January 17th, 2020

Times Quick Cryptic No 1529 by Wurm

I last blogged a QC by Wurm in October, and it generated lots of interesting discussion. I really enjoyed this one too. Like last time, I found it a little wiggly in places, but with some neat and entertaining clueing. A couple of clues, I thought, would not be out of place in the 15x15, so I think those who were looking for an easier one today may be disappointed. Bits I liked, in particular, were the gangster at 1A, the sneaky definition at 20A, the misleading bar paraphernalia at 2D and the filthy book collection at 12D. At just under 6 minutes I was over my average time and it was my slowest of the week, so I, at least, found it a bit trickier than usual. No real hold-ups for me but those slithery wiggles mite cast some muddy hillocks on your path and cause your solving to slow to a crawl and dragon a bit. [That's enough - Ed]. Thank-you Wurm. Top hole! [I said that's enough - Ed]. How did you all get on?

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