April 17th, 2020

Quick Cryptic 1594 by Rongo

Straightforward I think, but I have a thumping headache. 9 minutes for me.

1 Thread or line attached to card (4)
3 Meatiest stews producing round figure? (8)
ESTIMATE - anagram ('stews') of MEATIEST
9 More than a billion people found in machine search (7)
CHINESE - hidden word: maCHINE SEarch
10 Flower I call “exotic” (5)
LILAC -  anagram ('exotic') of I CALL
11 Arrest old boy, one in powerful position (5)
NABOB - NAB + OB. A Nabob being a governor in the Moghul empire
12 Despot’s extremely timely tirade (6)
TYRANT - TY (extremes of 'timely') + RANT
14 Mistaking one end of mastoid for the other, accept responsibility for flat bone (8,5)
SHOULDER BLADE - SHOULDER BLAME with the M changed for a D
17 Wicket struck, gutted eleven go pale (6)
WHITEN - W + HIT + EN ('eleven' with the guts removed)
19 Maybe a potato bin, I’m not sure (5)
22 Light wood, a thick piece turned over (5)
BALSA - A SLAB backwards
23 Seeing first couple last, admire ghost (7)
SPECTRE - RESPECT with the first two letters moved to the end
24 Asian country had Latin converts (8)
THAILAND -  anagram ('converts') of HAD LATIN
25 Mock professional clown dropping stone (4)
JEER - JESTER with ST removed

1 See board game about new monster’s home (4,4)
LOCH NESS - LO + CHESS with N inside
2 Conservative member to reach a higher position (5)
4 Place a foot, part of it, on sand, agitating series of scrap dealers (7,3,3)
STEPTOE AND SON - STEP + TOE +  anagram ('agitating') of ON SAND. Classic 70's TV comedy.
5 Layabout almost direly wasted (5)
IDLER -  anagram ('wasted') of DIREL (being almost DIRELY)
6 Georgian city in the place of Los Angeles welcomes worker, say (7)
ATLANTA - AT + LA with ANT inside
7 Treat with acid and the rest before hospital (4)
8 Some of whatever Balzac’s expressed in words (6)
VERBAL - Hidden word: whateVER BALzac
13 I agree the woman has caught a flightless bird (4,4)
HEAR HEAR - HER with A RHEA inside
15 Hope abandoned with trouble over tragic role (7)
OPHELIA -  anagram ('abandoned') of HOPE with AIL backwards on the end. Hamlet love interest who goes nuts and drowns herself
16 Head striker’s spread (6)
BUTTER - double definition
18 Large skin blemish shows up in thorough search (5)
TRAWL -  L WART backwards
20 Swim and play cricket with the man (5)
21 Are accessories to answer wager? (4)

O Tempora! CCXXXVIII by Auctor

I didn't find this as 1ac as Basil's puzzle last week, ending up a bit baffled by 5ac, 12ac and a couple of spellings/word endings. But it was all in Latin and therefore good!

1 Easily, opp. vix (6)

5 Lit. heat of fire and sea swell, metaph. upset of mind (4th decl.) (6)
AESTUS. Can mean both "passion" and "hesitation" figuratively: so much for Latin being a logical language.

8 Supera, ____, suprema (8)
SUPERIOR. No different from the masculine, in this comparative form.

9 I change: vario (4)
MUTO, like a mutant

10 He carries, also she relates (4)
FERT - repeat after me: ferro, ferre, tuli, latus.

11 To inhabit or live in (3rd conj.) (8)
INCOLERE, and not INCOLARE as I incorrectly put. Write it 100 times all over the town square before sunup, lad.

12 May they understand and know: intelligant (6)
SCIANT, like scientists

14 Mirey morass: palus ____ (6)
LIMOSA. A slug is of coursa a LIMAX, which I assume is related somehow.

16 Nanny goats tended by Meliboeus, Virgil Ecl. 1 esp. 74 (8)
CAPELLAE. I got stuck on HIRCINAE, more fool I.

18 Geminorum nutricula et, apud comoedias, meretrix aut scortum (4)
LUPA. A she-wolf, literally or metaphorically.

20 Come here! Vide eg Ter. Hecyra 510 (indic. form is identical) (4)

21 I look back or behind, I look around (8)
RESPICIO, in many, if not all, respects

23 We are standing, we do stand firm (6)
STAMUS, as befits our station

24 Walls, and by extension, the city within (3rd decl. n. pl) (6)
MOENIA. Probably related tyo munitions, though I can't say I've checked

2 ____ Turbidae: Muddy Waters (5)
AQUAE. Aquae Turbidae just sounds a lot less like a bluesman for some reason.

3 Sloth, lack of skill, and in English now what keeps us going (7)
INERTIA or ART-lessness

4 Masters or master's (3)
ERI. Erus is not a word I remember coming up a lot but I imagine it is more popular in Latin crosswords

5 Farmers: agros sulcamus et semina bona spargimus (9)
AGRICOLAE, who plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land.

6 ____, bis, ter (5)
SEMEL. She's semel, bis, ter a matrona.

7 John Steed and Emma Peel, aka "The Avengers" (ITV 1961-9) (7)
ULTORES, as it was known in ancient syndicated broadcasts.

11 On your tod you will have carried in (trans.) (9)
INTULERIS. Repeat after me again, ferro, ferre, tuli...

13 He limps (2nd intrans.), it will block, shut, bung up (3rd trans.) (7)
CLAUDET. There was a famous Emperor who was a bit of a limper, what was his name again?

15 To soften: macerare, mitigare (7)
MOLLIRE, as in mollified by an emollient.

17 Something drawn not on paper but from a sheath (acc. sing.) (5)
ENSEM, a sword, not to be confused with Belgium's famous painter.

19 ____ vidistis amantes: you lovers first saw it, Ovid Met. 4.68 (5)
PRIMI (inter pares)

22 "Mi ocule," inquit mater infantulae, "tu eris quae nunc ego ____" (3)
SUM, and hopefully that does SUM it all up at this point!