June 5th, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic No 1629 by Tracy

Well hello everybody and welcome to this Friday's Quick Crossword. Tracy is our setter today. I found this a bit of a curate's egg and will be interested to hear everyone else got on. It's not often I get stuck on a QC and I had all but one clue done in about 4 1/4 minutes. But then I was stuck for 2 minutes and had to result to an alphabet trawl to get 1D, finishing in 6:16. Rather a fiendish double definition for a QC, to my mind, and, what is more, a film I only vaguely remembered at 13D, but maybe that's just my general ignorance playing up again. On the other hand some (ahem) Amusing clues and, to cap it all, we have a pangram! I liked 2D but COD to 18A for its great surface. Thanks Tracy! So over to you lot. How did you like it? And do tell me if I was just being dim with 1D, or whether a Golden Raspberry is merited.

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