March 6th, 2020

Quick Cryptic 1564 by Wurm

Not sure what to make of this. A bit chewy in places because of some slightly stretched definitions. Can't belive I didn't get 20d immediately. Reasonably enjoyable overall, just over 8 minutes for me

1 Monitoring body observe and follow closely (5-3)
WATCH-DOG -  WATCH + DOG. Not sure about the hyphen, my dictionary has that only as one word. Though many compound words were originally hyphenated e.g news-paper, so it's probably ok.
6 White magic involving couple (4)
ITEM - Hidden word: whITE Magic
8 Wine: like it to be knocked back (4)
ASTI - AS + IT backwards
9 Actor, inept, has to be sacked (8)
THESPIAN - anagram ('sacked') of INEPT HAS
10 Sterilised wound looking neat (5-3)
12 Woman had an outhouse (4)
SHED - She'd
13 Stickler enraged and in bad mood (6)
PEDANT - Bad mood is PET, insert anagram ('enraged') of AND
15 Stab from Romeo in drama (6)
PIERCE - PIECE with R inside. Piece can mean a play.
17 Posh car with learner driver, in my opinion (4)
LIMO -  L + IMO (in my opinion in internet speak)
19 One having pension in the Loire, moving (8)
HOTELIER - anagram ('moving') of THE LOIRE. A pension is a type of hotel, obvs.
21 Flood defence breached by Norse god (8)
PLETHORA - Defence is PLEA, which works in the legal sense. Insert THOR
23 Composer drops in for meat slice (4)
24 See exercises for extended stride (4)
LOPE - LO (see) + PE (exercises)
25 Casual worker behind schedule establishes pattern (8)

2 Sailors love convoluted excuse (7)
ABSOLVE - ABS (sailors, AB = able seaman) + anagram ('convoluted') of LOVE
3 Punch a friend (5)
4 Party time for little Dorothy (3)
DOT - DO + T
5 Approaches snooker table but loses form? (4,2,3)
GOES TO POT - double definition
6 Deadlock that is about fool supporting MP (7)
IMPASSE - IE surrounding MP + ASS
7 English man raised in Dodge (5)
EVADE - E + DAVE backwards ('raised')
11 Court that condemned murderer (3-6)
CUT-THROAT - anagram ('condemned') of COURT THAT. Can't help thinking that 'condemned' is an anagrind too far?
14 Preacher to lapse terribly (7)
APOSTLE - anagram ('terribly') of TO LAPSE
16 Heart-throb in bed generates smoke (7)
CHEROOT - HERO inside COT. 'Smoke' always means some type of cigar.
18 Digs in snow and ice? (5)
IGLOO - cryptic definition. 'Digs' meaning accommodation.
20 Number close enough? (5)
LOCAL - Now I got this but couldn't parse it for a while, even though I of all people should have spotted it immediately. Its a double definition, the first short for local ANAESTHETIC, i.e. something that numbs. Durrr
22 Prepare to shoot excellent Frenchman (3)
AIM - AI + M (Monsieur)