July 27th, 2020


QC 1665 by Teazel

I have had some very easy Monday crosswords in recent weeks. This one was also quite straightforward although I would say it was slightly more difficult than the others. It also contained some very entertaining clues and I enjoyed it a lot. Many thanks to Teazel for a slightly more challenging and more than usually entertaining start to the week.

FOI was the fairly obvious 1A and I think the LOI was 14D not for any reason of difficulty but just because I jumped around the grid a lot and this was the last one I came to. As I say I liked quiet a few of the clues but probably 6D gets the COD for its neat definition.

Definitions are underlined and everything else is explained just as I see it as simply as I can.

1 Light fixture (5)
MATCH - double definition.
4 Fish’s small head (7)
SNAPPER - S (small) + NAPPER (head). As in "You look neat, talk about a treat, you look dapper from yer napper to yer feet").
8 Energetic backing for detectives arresting large numbers (7)
DYNAMIC - CID (detectives) 'arresting' MANY (large numbers) all reversed ('backing').
9 Prophet Amos esteemed, to some extent (5)
MOSES - hidden word: aMOS ESteemed 'to some extent', and I guess it's also an &lit. In spite of the history of my avatar given the other week I haven't retained a huge amount of knowledge about the Old Testament prophets although I guess Amos must have thought Moses was a good guy. I also remember from my Bible-bashing days that his little book comes between the other little books of Joel and Obadiah, although that is of course completely irrelevant to the clue.
10 Corruption of grown-up portion, with Ecstasy in it (12)
ADULTERATION - ADULT (grown-up) + RATION (portion) with E (ecstasy) in it.
12 Each solicitor to patronise restaurant (3,3)
EAT OUT - EA (each) + TOUT (solicitor).
13 Consider an affront to be given another errand (6)
RESENT - somebody who is given aother errand may be RE-SENT.
16 Timid hangman’s developed powerful strength (5,3,4)
MIGHT AND MAIN - straight anagram ('developed') of TIMID HANGMAN.
18 Test for car, one following distinctive pattern (5)
MOTIF - MOT (test for car) + I (one) + F (following).
20 Place is curiously distinctive (7)
SPECIAL - straight anagram ('curiously') of PLACE IS.
21 Happy about copper being an element (7)
MERCURY - MERRY (happy) 'about' CU (chemical symbol for copper).
22 Walk over: time to pick up a book (5)
TREAD - T (time) + READ (to pick up a book).
1 Think temperature’s dropped, so intervene (7)
MEDIATE - MEDITATE (think) 'dropping' T (temperature) gives MEDIATE.
2 What Peter Piper did, for example, is hard to say (6-7)
TONGUE-TWISTER - cryptic double definition.
3 In reality, this is unwelcome to hear (4,5)
HOME TRUTH - IN (home) + TRUTH (reality).
4 Certain to keep city safe (6)
SECURE - SURE (certain) 'keeping' EC (city (of London)).
5 After losing the first two, claim point (3)
AIM - clAIM 'losing the first two'.
6 Mail worker no longer in theatre (4-9)
POST-OPERATIVE - a mail worker could cryptically be a 'post operative'. Or maybe I'm over-thinking it, maybe it's just POST (mail) + OPERATIVE (worker). But I guess it comes to the same thing really. And so would you be (post-operative, that is) if you were no longer in the theatre (i.e. after an operation). (Sorry if that is over-explaining but I thought it might not be clear to some of the less experienced).
7 Got up in pink (4)
ROSE - double definition.
11 Most fashionable, but comes to an end in river (9)
TRENDIEST - DIES (comes to an end) in TRENT (river).
14 Confused as sharp taste came first (7)
TANGLED - TANG (sharp taste) + LED (came first).
15 Planet extremely hazy and boggy (6)
MARSHY - MARS (planet) + HY ('extremely' HazY).
17 Prayer leader? I am a medium (4)
IMAM - IM (I'm, I am) + A + M (medium).
19 Illness proceeded very rapidly, we hear (3)
FLU - sounds like FLEW (proceeded very rapidly).