February 21st, 2020

Quick Cryptic 1554 by Breadman

So 8 minutes for me. Compound anagrams are the theme of the day, plus some well-disguised hidden words. LOI 11 ac, which I spent an age staring at for no good reason. Overthinking it again, I suppose.

1 Travel pioneer, one who doubted worker in galley? (6,4)
8 Curious, like returning top-class Japanese fighter once (7)
SAMURAI - RUM AS backwards + AI
9 Reportedly, those people in that place (5)
THERE - sounds like THEIR.
**EDIT** I agree with the comments, the homophone should be THEY'RE
10 It’s a strange sort of wine (4)
ASTI - anagram ('strange') of IT'S A
11 I'm off food completely (8)
FAREWELL - FARE (food) + WELL (completely)
13 Wart uncovered in feline voicebox (6)
LARYNX - WART 'uncovered' is AR, inside LYNX
14 One of five children initially offered a substitute for rice? (6)
17 At work, Sue, Ned and Edward like some grapes? (8)
UNSEEDED - anagram ('at work') of  NED SUE with ED on the end
19 Wicket in children's game is part of branch (4)
TWIG - W inside TIG
21 Musical composer left note inside organ (5)
ELGAR - L + G (note) inside EAR
22 Smart alec in work now allegedly (4-3)
KNOW-ALL - hidden word: worK NOW ALLegedly
23 Rosy person who photographs Atlantic foodfish (3,7)
RED SNAPPER - self explanatory
2 Rodent the rams disturbed (7)
HAMSTER - anagram ('disturbed') of THE RAMS
3 Extra mushroom left out (4)
MORE - MOREL minus L for left
4 Mum, on air, drunk on unknown wine (6)
SHIRAZ - SH (mum, as in 'keep mum') + anagram ('drunk') of AIR + Z (unknown)
5 In Piedmont, her uncle's trying to avoid capture (2,3,3)
ON THE RUN - hidden word: PiedmONT HER UNcle
6 Vegetable pulled up, with energy, somewhere in Staffordshire (5)
KEELE - LEEK backwards plus E for energy
7 Underworld slang broadcast absorbing European ruffian on bike (5,5)
HELLS ANGEL - HELL + anagram ('broadcast') of SLANG with E added in
8 Former slapstick comic scattered ants on bay tree (4,6)
STAN LAUREL - anagram ('scattered') of ANTS plus LAUREL (the bay tree is also known as the bay laurel)
12 In French earth, duke is buried (8)
15 Experimental type of music regenerated wife on avenue (3,4)
NEW WAVE - NEW (regenerated) + W + AVE
16 Idiot wearing jacket with sleeves missing (6)
JERKIN - JERK + IN (wearing)
18 Half suck garish sweet substance (5)
20 Sound of dove above quiet animal enclosure (4)

Times Cryptic Jumbo 1424: If A Good Walk's Worth Spoiling, It's Worth Spoiling Twice

A mostly straightforward, economically clued jumbo but none the worse for it. Thanks setter!

I particularly liked 24ac, 32ac, 52ac and the very cute 2dn. Any favourites from the floor?

1 Supporters, British, stopping Polish players (5,4)
BRASS BAND - BRAS [supporters] + B "stopping" SAND [polish]

6 Minor injury certainly no handicap (7)
SCRATCH - a double def, where the second definition is something to do with a good walk being spoiled.

10 Elm in court outside a hotel (5)
WAHOO - WOO [court] outside A H. This strangely-named tree is found in the southern USA, apparently...

13 Poor parrots: they’ve no more fun! (3,6,4)0

14 Mole dwells across river bank (5,4)
LIVER SPOT - LIVES [dwells] "across" R + POT [bank]

15 Recalled church matter being out of place (7)
ECTOPIC - reversed CE + TOPIC [matter]

16 Ring to cancel film (7)
ANNULET - ANNUL E.T. [to cancel | film]

17 Ball game, I sense, doing massive harm (7)
RUINOUS - R.U. I NOUS [ball game | I | sense]

18 New arrangement for writers bears fruit (12)

20 Meeting-place in New Zealand at first overused, sadly (10)

23 Secret miscreant kept from head (5)

24 Hours in science laboratory being oddly ignored put out Soviet leader (9)
CHERNENKO - H in CERN [science laboratory] + {b}E{i}N{g} + K.O. [put out]

25 Share personal perspective on what’s expected (7)
PARTAKE - TAKE [personal perspective] on PAR [what's expected (in a good walk spoiled)]

26 We cancel short journey to find convenience store (3-4,4)
ONE-STOP SHOP - or ONE STOPS HOP [we cancel short journey]

28 In a way, uproar something we can learn from (11)
INSTRUCTION - IN ST RUCTION [in | a way | uproar]

30 Follower of popular opinion, note, Strasbourg politician with letter (11)
TIMEPLEASER - TI M.E.P. LEASER [note | Strasbourg politician | letter]

32 Salesman sulks, cross, turning to see waiting journalist? (11)
DOORSTEPPER - reverse all of REP PETS ROOD [salesman | sulks | cross]

34 Place for young and old train staff: Home Counties line? (7)
NURSERY - NUR SE RY [old train staff | Home Counties | line]. NUR as in National Union of Railwaymen (dissolved 1990).

36 Recovering, if diminished: lampoon them endlessly (2,3,4)
ON THE MEND - hidden in {lampo}ON THEM END{lessly}

38 Shackles press with these (5)
IRONS - double def

39 One predicting a storm, perhaps, if indeed listened to (7,3)

41 Win big game following exclusive article (5,3,4)
SCOOP THE POOL - POOL [game] following SCOOP THE [exclusive | article]

45 Appropriate company to tour capitals presenting opera (7)
NABUCCO - NAB CO [appropriate | company] "touring" UC [capitals, as in Upper Case]. A Verdi opera based on the books of Jeremiah and Daniel and probably well worth remembering for trivia!

46 Cunning US president with backing of forty on the left (7)
FOXLIKE - IKE [US president (Eisenhower)], with reversed OF + XL [forty] to the left of it

47 Moslem doctrine to be poorly interpreted at first (7)
ISMAILI - ISM AIL [doctrine | to be poorly] + I{nterpreted}

49 Lasting mark left by short old Greek composer (9)
SCARLATTI - SCAR L ATTI{c} [lasting mark | left | "short" old Greek]

50 In this selection process keen that woman should block top illustrator? (13)
CHERRYPICKING - CRY [keen] "blocked" by HER [that woman] + PIC KING [top illustrator?]

52 Wed, perhaps, without dread, vacuous PA (5)
DADDY - DAY [Wed, perhaps], "without" D{rea}D. Nice piece of misleading capitalisation!

53 City, close to championship, continue to be relaxed? (7)
PRESTON - {championshi}P + REST ON [continue to be relaxed?]

54 Henry abused his power to punish severely (9)

1 Prepares for fried dish or buffets (7)
BATTERS - double def

2 Leaves stripper to run after a lowdown female (5,6)
AGENT ORANGE - TO R, after A GEN [lowdown], + ANGE [female, somewhat familiarly!]

3 Maidenhead maybe wanted in exchange for Slough (5)
SWAMP - M{aidenhead} in SWAP [exchange]. Some will hate this, but the "maybe" exonerates it.

4 A Conservative out to break with EU prompt! (7)
AUTOCUE - (A C OUT + EU*) ["break"]

5 Some French boy (3)
DES - double def

6 A number spotted, happening to be paying visit (9)
SEVENTEEN - SEEN [spotted], "paid a visit" by EVENT [happening]

7 Hardly ever is gran’s meat lean (6)
RARELY - {g}RA{n} + RELY [lean]

8 An age to cultivate some neat approach in (4,3,4,4,4)
TILL THE COWS COME HOME - TILL [to cultivate] + THE COWS [some neat] + COME IN [approach | home]

9 Hung around with over-edacious hosts (7)
HOVERED - "hosted" by {wit}H OVER-ED{acious}

10 With place for page, it’s a sound organ or piano! (9)
WURLITZER - W + URL [place for page] + homophone of IT'S A

11 3 lovers of trendy music and books in need of foreign friend (11)
HIPPOPOTAMI - HIP POP O.T. AMI [trendy | music | books | foreign friend]. 3 lovers cross references 3d, so "swamp lovers".

12 Grass is overheard identifying conspirator (5)
OATES - homophone of OATS. Titus Oates of Popish Plot infamy.

16 Book is bio my foster-father and I twice reworked (1,5,7,2,4)

19 Monitor calls on regulator to support women’s group (7)
WIRETAP - RE TAP [on | regulator] supporting W.I.

21 It’s something in S Africa to catch wild bears with nets (9)
STEENBRAS - (BEARS + NETS*). South African fish.

22 Way of paying complete with pen and pad, finally (2,4)
IN KIND - INK IN [complete with pen] + {pa}D

23 Pass papers on, and empty textbook, immediately (1,4,4)
I DON'T KNOW - I.D. ON + T{extboo}K NOW

24 Like some metal to get hold of annually? (7)
COPPERY - COP [to get hold of] + PER Y{ear}

25 Put out of pub, ancient one associated with The Sun’s top journalist (7)
PHRASED - PH RA'S ED [pub | ancient one associated with the sun's | top journalist]

27 Potentially even state celebration should involve one (6)
PARITY - PARTY [celebrating] should "involve" I

29 Shift from English — earlier try to abandon science (7)
CHEMISE - E, after CHEMIS{try}

31 Middle-of-the-road leader on the right dismissed hawk (6,5)
MORTAR BOARD - M.O.R. + {s}TARBOARD. "A small square board with a handle underneath, used for carrying wet plaster or mortar", not to be confused with a handsaw.

33 Still to determine its outcome? (5,6)
PHOTO FINISH - cryptic def, the still in question being photographic.

35 European city hall condemned, rightly (9)

37 A mathematician’s large audience excited (9)

40 Wretched uprising, frequently coming in place of protest? (7)
ROOFTOP - reversed POOR, OFT "coming in".

42 Excursionist, one setting off? (7)
TRIPPER - double def

43 Confined to bed — but no more stories? (5,2)
LYING UP - or if one's LYING is UP there are no more stories

44 Missile briefly guided northwards, and across France (6)
EXOCET - reversed COXE{d}, plus ET [and, across France]

45 Edged forward and picked up bouquet? (5)
NOSED - double def

48 Exam’s ending with long, hard paper (5)
MACHE - {exa}M + ACHE [long]

49 Cheer swift runner coming up — not quite to the echo (3)
RAH - reverssed HAR{e} [swift runner]