June 13th, 2020

Jumbo 1443

A fairly normal Jumbo, with one very much unknown solution (4D) that required a dictionary check. As an aside the famous maestro in 17A and the inventor of the pills in 52A were grandson and grandfather. For a very short clue 9D made me smile.

1 Bracketed father, say, with man having time in charge (11)
PARENTHETIC – PARENT = father, say, HE = man, T = time, I.C. = in charge

7 Go in with five by two strengthening strip (6)
BATTEN – BAT = go in, TEN = five by two

10 Port city with area for university student residence (4)
HALL – HULL = port city, with A = area replacing U = university

14 Note aunt’s unfortunate disease (7)

15 Quash right boxing ace in a ring (7)
ANNULAR – ANNUL = quash, A = ace, R = right

16 Certainly bachelor interrupts ruse for ladies’ man (7)
PLAYBOY – PLAY = ruse, around AY = certainly, and B = bachelor

17 Famous maestro, not English, getting cue wrong after Lohengrin’s wife is dressing (8,5)
BECHAMEL SAUCE – BE(e)CHAM = famous maestro, ELSA = Lohengrin’s wife, CUE*

18 City with terrible secret about gold (9)
WORCESTER – W = with, OR = gold, SECRET*

19 One living abroad has European vote, very conveniently (5)
EXPAT – E = European, X = vote, PAT = very conveniently

21 Heavy work I have outside printing house (10)
OPPRESSIVE – OP = work, PRESS = printing house, I’VE = I have

23 Charge involving one Zulu witch doctor? (6)
WIZARD – WARD = charge, around I = one and Z = Zulu

25 Confused pie chart and inscription (8)

26 What may result in prince’s military manoeuvre (6,8)
PINCER MOVEMENT – double definition, the first cryptic suggesting an anagram

29 Large cactus so full of water of Mexican river (7)
SAGUARO – SO around AGUA = water of Mexican, and R = river

30 Anaesthetic unit is the best (6,3)
NUMBER ONE – NUMBER = anaesthetic, ONE = unit

31 Royal Society’s in misery with lower standards (5)
WORSE – WOE = misery, around R.S. = Royal Society

32 Speak at length with old judge (5)
ORATE – O = old, RATE = judge

34 Queen trapped by duty? Right, this may give her strength (9)
EXERCISER – EXCISE = duty, around E.R. = queen, R = right

37 Golf provides for a place to swing (7)
GALLOWS – G = golf, ALLOWS = provides for

39 Key mineral fat for pastry producing artistic effect (14)
FORESHORTENING – F = key, ORE = mineral, SHORTENING = fat for pastry

41 Established working name for language (8)
ESTONIAN – EST = established, ON = working, IAN = name

43 Familiarly, wheels stick and make a harsh noise (6)
JAMJAR – JAM = stick, JAR = make a harsh noise. Cockney rhyming slang for car = wheels

44 Absolute commander-in-chief chasing car holding traitor (10)
AUTOCRATIC – AUTO = car, C.I.C. = commander-in-chief, around RAT = traitor

45 Fine inventions, jets? (5)
FLIES – F = fine, LIES = inventions

48 Like flowers when meeting to study illness with hospital department (9)
CONFLUENT – CON = to study, FLU = illness, E.N.T. = hospital department

49 See beer in guilty sense without one getting better (13)
CONVALESCENCE – CONSC(i)ENCE  = guilty sense, around V = see and ALE = beer

51 Doctor exposed about operation as one who failed to qualify (7)
DROPOUT – DR = doctor, OP = operation, OUT = exposed

52 Seller of pills made from tips of acacia blossom on tree (7)
BEECHAM – BEECH = tree, and final letters of (acaci)A and (blossom)M

53 Took on suitable editor without visit to see (7)
ADOPTED – APT = suitable, ED = editor, around DO = visit to see

54 Smart suppressing singular desire (4)
WISH – (s)WISH = smart

55 Failing to cross over desert (6)
DEFECT – triple definition

56 Web crawler that predicts where the wealth is going? (5,6)
MONEY SPIDER – double definition, the second slightly cryptic

1 Pill introduced by east European is fit to drink down (7)
POTABLE – POLE = east European, around TAB = pill

2 Informer about in Epping restraining local authority (4-7)
RATE-CAPPING – RAT = informer, EPPING around CA = about

3 Girl trapping judge’s assassin (5)
NINJA – NINA = girl, around J = judge

4 What’s inverted horny porno tester suffering? (8,8)
HYSTERON PROTERON – (HORNY PORNO TESTER)*. Never hear this phrase so had to look it up given the anagram and the checking letters

5 Managed a month in teetotal wing of church (8)
TRANSEPT – T.T. = teetotal, around RAN = managed and SEPT = a month

6 Mum’s core sin unfortunately is a love of shopping (11)

7 Bulk large on the outside? (5)
BULGE – external letters of BUL(k lar)GE

8 Jettison bedcover on top of antique table (5,9)
THROW OVERBOARD – THROW = bedcover, OVER = on top of, BOARD = antique table

9 Sandwich spread? (6)
EXPORT – double definition, the first mildly cryptic as Sandwich is one of the Cinque Ports but is now 2 miles from the sea so is an EX PORT (ha ha)

11 Market exploiter using a rand drop to bait Europe (11)
ARBITRAGEUR – A, R = rand, BIT = drop, RAG = bait, EUR = Europe

12 Stratified lake certainly a warning of something dangerous (7)
LAYERED – L = lake, AYE = certainly, RED = a warning of something dangerous

13 British petroleum jelly, not very standard for comparison (8)
BASELINE – B = British, (v)ASELINE = petroleum jelly

20 Convert home to church in stretch of land for row of houses (7)
TERRACE – TERRAIN = stretch of land, with IN = home converted to C.E. = church

22 Certain about Chile’s capital being somewhere in the Andes (5)
SUCRE – SURE = certain, around C(hile)

24 Strange being on underground with a railway minister (7,9)
FOREIGN SECRETARY – FOREIGN = strange, SECRET = underground, A, RY = railway

25 Moderate teases toffs endlessly (4,3)
EASE OFF – (t)EASE(s) (t)OFF(s)

27 No tears about disloyalty (7)

28 Includes bitter brewed to be very strong (14)

31 Rich, fit and not working (4-3)
WELL-OFF – WELL = fit, OFF = not working

33 A blush digesting record of debt leaving son to the very end bitter (11)
ACRIMONIOUS – A, CRIMSON with S = son moved to the end, around I.O.U. = record of debt

35 Section of poem to preserve — Tasso’s no fool (5)
CANTO – CAN = preserve, T(ass)O

36 HM's in a grand construction -- here? (11)

38 Dogmatic idea, no point shifting (11)

40 Delay one riding horse (8)
STALLION – STALL = delay, I = one, ON = riding

42 Sham opponent’s name a million nasty people sent up (5,3)
STRAW MAN – N = name, A, M = million, WARTS = nasty people, all reversed

43 Bird’s to raise hatch, reportedly (7)
JACKDAW – JACK = raise, DAW sounds like DOOR = hatch

46 Mailer accepting Pound is rather fine (7)
SLENDER – SENDER = mailer, around L = pound

47 Get annoyed with what might appear on waste land (6)
NETTLE – double definition

49 Socialists pursuing Conservative split (5)
CLEFT – C = Conservative, LEFT = socialists

50 Mike’s stuffing piece of meat to munch with gusto (5)
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Times Cryptic No 27684 - Saturday, 6 June 2020. A game of two halves.

It took me a long time to get on the setter’s wavelength. Once I did, they had me chuckling, starting with 17dn and 17ac. My clue of the day was clearly the kettle lady at 1dn!

Thanks to the setter for a very enjoyable puzzle.

Notes for newcomers: The Times offers prizes for Saturday Cryptic Crosswords. This blog is posted a week later, after the competition closes. So, please don’t comment here on the current Saturday Cryptic.

Clues are blue, with definitions underlined. Deletions are in [square brackets].
1 Boy once on ship might set about daughter and brother, you reflected (6,6)
POWDER MONKEY – D for daughter in POWER, MONK, YE reflected. His job was to bring gunpowder from the magazine to the guns.
9 What’s knocked back in delight: ie large port (5)
LEITH – backwards hidden answer.
10 Teddy bear’s friend, slender, tucking in tail (9)
ROOSEVELT – ROO was a friend of Winnie the Pooh. I doubt Roo (or Franklin or Teddy, for that matter!) was SVELTE, but move the E at the tail forward by four letters.
11 Battered glove has split in two (2,6)
GO HALVES – anagram (‘battered’) of (GLOVE HAS*).
12 Pressman from Times to put in jail (6)
CAXTON – X for Times and TO from the clue, all put in CAN. A pioneer of the printing press. The CAN was obvious; the rest took a while to see.
13 Presumably once off, burning to return? Hardly surprising! (2,6)
NO WONDER – it was once off, but it’s NOW ON. Then, RED (burning) appears backwards.
15 Menial’s years behind plough (6)
FLUNKY – apparently to FLUNK an exam can be to “plough” it. Not a usage I knew. Then Y for year.
17 Busy with facial hair — mostly getting stick (6)
ATTACH – AT (busy, in the sense of “hard at it”, I suppose. I haven’t come up with an example where one could directly replace the other.) then, TACH[e] as facial hair. On edit: I think dcrooks has a nice suggestion in the comments. AT could be 'busy with', as in 'he's been (busy with/at) it since breakfast'.
18 Forgiving tale-teller? (8)
PARDONER – I think this is just a cryptic definition, with a reference to The Pardoner’s Tale from Chaucer.
20 Desert ship and hide — after running away, heads here (6)
SAHARA – spelled out by first letters (‘heads here’).
21 Dukes, including peer: — in short, the blooming establishment! (8)
FLORIST’S – FISTS (dukes, or has a fist fight) including LOR[d].
24 Repeated appeal to escort kids around old Spanish city (9)
SARAGOSSA – S.A. (sex appeal) twice, bracketing RAGS (kids), which in turn is around O (‘old’).
25 Bags chance, finally, with months on the periphery (5)
JEANS – E from [chanc]E with JANS (months) in its periphery.
26 That is, alas, a very wretched farewell (5,2,5)
HASTA LA VISTA – anagram (‘wretched’) of (THAT IS ALAS A V*).

1 Figure girl who’d prepare tea-making departed for audition (7)
POLYGON – sounds like POLLY GONE. That’s the Polly who’s told to put the kettle on, of course. Cute.
2 Health-conscious folk assess old PM’s consuming whiskey for hours (6,8)
WEIGHT WATCHERS – WEIGH THATCHER’S, after changing Maggie’s leading H to W.
3 Female alien with a hand but no foot (5)
ETHEL – ET (every setter’s canonical alien), HEL[p] (give a hand).
4 Waves to Frenchman, then turns over posh car (8)
MERCEDES – MER, followed by CEDES. Britannia may have ruled the waves, but perhaps the French Navy ruled La Mer?
5 Twelve words from protesters meeting at the base? (4)
NOON – NO is what a protestor might say. Two NOs, back to back, make our answer.
6 Watched closely as the writer shouted to be heard (9)
EYEBALLED – sounds like I BAWLED.
7 Nobody rises after notes to take it easy (4,2,4,4)
REST ON ONES OARS – RES (notes plural, as in DO RE MI), TO (directly from the clue), NONE SOARS (nobody rises).
8 Foul-smelling dark liquid flooding farm building (6)
14 Country estate, say, in Guiana mismanaged (9)
NICARAGUA – CAR (estate, say) in an anagram (‘mismanaged’) of (GUIANA*).
16 Old woman’s charged four pounds after parking on a London street (4,4)
PALL MALL – MA charging 4 x L = pound, after P for parking and the letter A.
17 Support for idiots? (6)
ASSIST – an ASS-IST might be a supporter of asses. Droll.
19 Egg that’s taken in three seconds with a very cold drink (4,3)
ROSS SEA – ROE (egg), letter A taking in 3 x S for second.
22 Gandhi’s party mainly about just India at first (5)
RAJIV – RAV[e] about J I (Just India, ‘at first’).
23 Here’s a secret I’d like to add, by the way (4)
PSST – P.S. (postscript), ST (street=way)