March 13th, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic No 1569 by Marty

I didn't find this particularly easy and finished in 6:12, my slowest QC time for a while. Nothing too tricky, I think, but some clever clues that took me a bit of deciphering. I particularly liked the neatly hidden chap at 7A, the sneaky double definition at 2D and the groan-inducing pun at 13D. There are also plenty of smooth surfaces. Luckily I had vaguely heard of the poet at 1D, although I knew nothing of him. I wondered if there was anything going on with the proper names, but the poet's first name was Richard and although Jonathan Bell is an MP I can see no reason for him to be referred to nor any other combination including Andrew. It did leave me wondering if I'd missed something, though. Does anyone know any better? Lovely job Marty. Thanks! How did you lot all get on?

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