July 10th, 2020

Quick Cryptic 1654 by Wurm

Nice fun puzzle, not too hard. I got tripped up in a couple of places by overcomplicating it. 7 min for me.

1 Drunk bringing large snake into bed (9)
BLADDERED - L + ADDER inside BED. Stricken by the curse of the quickie again - trying to think of a synonym for BED, when in this format they just use the word itself. Geoff Boycott trying to play T20 again.
6 Hang from gallows again (3)
SAG - hidden word: gallowS AGain
8 Only remaining son survives (5)
9 Dizzy Delia entertains me, offering drink (7)
LIMEADE - anagram ('dizzy') of DELIA with ME added in.
10 Sent abroad, former editor consumes wine (8)
EXPORTED - EX + ED with PORT inside ('consumed')
11 God having party back at home (4)
ODIN - DO (party) backwards + IN (at home)
13 Is much excited by total theatre (5,4)
MUSIC HALL - anagram ('excited') of IS MUCH + ALL
16 Shakespearean villain one from that time (4)
IAGO - I + AGO. Treacherous standard-bearer from Othello
17 Chap to kill carrying large instrument (8)
MANDOLIN - MAN + DO IN with L added in
20 Comfortable about stolen report (7)
GUNSHOT - SNUG backwards + HOT
21 Be upwardly mobile Conservative member (5)
22 Eastern artist’s a long time (3)
ERA - E + RA (Royal Academy of Arts, whose members can put RA after their names)
23 Bird showing split crest (9)

1 Peach lieutenant dropped in beer (6)
BELTER - LT inside BEER. See 1ac
2 Fabulous writer dishevelled as Poe (5)
AESOP - anagram ('dishevelled') of AS POE
3 Key is with lock in Harrow (8)
DISTRESS - D (key) + IS + TRESS (lock, of hair). 'Harrow' is capitalised as a deliberate deception
4 Wave over ship in thrilling ride (6-7)
ROLLER-COASTER - ROLLER is a wave, COASTER is a ship
5 Head seen in random encounter (4)
DOME - hidden word ranDOM Encounter
6 Glance at youngster upset in disgrace (7)
SCANDAL - SCAN + LAD backwards
7 Reportedly inexperienced novelist (6)
GREENE - homophone of GREEN
12 Pair touring Canada wrecked Bobby's vehicle (5,3)
PANDA CAR - anagram ('wrecked') of CANADA, inside PR (pair)
13 Mum clothes a nice man in purple (7)
14 One bashed in legs (6)
SINGLE - anagram ('bashed') of IN LEGS
15 Powerless when nebula spreads (6)
UNABLE - anagram ('spreads') of NEBULA
18 One grabbed by fat landlord (5)
LAIRD - I inside LARD
19 Policeman eating horse meat slice (4)
CHOP - COP with H (horse) inside. Anyone know why H means horse? Is it just that they are both slang terms for heroin, or is there a proper horsey reason?