February 14th, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic No 1549 by Pedro

A nice quick crossword to end the week from Pedro. One or two tricky bits of wordplay, I think, but I readily got several answers from the definitions first and then worked out the wordplay. All done and dusted for me in under 5 minutes. We've got a few examples of the need to "lift and separate" today (23A, 7D and 14D), where you need to avoid the misdirection to find the definition by splitting a combination of words. As someone said in a comment on one of the 15x15 blogs earlier in the week where they were bamboozled by the setter like this, "Redoubling my resolve to read each clue as a succession of single words as a result." My LOI was 14D, which was one of them. The clues I liked most were 23A  and 4D. Lovely-jubbly stuff. Thanks Pedro. How did everyone else like it?

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