April 8th, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic 1587 by Tracy

A bit of a harder puzzle than of late, which I solved pretty much bacwards. The left hand side of the grid felt decidedly trickier than the right, and I ended up in the NW corner, with 1ac my LOI. Hope you did better!

Definitions underlined.

1 French accountant invested in sparkling wine, Italian wine (8)
FRASCATI - FR (French), then CA (Chartered Accountant) inside (invested in) ASTI (sparkling wine).
5 Celebrity beginning, but not ending (4)
STAR - STARt (beginning) except the last letter (but not ending).
8 Remarkable additional routine (13)
EXTRAORDINARY - EXTRA (additional) and ORDINARY (routine).
10 Took a risk, and perished rounding Cape (5)
DICED - DIED (perished) containing (rounding) C (cape).
11 Shoulder bag in small chalet exploded (7)
SATCHEL - S (small) and an anagram of (exploded) CHALET.
12 Delight as first of properties let (6)
PLEASE - first letter of Properties, then LEASE (let).
13 Irritable agent ringing down (6)
SNAPPY - SPY (agent) containing (ringing) NAP (down).
16 Grill room on left close to patisserie (7)
LATTICE - ATTIC (room) next to (on) L (left), then last letter of (close to) patisseriE.
18 Model and I do business (5)
IDEAL - I  and DEAL (do business).
20 Reporter runs into person cited in divorce proceedings (13)
CORRESPONDENT - R (runs) inside CORESPONDENT (person cited in divorce proceedings).
21 Extremely large implement (4)
TOOL - TOO (extremely) and L (large).
22 Knife fight about cash register that's short (8)
STILETTO - SET-TO (fight) containing (about) TIL L (cash register) without its last letter (that's short).

1 Participants in range (5)
FIELD - double definition.
2 Object of bizarre recital (7)
ARTICLE - anagram of (bizarre) RECITAL.
3 Secret in family meant stopping short (11)
CLANDESTINE - CLAN (family) and DESTINEd (meant) without the last letter (stopping short).
4 Flog junk husband collected (6)
THRASH - TRASH (junk) containing (collecting) H (husband).
6 Instruct apprentice, initially in college (5)
TEACH - first letter of (initially) Apprentice inside TECH (college).
7 Payment to Prince, say, a member of the monarchy (7)
ROYALTY - a payment made to a musician (Prince, say).
9 Scruffy lot ate in inn as planned (11)
INTENTIONAL - anagram of (scruffy) LOT ATE IN INN.
12 Place to free smelly mammal (7)
POLECAT - anagram of (free) PLACE TO.
14 Quietly feel bitter about award (7)
PRESENT - P (piano, quietly) and RESENT (feel bitter about).
15 Tyrant from regimental HQ around the South (6)
DESPOT - DEPOT (regimental HQ) containing (about) S (south).
17 Body temperature, approximately (5)
TORSO - T (temperature) then OR SO (approximately).
19 The Parisian got prepared for release (3,2)
LET GO - LE ('the' in French, i.e. Parisian) and an anagram of (prepared) GOT.

Times 27633 - easier to solve than to explain, perhaps.

Phew! that wasn't too hard to get finished, but deciphering the nitty gritty of my 'must be that' answers for the blog took longer than the solving. For some reason I couldn't get started anywhere near the top and had all of the lower half done before moving to the NE and finally getting 1a, guessing 2d and working out 4d before checking to see if such a crossbred instrument existed. I get the feeling this one was created by one our more Classicist setters, as to do it without guesswork you need to know a bit of Latin and about very early Greek scripts. Oddly enough even as a non-Classicist, I did, but not being tuned in to rugby, I missed for ages the clever definition in 1d. No doubt different folks will find it easier, or harder in different parts. Anyway it makes a change from gardening.

1 Political party putting approach in writing once (6,1)
LINEAR B -Put NEAR (approach) into LIB short for Liberal.
5 Malfunction of set roughly turned the wrong way (3,2)
ACT UP - PUT CA reversed, where PUT = set and CA = circa, roughly.
9 Scottish town to impose restrictions on very loud music? (5)
BANFF - BAN FF. Not the Canadian Banff, the original one, not far from my son's hoose.
10 Port to sink before consuming four fifths of a pint? (9)
DUNKERQUE - DUNK = sink, ERE = before, insert QU being two fifths of a QUART, so four fifths of a pint. Groan.
11 Cure not originally presented is easily best (7)
12 Agreed to gorge, maybe, after getting round brief food shortage (2,1,4)
OF A MIND - FAMIN(E) = brief food shortage. Insert into OD = overdose, gorge maybe.
13 Charity fete closing early upset alderman, perhaps (4,6)
CITY FATHER - (CHARITY FET)*, where FET = fete closing early.
15 Breathe in sharply when visiting doctor (4)
GASP - when = AS, insert into GP.
18 Boy, one often contemplated endlessly when reflecting (4)
EVAN - One may contemplate ones NAVEL, so delete the end and reverse it.
20 Found warm clothing for parachutist (4,6)
BASE JUMPER - Found = BASE, JUMPER = warm clothing.
23 Old earl turning red, inflamed by absorbing strip (7)
WARWICK - RAW (red, inflamed) is reversed and added to WICK.
24 Light-hearted son having to bear constant struggles (7)
JOCKEYS - Light-hearted = JOKEY, insert C the speed of light in a vacuum, add S for son. Jockeys for position, for example.
25 Legendary female cook ill right after baking (9)
FOLKLORIC - (F COOK ILL R)*, where F = female and R = right.
26 Not appropriate one should have dozed at audition (5)
INAPT - Sounds like "I napped".
27 Piece of music and somewhere to play it (5)
RECIT - REC = somewhere to play, IT. A Recit or recitative is a voice piece in an early opera, for instance.
28 Aggressiveness greeting bishops at one’s Mass (7)
YOBBISM - YO, greetings as in Yo, bro prehaps; B B bishops, I'S M for Mass. I'm not sure yobs are always aggressive, no doubt Jimbo could clarify. (Not saying he was!).
1 Determined to support policy that involves jumping forwards (4-3)
LINE-OUT - a rugger clue that took me an age to understand, not beinf a rugger b*gger myself. Policy = LINE, OUT = determined. e.g. out to win.
2 Trifle with unpleasant smell and lacking taste (8)
NIFFNAFF - This too had me stumped for too long, it's an expression I didn't know I knew, and even if I did, I expected it to be hyphenated or two words. Apparently it was in use in Victorian times, so not an Americanism this time. NIFF = unpleasant smell, NAFF = tacky.
3 Frenchman, perhaps, with British army corps (5)
ANDRE - Not a great clue IMO, think of a French male name. AND (with) RE (Royal Engineers).
4 Enjoyable novel, left for Yankee music maker (9)
BANJOLELE - I surprised myself by working this out and then finding it was correct and did exist! Take ENJOYABLE, replace the Y with an L, and make it an anagram. (ENJOLABLE)*. No doubt, with a banjo style body and fretted ukelele neck, it combines the best of both, but still sounds grim.
5 Guitarist celebrity Times article recalled (6)
AXEMAN - Fortunately we've had AXE or AX for guitar recently in these columns, in a puzzle I blogged, with some debate I recall, so it was easier than it might have been (not that I could recall any celebrity American guitarists that fitted the space). All reversed, NAME (celebrity), X (Times), A (article.
6 Leaves, retaining what might be continental, almost, in spirit (7)
TEQUILA - TEA (leaves) insert QUIL(T). Quilts used to be thought Continental, before they were duvets.
7 Revolutionary deserts his ship, ultimately presenting poser (5)
PSEUD - Deserts = DUE, as in 'getting his just deserts'. Add S P, the untimate letters of his ship, and reverse that.
8 Let alumni say nothing about head of Latin (8)
OBSTACLE - OBS = alumni, old boys, TACE is Latin for 'he is silent' i.e. say nothing; insert L being the 'head of Latin'. I found one reference to TACE meaning silent in Engish, as a variant on tacet or tacit, but it's not in Collins or Chambers online except as a piece of armour. Anyway I biffed it and then reserached it.
14 Novelist of note eclipsing mediocre one, some hope? (9)
THACKERAY - TE a note, goes around HACK a mediocre writer, then a RAY of hope.
16 Beneath airborne soldier, spot a drone? (8)
PARASITE - PARA (airborne soldier), SITE (spot).
17 Veg from animal park, essential with joint, reportedly (8)
ZUCCHINI - A homophone clue I'm just getting comfortable with as I write this. I get ZU sounds like ZOO. Then CCHINI pronounced KINI? Ah yes, it sounds like KEY KNEE, essential joint. Zucchini is American or Italian for courgette.
19 Medium lycra pants and cape for one to wear (7)
ACRYLIC - (LYCRA)* then I C cape for one. Painting medium.
21 Reduced prize for entering afternoon heat in advance (7)
PREWARM - REWAR(D) goes inside PM.
22 November leaves intense, rich in colour (6)
VIOLET - VIOLENT (intense) loses its N, to give a rich colour.
23 Biscuit ends in hollow area of the floor (5)
WAFER - last letters of hollo W are A o F th E floo R.
24 Bill arriving in post for father of twelve (5)
JACOB - AC (account, bill) inside JOB (post).