June 10th, 2020

Times 27687 - the dolce Vita is here.

Another pleasant but not too challenging Wednesday, with four decent anagrams and lots of 'insert this into that' wordplay. It took me about twenty-five minutes to finish with all clues parsed. I don't have a favourite clue.

1 Ring round with Green (6)
CALLOW - CALL (ring) O (round) W (with).
4 Bookish volume of Poe fairly regularly overlooked (8)
LITERARY - LITER being the American spelling for litre, so "volume of Poe" as he was American, then ARY being alternate letters of f A i R l Y.
10 What to say at bedtime about following evening (9)
NIGHTFALL - At bedtime you might say "NIGHT, ALL"; insert F for following.
11 Pigeon in river (5)
HOMER - HOME (in) R (river).
12 Dicky knew old cousins retire to gain strength (4,4,6)
14 Moving contact wrecked power wire (5)
16 Trifle with pretty girl carrying a pistol (9)
BAGATELLE - BELLE has A GAT (a pistol) inserted.
18 Member annoyed with broadcast (9)
CROSSBEAM - CROSS (annoyed) BEAM (broadcast signal). Member as in joist etc.
20 Gut bacteria reportedly fell with onset of acidosis (5)
FLORA - FLOR sounds like "floor", to fell, knock down; add A.
21 Mobile continentals getting work in Roman capital (14)
CONSTANTINOPLE - Insert OP (work) into (CONTINENTALS)*. For a period from 330 CE for a few hundred years until the Roman empire dissipated, the city was the capital of the empire and named after Constantine, having previously been called Lygos then Byzantium; now Istanbul. Well, it's a bit more complicated than that, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Istanbul
25 View of society held by Sackville-West, say (5)
VISTA - S for society goes into VITA the first name of Mrs Sackville-West, socialite, author, bisexual lover and gardener of Sissinghurst. Which is well worth a visit.
26 Promote supporter, having an opening (9)
PROPAGATE - PROP (supporter) A GATE (an opening).
27 One exits West African countries to avoid duty (8)
28 The French general died very famous (6)
LEGEND - LE (the French) GEN(eral), D(ied).
1 What’s used for a light fabric (10)
CANDLEWICK - double definition; candlewick is familiar to me as used in bedspreads.
2 Reason soldier in company left in retreat (5)
LOGIC - Insert GI (soldier) into CO (company), L (left) after reversing that.
3 Not in power, party men will be not in the house (7)
OUTDOOR - OUT (not in) DO (party) OR (men).
5 Popular legislation is relative where union is concerned (2-3)
IN-LAW - IN (popular) LAW (legislation).
6 Run through former play by Goethe, hard for following (7)
EXHAUST - EX (former) then FAUST has its F replaced by H.
7 Mammal frantic in a small stream with reduced oxygen (9)
ARMADILLO - Insert MAD (frantic) into A RILL then add O (short for oxygen).
8 Feel strong desire to be free of European story (4)
YARN - YEARN loses its E.
9 Beer in animal skin is fit to market (8)
13 Seas seemed worked out as a source of oil (6,4)
SESAME SEED - (SEAS SEEMED)*. Doddle of an anagram.
15 Governor in favour of prisoner uniform in small and large (9)
PROCONSUL - PRO (in favour of) CON (prisoner) S, L, insert U for uniform.
17 Nerve outing MP that’s unruly (8)
GUMPTION - (OUTING MP)*. I thought gumption was more like common sense, but I see Collins has a second meaning of courage, hence nerve.
19 Spot invaded by American bear (7)
SUSTAIN - US in STAIN (spot).
20 Real enthusiasts will swallow this ostentatious display (7)
FANFARE - double definition, one cryptic as FARE for FANS to swallow.
22 Tree spotted with extremities eaten away (5)
APPLE - DAPPLED loses its extreme Ds.
23 Walk round Lake District? (5)
PLACE - PACE around L.
24 At heart love, I must think, is a generational thing (4)
OVUM - OV (heart of lOVe) UM (I must think).