E.