July 21st, 2020


Times Quick Cryptic 1661 by Hurley

Another fast start to the week - today's time of 7:57 improving slightly on yesterday's. All seemed fair play and entertaining as I sailed through. I'll see if anything comes up as I dissect it all below.

Right - just back from digging around in the entrails! It occurs to me that I must have biffed a fair few as I went through as it's been fun unentangling some of the clues. A smattering of anagrams, a couple of hiddens and something of a mix up in my vocabulary at 1ac kept it all interesting.

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  • jackkt

Times Cryptic 27722

A substantial defeat for me on this one. I managed all but four answers in 25 minutes and then after much agonising over the remainder I noticed I had a wrong answer which I corrected and immediately saw one of the missing words. But the other three had me stumped and eventually I ran out of steam and reached for assistance. I've noticed quite often that if a puzzle is tough throughout then I have very good staying power and can summon up reserves of energy to see me through to the end, but when I've been within the proverbial gnat's crotchet of completing a grid after a  fairly easy run and I've spent nearly as long again on the remaining clues my heart goes out of the struggle.

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