April 14th, 2020


Times Quick Cryptic 1591 by Wurm

A tough one which I only just completed thanks to some unlikely memory retrieves (1ac, 20ac, 13dn) plus a fingers crossed LOI at 10ac. 13 minutes. Beginners on the cryptic crossword road do need to be aware that it is a journey which increases your knowledge as well as solving skills. No one ever said cryptic crosswords were meant to be easy - good luck!

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  • jackkt

Times Cryptic 27638

This was a technical DNF for me. I solved all but two clues in 35 minutes but after a further 10 minutes of getting nowhere I used aids to find one of the missing answers   - a word I never heard of - and then the final one fell immediately into place.

Note: Those of you who also solve QC's may be interested that an anon poster identified a Nina in yesterday's puzzle set by Juno and blogged by me. I had looked hard for one but managed to miss it.

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