June 12th, 2020

Quick Cryptic 1634 by Rodney

I quite liked this, though having overslept and overdone it last night, I could have done with an easier one. Lots of good clues, 23a is my favourite. Not sure about 18dn which seems to belong in a GK crossword.

1 East of Cork, perhaps, a mean house (8)
BUNGALOW - Cork is BUNG, east of it we have A + LOW
5 Bachelor unwell, finding invoice (4)
8 Part of song Cyril botched (5)
LYRIC - anagram ('botched') of CYRIL
9 Snarer of wildlife returning in salesman role (7)
TRAPPER - REP PART backwards
11 She’s back in the USSR (3)
SUE - reversed hidden word: thE USsr
12 Very unpromising offer to accept right winger (9)
BLACKBIRD - BLACK + BID with R inside
13 Becomes strained when speaking a few words (6)
PHRASE - sounds like FRAYS
15 Thursday in March: a girl appears (6)
MARTHA - Thursday is TH, put it inside MAR A
18 Drunks are so smooth? (4-5)
WELL-OILED - double definition
19 They are for promoting a CID officer (3)
ADS - a detective sergeant
20 Firmly established moped is for repair (7)
IMPOSED -  anagram ('for repair') of MOPED IS
21 Dying remains end in three months (5)
22 E Sussex town, heading off Suffolk females? (4)
EWES - East Sussex town is LEWES minus its head. Suffolk being a type of sheep
23 Iron Maiden pursued by an employee of The Times? (8)
PRESSMAN - PRESS (iron) M (maiden) + AN

1 Does sensible thing as driver and stops talking (5,2)
BELTS UP - double definition
2 Ultimately son, you fear, is like sister? (5)
NURSE - last letters of soN yoU feaR iS likE
3 Churchmen bow twice, awfully posh (11)
ARCHBISHOPS - ARCH (bow) BIS (twice) + anagram ('awfully') of POSH
4 Oxford University sent up Disney’s Robin Hood? (6)
OUTLAW - OU + WALT backwards
6 Popular books about voting system — one still being published? (2,5)
IN PRINT - IN (popular) NT (books) about PR (voting system) + I
7 Dreary, ugly? Oddly, on reflection, was attractive (5)
LURED - alternate letters of DrEaRy UgLy reversed
10 Awfully dark news was embarrassment (11)
AWKWARDNESS - anagram ('awfully') of DARK NEWS WAS
14 Fall back on large recess in church (7)
RELAPSE - RE (on) + L (large) + APSE
16 Too hurried, this unsuccessful contestant? (4-3)
ALSO-RAN - double definition of sorts
17 Girl Ed harassed in aircraft without a sound? (6)
GLIDER - anagram ('harassed') of GIRL ED
18 Billiard ball that’s not spotted? (5)
WHITE - one of the cue balls in billiards has a spot. Am I missing something else?
19 Binder, I hesitate to say, under a pound (5)
ALBUM - UM (I hesitate to say) underneath A + LB