April 15th, 2020

Times 27639 - one coffee was enough.

Well, last Wednesday we had one of the hardest on record, and this week I'll be surprised if our SNITCH gets halfway to last week's dizzy heights. I polished this off in a steady 18 minutes (but not in a particular  hurry), only taking 3 or 4 minutes to get my LOI at 18d, where I was intent on looking for something spoken.

Unusually, I wasn't diverted afterwards to read up in Wiki about any etymology or obscure facts arising, so I'm not going to be wittering on wittily about any of the answers this week, just parsing them below.

A reminder - definitions underlined, anagram indicators in italics, anagrists (in brackets)*.

1 Speed head of police found in bust at quarters (9)
RAPIDNESS - P (head of police) found inside RAID = bust, N E S S = quarters of compass.
6 Old coin and key dropped in tube (5)
DUCAT - The key of A goes into DUCT = tube.
9 Give up protecting virtuous head? How could you? (3,8,4)
FOR GOODNESS SAKE - FORSAKE = give up, put inside GOOD (virtuous) NESS (head).
10 Hospital in Paris is most sound (6)
SANEST - SAN = sanatorium, EST = French for 'is'.
11 Unstable northern union leader dressed in blue? (8)
NEUROTIC - N, EROTIC (blue) has U inserted.
13 Permanence of ill repute — shame about that (10)
PERPETUITY - PITY = shame, insert (REPUTE)* > ERPETU
14 Female leaves instruction to barrister to make cheese (4)
BRIE - BRIEF loses its F. Quickie type clue.
16 This is nothing without a form of security (4)
NAIL - NIL (nothing) has A inside. Another quickie type.
17 Tea leading pair of Cypriots served outside simple priest’s office (10)
CHAPLAINCY - PLAIN (simple) inside CHA (tea) CY (Initial 2 letters of Cypriots).
19 Bill loses third of money, having soldiers to equip (8)
ACCOUTRE - ACCOUNT (bill) loses its N (third letter of money) add RE (soldiers).
20 Fragrant spices Charlie is very fond of (6)
CLOVES - C(harlie) LOVES. Another quickie level clue.
23 Working in Perth, wanted to celebrate uninhibitedly (5,3,4,3)
24 Coarse rock some may remember on reflection (5)
EMERY - Hidden reversed in MA(Y REME)MBER.
25 Thick-skinned type, my padre, crazy about church (9)
1 Chap originally from America supporting game (5)
RUFUS - RU (Rugby Union) F (originally from), US.
2 Accomplices miscreants initially employed in foreign prince’s terrain (8,2,5)
PARTNERS IN CRIME - (PRINCES TERRAIN M)*, the M from miscreants initially.
3 Comparatively dopey girl accepting arguments with hesitation (8)
DROWSIER - DI (girl) insert ROWS (arguments) add ER (hesitation).
4 Current disturbance in which donkey loses head (4)
EDDY - NEDDY the donkey loses his initial N.
5 Unexpectedly see pretty old printing plate (10)
6 Catch sight of man on call (6)
DESCRY - DES (random man) CRY (call). Has to be, once you have D*S*R*.
7 Precise reference cathedral clergy note in poetry of our era? (7,3,5)
CHAPTER AND VERSE - CHAPTER (cathedral clergy) A.D. VERSE (poetry of our era) insert N for note.in AD to get the AND.
8 Tutor disturbed by start of rebellious youth’s initial disloyalty (9)
TREACHERY - TEACHER (tutor) insert R (start of rebellious) add Y (initial letter of youth).
12 A universal god’s joint contribution to literature (10)
AUTHORSHIP - A, U(niversal), THOR'S (god's) HIP (joint).
13 Long drink containing very soft fruit (9)
PINEAPPLE - PINE (long, as in long for), ALE (drink), insert PP (very soft in music).
15 Visiting Irish county, see Scottish beef producer (8)
GALLOWAY - Insert LO (see) into County GALWAY; breed of Scottish beef cattle.
18 Short words many ultimately used for formal greeting (6)
CURTSY - CURT (short) S Y (last letters of words many). My LOI.
21 Place of depravity old bikers get upset over entering (5)
SODOM - MODS (old bikers, well, scooter riders) reversed, has O (over) inserted.
22 Like listeners — 11? Not half! (4)
OTIC - Last half of answer to 11a, Otic means to do with ears.