January 10th, 2020

Quick Cryptic 1524 by Mara

So, a tricky 1ac, but straightforward thereafter, loads of anagrams and double definitions. Illustrates the point that two-word clues are ALWAYS double definitions. 7 minutes for me

1 In the City, unfortunately, half feel the need to get away? (5,4)
ITCHY FEET - anagram ('unfortunately') of THE CITY with FE (half of FEEL) inside. Quite a complex one to start with.
6 Go down quietly — I had returned (3)
DIP - P (piano) + I'D backwards
8 Pass round back of biggish group of trees (7)
THICKET - Pass is TICKET with H (back of BIGGISH) inside
9 Gun found in holster: I fled (5)
RIFLE - hidden word: holsteR I FLEd
10 Refusing to move, nine starting to budge (12)
INTRANSIGENT - anagram ('to budge') of NINE STARTING
12 Capital where king is evidently venerated, initially (4)
KIEV - first letters of King Is Evidently Venerated
13 Test: most ending in failure rejected (4)
EXAM - Most is MAX, ending in 'failure' is E, all backwards
17 Extraordinary athletes present — beat them all? (5,3,4)
STEAL THE SHOW - anagram ('extraordinary') of ATHLETES, plus SHOW (present)
20 Asian lady's heading off before one (5)
21 Worst thing, this pet running wild (3,4)
THE PITS - anagram ('running wild') of THIS PET
23 Listen to Asian link (3)
TIE - sounds like 'Thai'
24 Source of personal information has to improve, as a rule (9)

1 Jot letter from Athens (4)
IOTA - double definition
2 Song about one beginning to imbibe wine (7)
CHIANTI - CHANT round I, with I on the end
3 Bovine chatter (3)
YAK - double definition
4 Amount canvas destroyed? (6)
EXTENT - If you destroy the canvas I guess you have an 'ex- tent'.
5 Being behind, rise, stand another way (9)
TARDINESS - anagram ('another way') of RISE STAND
6 Author due to lose heart over enemy (5)
DEFOE - DUE minus heart is DE, + FOE
7 Quite attractive (6)
PRETTY - double definition
11 Extremely unpleasant being mutinous? (9)
REVOLTING - double definition
14 While a coil fixed, detached (7)
ASOCIAL - AS + anagram ('fixed') of A COIL
15 Companion from different sector (6)
ESCORT - anagram ('different') of SECTOR
16 Country where simple abode found in block (6)
BHUTAN - simple abode is HUT, inside BAN
18 Girl upon wings of drake, duck (5)
EVADE - EVA is the girl, the 'wings' of DRAKE are DE
19 See some sketches, Pythonesque (4)
ESPY - hidden word: sketchES PYthonesque
22 Failing to start, expensive sound processing unit (3)
EAR - (d)EAR