July 1st, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic 1647 by Tracy

Not much say about this one, except that I hope it is a confidence-booster for any improvers out there. I biffed quite a few, to be honest, so now to figure out how they all work...

Definitions underlined.

1 British band's transport (5)
BRING - B (British) and RING (band).
4 Advantage of busy worker possessing new suit (7)
BENEFIT - BEE (bust worker) containing (possessing) N (new), then FIT (suit).
8 Former partner, smooth and articulate (7)
EXPRESS - EX (former partner) and PRESS (smooth).
9 Son splitting total prize money (5)
PURSE - S (son) inside (splitting) PURE (total).
10 Watch over most of scouts making a traditional dish (9,3)
SHEPHERDS PIE - SHEPHERD (watch over) then all-but-the-last-letter (most) of SPIEs (scouts).
12 Briefly debate field event (6)
DISCUS - all-but-the-last-letter of (briefly) DISCUSs (debate).
13 Mounted apparatus to restrict noise (6)
RIDING - RIG (apparatus) surrounding (to restrict) DIN (noise).
16 Ignore unfriendly bear (4-8)
COLD-SHOULDER - COLD (unfriendly) and SHOULDER (bear).
18 A schoolgirl, perhaps wrong (5)
AMISS - A and MISS (schoolgirl, perhaps).
20 Greed shown by a new vicar, last in brasserie (7)
AVARICE - A, then an anagram of (new) VICAR, then the last lettter of (last in) brasseriE.
21 Very large turkey to begin with, full-flavoured bird (7)
OSTRICH - OS (outsize, very large), the first letter of (to begin with) Turkey, then RICH (full-flavoured).
22 Incident in flat ending in arrest (5)
EVENT - EVEN (flat) and the last letter of (ending in) arresT.

1 Consecrated garden area containing fewer (7)
BLESSED - BED (garden area) containing LESS (fewer).
2 One to copy Renoir, say (13)
IMPRESSIONIST - double definition.
3 Dry enough exercising dog (9)
GREYHOUND - anagram of (exercising) DRY ENOUGH.
4 Boris unsettled about temperature in restaurant (6)
BISTRO - anagram of (unsettled) BORIS containing (about) T (temperature).
5 Down in a pillow? Some (3)
NAP - hidden in (some) iN A Pillow.
6 Sherry, for instance, wife tried — fino, possibly (9,4)
FORTIFIED WINE - anagram of (possibly) WIFE TRIED FINO.
7 Article, new at that time (4)
THEN - THE (article) and N (new).
11 Insist on ordering it, plus tea (9)
STIPULATE - anagram of (ordering) IT PLUS TEA.
14 Good skill, guys admitted, producing an item of clothing (7)
GARMENT - G (good) then ART (skill) containing (admitted) MEN (guys).
15 Rubbish written about head of hunting party (6)
THRASH - TRASH (rubbish) containing (written about) the first letter (head) of Hunting.
17 Starts to hear about lad's onyx ring (4)
HALO - first letters of (starts to) Hear About Lad's Onyx.
19 Leave out short piece of winter sports equipment (3)
SKI - SKIp (leave out) missing the last letter (short).

Times 27705 by - let me know where to come to, next April 30th, Mr Setter; it sounds fun.

I noticed, on my online version, a subtle 'by' appears after the puzzle number. With no name added. Is this a prelude to puzzles having their setters identified, as on Sundays?
This was another fairly straightforward Wednesday offering, with lots of insertions and anagrams and no particularly obscure words. Not even a plant or an antelope. I expect the SNITCH will be well below the 100 mark.
EDIT well I was wrong, it is exactly on 100 as of 17.00 GMT+!.

1 Method of carrying almost half a ton, including rare minerals (8,4)
FIREMANS LIFT - Almost half a ton = FIFT(Y); insert (MINERALS)*.
9 Native of South America once imprisoned? (5)
INCAN - Member of the Inca race; IN CAN = imprisoned.
10 Quick fix, fantastic load of money saving corporation, finally (5,4)
MAGIC WAND - MAGIC = fantastic; WAD = load of money; insert N = end of corporation.
11 Whatever takes your fancy, many thin gassy drinks? (8)
ANYTHING - hidden word in M(ANY THIN G)ASSY.
12 Rogue beset by obstruction that's difficult to shift (6)
LIMPET - IMP (rogue) inside LET (obstruction).
13 Hate stealing or wicked crime (8)
ENORMITY - OR is inserted into ENMITY = hate.
15 Newspaper copy (6)
MIRROR - double definition.
17 Bully boys grown up perfect (6)
MENACE - MEN (boys grown up) ACE (perfect).
18 Lofty monarch hauling bags (8)
TOWERING - ER (monarch) is bagged by TOWING (hauling).
20 Opening element, batting (4-2)
LEAD-IN - LEAD (element) IN (batting, at cricket).
21 Small shoe that's full of holes (8)
24 Frank finished off contender (9)
CANDIDATE - CANDID (frank) ATE (finished off).
25 Little time to avoid damage to reputation for Greek character (5)
SIGMA - STIGMA goes without its T.
26 Cold established, fed wild honey (5-7)
STONY-HEARTED - STARTED (established) has (HONEY)* inserted.
1 Ship: arrangement of sails etc crushed by one's sinking? (7)
FRIGATE - RIG is crushed by FATE.
2 Entering difficult battle, a unit unfortunately in range (5,9)
ROCKY MOUNTAINS - ROCKY (difficult) MONS (battle), insert (A UNIT)*.
3 Get one's teeth into eminent expressionist (5)
MUNCH - double definition. Edvard Munch, Norwegian chap who painted several versions of The Scream.
4 Name foe, by implication, has smuggled in (8)
NOMINATE - foe by implication could be NO MATE, then insert IN.
5 Symbol of goddess of love initially erected (4)
LOGO - Initial letters of Of Goddess Of Love are OGOL, erected = LOGO.
6 Copy a brief selection of miscellaneous characters up into dossier (9)
FACSIMILE - Insert A then MISC reversed into FILE = dossier.
7 Right-wing US pal organised debauched feast (9,5)
WALPURGIS NIGHT - (RIGHT WING US PAL)*. I've been at a Walpurgis Night celebration somewhere in Europe, I think it was in Switzerland, and it wasn't much of a debauched feast; more of a bonfire and a few drinks. It seems to be celebrated in different ways in various places, on April 30th and May 1st, the anniversary of St Walpurga being canonised in 870. If you need to know more, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walpurgis_Night .
8 Newspaper worker in routine procedure wrapping papers up (6)
EDITOR - ROTE (routine procedure) has ID (papers) inserted then all is reversed. ROT(ID)E.
14 User of device, a feature in film (9)
MACHINIST - A CHIN (a feature) goes inside MIST = film.
16 Ruby fastener found in river (8)
FORTIETH - TIE (fastener) inside the River Forth as in Scotland. As in Ruby Wedding for example.
17 Venom shown by nation over evacuation of Chile (6)
MALICE - MALI a nation has C(HIL)E added.
19 Old material put up, secure decoration (7)
GARLAND - Old material = RAG, put up = GAR, add LAND = secure.
22 Adrift on the water (2,3)
AT SEA - double definition. If you're all at sea, you're not in control, adrift.
23 Story that can be spun out? (4)
YARN - cryptic double definition, as you can spin a yarn and yarn can be spun.