April 26th, 2020

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Mephisto 3112 - "Europe he saw, and Europe saw him too!"

This was quite an easy one, for a Mephisto, and I solved it in about 50 minutes without having to consult any reference material.   Unfortunately, a slight ambiguity in a clue lead to a wrong answer, as I confidently substituted 'aya' for 'nursemaid' in the cryptic, without thinking that 'aia' is also possible.   Such are the dangers of solving Mephisto without book, so I ended up with a single incorrect letter.

Both the vocabulary and the range of allusions should be well within most solver's ken, and I don't expect to see any mistakes from those who check their work as they go.    Of course, I never know whether when something I consider obvious will be obscure to other solvers, but if you have a good general education you shouldn't have too much difficulty.  

1 Predict a feeling of annoyance, getting hit hard (7)
BETHUMP - BET + HUMP, the hump you have to get over.  The be- intensifier was common in early modern English.
6 A distinctive flavour ultimately lacking in jelly (5)
10 The French into making money, offering modern form of education (9)
11 Old physician with a particular mineral (6)
GALENA - GALEN + A.   As a boy, I had a set of samples of various minerals, and 60 years later I still remember the distinct feel of galena.
13 Trip in which sailor is given drum (6)
TABOUR - T(AB)OUR, the drum that goes with the pipes.
15 Dish of beef king cast aside (4)
FLAN - FLAN[k].  This word can also mean a lie in 18th-century slang, watch out for that.
16 Something dim about agent getting nothing right in inaccurate account (9)
17 Artist wants food and drink — a bit of a nerve is that? (6)
RAMEAL - R.A. + MEAL   A 'rameal' nerve is one that branches off, a meaning not given in most dictionaries.
19 Greek characters participating in street assembly (4)
ETAS - hidden in [stre]ET AS[sembly].
20 Royal’s no leader — equivalent to a famous writer (4)
EGAL - [r]EGAL   The literal is a bit obscure - perhaps someone's quirk of speech?
22 Handle cattle in shed, half having escaped (6)
SNEATH - S(NEAT)H[ed].   More often spelt 'snath', the handle of a scythe.
24 Strange car boot sale disposing of old books — and fish! (9)
ALBACORES -  Anagram of CAR BO[ot] SALE, where the Old Testament is given the boot, so to speak.
26 Operating system that’s “superior” leading to nothing (4)
UNIX - U + NIX, a write-in for all you sysadmins out there - no need to grep for it!
29 In rack, loose seed (6)
NICKAR - anagram of IN RACK.   Seeds of the warri tree, to be precise.   The word also refers to a water-spirit, familiar to those who  read Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon before they took up Unix.
30 First sign of organ 11 reconstructed (6)
ANLAGE - anagram of GALENA, the embryonic form of an important bit of the body.
31 Nursemaid hides male offspring in trees (9)
ADANSONIA - A(DAN,SON)IA, my one failure.  More commonly called baobabs.
32 Place to stay, no small house with huge aim (5)
TELOS - [ho]TEL + OS, the stock Attic Greek word for end or goal.  
33 Big car has little girl with huge appetite (7)
LIMOSIS - LIMO + SIS.   An obsolete word that is obvious from the cryptic.
1 Muslim female started getting short with male (5)
BEGUM - BEGU[n] + M.  Apparently equivalent to 'madam' or 'lady' in English.
2 Novel metallic seat having a charming quality (12)
TELESMATICAL - anagram of METALLIC SEAT.  Related to talisman, so not charismatical on the telly...although you might have gotten to the answer that way. 
3 Pigment of drug-injected meat (4)
HAEM -  HA(E)M.   The pigment that makes blood red.
4 Weight used by Greeks — or Minoans, oddly (4)
MNAS - M[i]N[o]A[n]S.   A Semitic word adapted by the Greeks, it was both a weight and a unit of 100 drachmas.
5 Hapless and holy, the husband being ditched needing shelter (7)
PITEOUS - PI + T[h]EOUS.   Although the meaning of 'theous' is obvious, it is not attested in the OED, so it may occur only in certain dictionaries PI(T[h]E)OUS, there, that's more like it. 
6 Stream from a hilltop descending on farm (9)
ANABRANCH - A + NAB + RANCH.   Nab is a northern and Scottish word.    An anabrach is a stream that leaves a river and rejoins it later on.
7 Workers to be organised in pairs later on (12)
8 Lizards wandering in Nicaragua avoiding vehicle (6)
IGUANA - Anagram of NI[car]AGUA. 
9 In one corner of England having little growth is hard (7)
12 Song of heretical nationalist being rejected (4)
14 Acts as tutor to member of aristocracy wearing hippy accessories? (9)
17 Sort of number — manage it to secure record (7)
REPUNIT - R(EP)UN IT.   A base-10 number that consists only of 1, as 111 or 1111.
18 Candid written accusation artist penned (7)
LIBERAL - LIBE(R.A.)L, with an older meaning of candid.
21 Concrete holiday home occupied by a Parisian (6)
23 Sheep’s offspring brought up on grass primarily (4)
TEGG -  GET upside-down + G[rass], more often spelt 'teg', common in puzzles but uncommon elsewhere.
25 Garden clippers not right for trees (5)
SHEAS -  SHEA[r]S, the vitellaria tree.
27 Fellow on island offers facility for prayer (4)
MANI - MAN + I, a prayer wheel.
28 Reserved and haughty female being put off potato (4)