May 6th, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic 1607 by Joker

Just the one unknown meaning for me today (23ac) in an otherwise top-to-bottom solve.

Definitions underlined.

3 Bric-a-brac mostly running wild (8)
BARBARIC - anagram of (running) BRIC-A-BRAc (mostly).
7 Part of ulcer is extremely red (6)
CERISE - hidden in (part of) ulCER IS Extremely.
8 Home for hermit in Home Counties — like Hades (8)
SEASHELL - SE (South East, home counties), AS (like) and HELL (Hades). Home for a hermit crab! Ever wondered how a hermit crab finds a shell of the right size? Watch here.
9 Storage space that’s left frequently (4)
LOFT - L (left) and OFT (frequently).
10 Expected level is cut endlessly (3)
PAR - PARe (cut) without the last letter (endlessly).
11 Scooter treated with European wood preservative (8)
CREOSOTE - anagram of (treated) SCOOTER and E (European).
13 Key picture is very impressive (4)
EPIC - E (random musical key) and PIC (picture).
15 What can magnify part of pollen sac (4)
LENS - hidden in (part of) polLEN Sac.
17 Energetic person in sack dance (8)
FIREBALL - FIRE (sack) and BALL (dance).
19 Subdue female elephant (3)
COW - double definition.
22 Element unknown in carbon (4)
ZINC - Z (unknown), IN, and C (carbon).
23 Patronising Spanish fizz that is bottled in large runs (8)
CAVALIER - CAVA (sparkling wine, Spanish fizz), then I.E. (that is) inside (bottled in) L (large) and R (runs). I only knew this word as meaning 'careless', but apparently it is also 'haughty' or 'disdainful'.
24 English word for something initially like paint (6)
ENAMEL - E (English), NAME (word for something), and the first letter of (initially) Like.
25 Really likes to dine where there’s just space for two (4,4)
LOVE SEAT - LOVES (really likes) and EAT (dine).

1 Find a new supplier for stock (8)
RESOURCE - RE-SOURCE (source again, find a new supplier).
2 Ribs to get cooked in small restaurant (6)
BISTRO - anagram of (get cooked) RIBS TO.
3 Most successful, getting shilling in wager (4)
BEST - S (shilling) inside BET (wager).
4 Come back again to harvest fruit (8)
REAPPEAR - REAP (harvest) and PEAR (fruit).
5 Stick with commercial at this point (6)
ADHERE - AD (commercial) and HERE (at this point).
6 A bit of welding up is not working (4)
IDLE - reverse hidden in (a bit of... up) wELDIng.
12 Colour of bad part of egg (3-5)
OFF-WHITE - OFF (bad) and WHITE (part of egg).
14 I defame Manxman, perhaps (8)
ISLANDER - I and SLANDER (defame).
16 Difficult predicament I missed in disease of sheep (6)
SCRAPE - SCRAPiE (disease of sheep) without the 'i' (I missed).
18 Sound of sheep right round a Zulu market (6)
BAZAAR - BAA (sound of sheep) with R (right), surrounding (round) A and Z (zulu).
20 Sweet pudding gone after seconds (4)
SAGO - AGO (gone) after S (seconds).
21 Forfeits regularly encountered worry constantly (4)
FRET - every other letter from (regularly encountered) FoRfEiTs.

Times 27657 - half an hour of pleasure and no pain.

I enjoyed doing this one as much as any of recent times, and, unlike last week, have no axes to grind about the definitions or clueing; some fine wordplay and nothing impenetrable. 1a and 2d were easy starters, but for some reason I passed those by and began with 6d, the Q then giving me 11a, and so on until we were all done in just under the 30 minutes. I think 1d gets my CoD award for the nice definition. I hope y'all found it as much fun as I did.

1 Demanding second book (8)
HARDBACK - HARD = demanding, BACK = second. Seen it before I think.
5 Refrain from having key cut (6)
ESCHEW - ESC = key on keyboard, HEW = cut.
10 Imposing spell of tyranny after cutbacks (5)
LOFTY - Hidden word in SPEL(L OF TY)RANNY.
11 Drawing, a large Lowry, perhaps Irish remarkably (3,6)
ALL SQUARE - A, L (large) L.S. (Lowry perhaps, he was L S Lowry), QUARE an irish-ism for queer or odd.
12 Compounds charged in red light district? (9)
TARTRATES - TART RATES being what a working girl would ask for. Salts of tartaric acid.
13 Leave sometime, not fast (5)
EXEAT - EX = sometime, as in ex-lover perhaps; EAT = not fast.
14 Pieces, all the same length, needed for decongestant (7)
MENTHOL - MEN = pieces, THO' = all the same, L = length.
16 Practise children’s game with energy and fondness (6)
DOTAGE - DO (practise) TAG (kids game) E (energy).
19 5 dads drink (4,2)
PASS UP - PA'S (Dad's) SUP (drink). 5 = eschew.
21 Personnel one has included in Solicitor at Law’s contract (7)
SHRIVEL - S L = Solicitor at Law, insert HR and I'VE for personnel and one has.
23 Auntie half-heartedly backed naval officer making music (5)
BEBOP - Auntie = BBC, aka the BEEB, miss out one E and add OP being PO (Petty Officer) reversed.
25 Crossword setter, maybe, having to receive gold medal (9)
WORDSMITH - WITH = having, insert OR (gold) DSM (medal).
27 A ship, eg, circles different parts of our canals (9)
OESOPHAGI - (A SHIP EG OO)*, where OO = circles.
28 Step from carriage on way through town (5)
STAIR - ST = street, AIR = carriage.
29 To live without you close for so long! (3-3)
BYE-BYE - BE = to live, insert YE (you) BY (close). B (YE BY)E.
30 Fish from can to cook, recently gutted (4,4)
JOHN DORY - JOHN = US slang for can, Gents; DO = cook, RY = recently gutted.
1 The rest of the players could make them fail (4-4)
HALF-TIME - (THEM FAIL)*. Nice definition, nice clue.
2 Occasions for choosing before once between judge and new attorney (9)
REFERENDA - REF (judge) ERE (before) N DA (new attorney).
3 Purchaser’s place to keep stock of audition (5)
BUYER - Homophone for BYRE where (animal) stock is kept.
4 Item of property as result of gossip changing hands (7)
CHATTEL - CHATTER (gossip) has the end R changed to L.
6 Appropriate header concealed from user adopting online search? (9)
SEQUESTER - E QUEST = online search, insert into SER = USER with header concealed. My FOI.
7 Almost the perfect place for a fling (5)
8 Band at funeral threw a wobbly (6)
WREATH - (THREW A)*. I tried to make it harder by constructing an anagram of FUNER L meaning band.
9 Record hosts fail to keep to (6)
CLOSED - CD (record) has LOSE (fail) inserted. Keep to, as in a door.
15 Still a sort of fat found in fried bread (9)
HUSHPUPPY - HUSH = still, and PUPPY fat. A hushpuppy here is a kind of fried corndough ball found in the Southern US, I recall trying one and being unimpressed. Where I come from, Hushpuppies are a brand of comfortable shoes.
17 Try present with one label round (4,2,1,2)
GIVE IT A GO - GIVE (present) I (one) TAG (label) O (round).
18 Particles of dry grass crossing a river beneath mountain (5,3)
ALPHA RAY - ALP (mountain) HAY (dry grass) has A R(iver) inserted. Alpha particles are identical to helium4 nuclei, each particle consisting of two protons and two neutrons, emitted by many radioactive elements as they decay to the element two below, e.g. 92 Uranium 238 into 90 thorium 234. "alpha ray" is an alternative term for the emitted particle radiation.
20 Twice a year, wife brings fruit (6)
PAWPAW - P.A. = a year, W = wife, twice.
21 Indoors, surprisingly, could be damper (7)
SORDINO - (INDOORS)*. The mute used with a trumpet.
22 Sailors at ball drink up (6)
ABSORB - ABS (sailors) ORB (ball).
24 Count, maybe low, swollen by one (5)
BASIE - BASE (low) has I inserted. Count Basie was a famous jazz musician.
26 Potentially miss appeal appearing in paper (5)
SUSAN - SA (sex appeal) inside the SUN newspaper. As on page 3 perhaps.