July 3rd, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic No 1649 by Pedro - Sing along with me

A fun Quick Crossword with a gentle theme from Pedro today. It took an about average time for me of 5 1/4 minutes, although I think one or two clues are maybe on the tricky side for a QC. On my first pass through the clues, having got 24A, once I got to 7D, I wondered if there might be a mini-theme here and, sure enough, the remaining parts appeared. We even got a genre of music to perform, an instrument to accompany us and a recording studio to record it in. Great stuff. Thanks Pedro. So how did you all get on?

And now for the weekend. We have previously discussed and bemoaned the absence of a Quick Crossword in the Saturday Times and 6 weeks ago I posted a link to a QC-style crossword I had done (which is still available here). That seemed to be quite popular and a number of people have asked if I could do another one. So I have. I should point out this is entirely an amateur effort and I'm no match for the brilliant pro QC setters, but hopefully it will provide some weekend QC-style entertainment for those interested. The Eccentric Horticulturalist has a theme that you will need to spot to solve one of the clues. My test solvers tell me it is easier than the last one. As before, I've provided a solution blog too. Enjoy - I hope!

Meanwhile back to today...

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