February 8th, 2020

Times Cryptic Jumbo No 1422 - 25th January

A rather middle-of-the-road Jumbo today with the usual mixture of straightforward clues and those that need a bit more thought. Nothing too obscure although I had, as usual, a couple of unknowns. A bit of a slow start with 32A being my first in, but once I got going a steady solve to finish in an average time of about 46 minutes. A smattering of appreciative ticks on my copy, including 6A, 24A, 44A, 38D and 47d, but my favourite was 36A. Thank-you setter. How did everyone else get on?

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Times Cryptic No 27576 - Saturday, 01 February 2020. A sadder and a wiser man ....

I think this puzzle was easier than recent Saturdays. I started easily, but then I struggled with 13dn and its crossers – why are foreign language anagram answers so much harder to see? And as usual, I completely missed the point of the ellipses at 14/15 across. FOI was 2dn, LOI was 6dn. Obscure word of the day was 19ac, my clue of the day was 5dn. Thanks to the setter for a very enjoyable puzzle.

Clues are blue, with definitions underlined. (ABC*) means ‘anagram of ABC’. Deletions are in [square brackets].

1 To 'ell with American fellow! (5)
ANGUS – ’ANG the US.
4 A song about knight and goddess out of love? (9)
ALIENATED – A LIED around N and Greek goddess ATE.
9 Magazine board establishing schedule for publication? (9)
TIMETABLE – TIME was the magazine, the table might be the BOARD.
10 Finally eat what's left over in club maybe (5)
TRUMP – T from [ea]T finally, RUMP is what’s left over. Clubs, or any other suit, might be trumps.
11 Soldiers yielded to enemy, as reported in summary (13)
RECAPITULATED – the R.E. allegedly CAPITULATED. Surely not!
14 Wild animal reportedly ... (4)

LYNX – sounds like LINKS. Hence the ellipses linking this clue to the next one. On edit, thanks to paul_in_london for seeing what's going on here. An ellipsis "..." is a link, so links end this clue and start the next one. Truly wonderful!!

15 ... in this sporting venue that's suffering closure with fog (4,6)
GOLF COURSE – (CLOSURE, FOG*) ‘suffering’.
18 People with ideas shoot up, surrounded by others getting excited (10)
THEORISERS – ‘shoot up’ gives RISE, surrounded by ( OTHERS*), ‘getting excited’.
19 Superior group set about providing something fragrant (4)
TOLU – set the U LOT about, to give a balsam I didn’t know. Just lucky it wasn't BOMU!
21 New waste-disposer not operated completely manually (5-8)
24 Pin back a plant (5)
LIANA – NAIL ‘back’, then A.
25 After six soldier has time in road for one keeping watch (9)
VIGILANTE – six is VI, soldier is GI, road is LANE, holding T for time.
27 Quietly retreat with holy books — a pattern already established (9)
28 One perhaps giving advice to gardener with hard ground (5)
DIGIT – tell the gardener, ‘DIG IT’!

1 What's on church minister's table? That collar, taken out (5,5)
ALTAR CLOTH – (THAT COLLAR*), ‘taken out’.
2 School sport never ending (3)
GAM – GAM[e].
3 Configurations of sheep in Sussex, say? (3-3)
4 A type turning up in clerical garments, one bringing sense of guilt? (9)
ALBATROSS – A + TROS = SORT ‘turning up’, in ALBS.
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner: A sadder and a wiser man, He rose the morrow morn.
5 Perfection to be seen in bride always (5)
IDEAL – hidden answer.
6 Code number on establishment initially obscured (8)
7 Thor blunted? Then that’s tricky! (11)
THUNDERBOLT – (THOR BLUNTED*), ‘tricky’. Not quite sure how to categorise this clue!
8 Perform exercises — will this improve performance unfairly? (4)
12 Consider scorn English displayed about the French (11)
CONTEMPLATE – COMTEMPT, E[-nglish], all about LA.
13 Eight nudes cavorting around in good health! (10)
GESUNDHEIT – (EIGHT NUDES*), ‘cavorting about’.
16 Spooner's angry quarrel that may come with a premonition (9)
FORESIGHT – SORE FIGHT, with the Spooner treatment.
17 Something to mop overturned spirit or beer (5,3)
BROWN ALE – BROW (to be mopped). NALE = ELAN (spirit) ‘overturned’.
20 Having account put up, we hear (6)
BILLED – sounds like BUILD, ‘we hear’.
22 Entertainment always set up outside university (5)
REVUE – REVE = EVER ‘set up’, outside U.
23 Failure of a dandy, about fifty (4)
FLOP – FOP around L=50.
26 Horse that can barely win giving trouble? (3)
NAG – double definition.