July 28th, 2020


Times Quick Cryptic 1666 by Corelli - feel the heat

Cap'n Corelli in good form, producing a very challenging puzzle with a sting in the tail and a theme. Click 'read more' for more details.

Slow, quick slow for me today with the SW proving very tricky at the end. I made a terrible and unnecessary hash of 1ac which slowed things down. I don't think this will suit newcomers looking for fast completions but will be savoured by the old stagers and those who enjoy a good, chewy solve (unless you happen to strike lucky in a biff fest). I ended up satisfied and quite pleased to have completed in 11 minutes.

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  • jackkt

Times Cryptic 27728

I completed all but 14dn and 20ac in 26 minutes, but when I hadn't solved them within my 30 minute target I decided to set the puzzle aside and return to it later. This tactic paid off because on resumption I saw the missing answers almost immediately.

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