November 18th, 2019

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Times 27511 - A loud and heated discussion!

Time: 23 minutes
Music: Aretha Franklin, Aretha Gold

We are back to easy Monday, albeit with a couple of amusing potential headlines.   The best one was the 'Digress Debate' at the 'Noisy Parthenon', but I also liked 'Ignominy Bureau Taming Maverick!'     I suppose a 'Smart Encounter' at the 'Adonis Embassy' might also have some political potential, but the royals will have to deny any involvement.

I spent the day as a vendor at a record fair, with rather mediocre results, and tonight's musical selection was my sole purchase.  Those were the days, fifty years ago, when exciting new music came out nearly every week - they really had talent to burn.   Well, on to the blog.....

1 Go off at a tangent regarding son in lodgings (7)
5 Key points involving cricketer in discussion (6)
DEBATE - D E(BAT)E, our old friend D major (or minor) and East and East.
8 Poverty unfortunately sees dinner reduced (9)
9 Head abandons lecture about a Cuban leader, sad to say (5)
ALACK - [t]AL(A C[uban])K, one most solvers will biff.
11 Loud like Parker, initially ignored in the centre (5)
NOISY - NO(I[gnored]SY, from Nosy Parker, who has never been successfully tracked down by language sleuths.
12 Equality acceptable about that time in Greek temple (9)
13 No one in gym is jumping? Shame (8)
IGNOMINY - Anagram of NO 1 IN GYM.
15 Office sweetheart seen around outskirts of Uttoxeter (6)
BUREAU -B(U[ttoxete[R)EAU, another one most solvers will biff.
17 What Kate went through, thanks to Mike in Gateshead? (6)
TAMING - TA + M IN G.   I had always been hold that words like 'Gateshead' could not be used to clue G in the Times puzzle, but apparently they can.
19 Nonconformist fellow touring state (8)
MAVERICK - M(AVER)ICK, our random fellow.
22 Assault prompting inapt reaction in old northern street (9)
ONSLAUGHT -  O N S(LAUGH)T....well, not if we laugh at your feeble assault.
23 Pleasant-tasting juice this writer had (5)
24 Ingenious sting! (5)
SMART - Double definition.
25 Confrontation Descartes maybe recalled, involving European noble (9)
ENCOUNTER - EN(COUNT)ER, where the enclosing letters are RENE backwards.
26 Comely youth, one entering quarters after a party (6)
27 English male singer with yen for diplomatic office (7)
1 Acted in unison adapting obloquies (13)
DENUNCIATIONS - anagram of ACTED IN UNISON.   I unfortunately confused 'obloquies' with 'obsequies' while solving, so I needed all the crossing letters.
2 Style of architecture old lady found around Clerkenwell area? (7)
3 Fruit raised by unknown woman (5)
EMILY - LIME upside-down + Y, today's random woman.  Emily, meet Mick!
4 Wide-ranging task for the cleaners (8)
SWEEPING - Double definition.
5 Aspiration of Parisian father (6)
6 Where outrigger principally is kept in city on river? (9)
BOATHOUSE - B(O[utrigger]ATH + OUSE, a fine &lit.
7 Student artist at home, protected by support on course (7)
TRAINEE - T(RA IN)EE, a compendium of cryptic cliches.
10 Race established by understanding friar with Yankee hat (8,5)
KENTUCKY DERBY - KEN +| TUCK + Y + DERBY.   We've got a Friar Tuck around here somewhere....
14 Island fellow with headgear of yellowish-brown colour (9)
16 Imitative work made of shining glass — German I gathered (8)
PASTICHE - PAST(ICH)E, my LOI, as I was sure it must end in -icle.
18 Hot stuff assembled for the audience? (7)
20 Drive shown by one politician in France and America (7)
IMPETUS - I MP + ET + US, don't let the word order fool you, it's in France, 'and'.
21 Going out for example on ship (6)
23 Firework son left briefly on top of bonfire (5)
SQUIB - S + QUI[t] + B[onfire], my FOI, surprisingly.

QC 1485 by Joker

Another easy Monday puzzle. I think the FOI was 1A, and LOI was 5D, but once again, as with the last one I blogged, not because that was the most diffcult clue but just because it happened to be the last one that I came upon in a fairly random hop around the grid. COD was difficult to determine as usual with no particular clue standing out for difficulty so I'll go for the one I found most entertaining, which was 13A. Many thanks to Joker for another entertaining puzzle.

I am blogging this just after getting back from a highly enjoyable weekend at Stratford-on Avon, so I really don't have time to write very much, and my head is still buzzing with the brilliance of the production of King John that I saw on Saturday night. This is one of Shakespeare's least-performed plays and I had never seen it before (although I had read it and enjoyed it and found it difficult to understand why it was not more popular). I am one of those typical bookworms who has always more enjoyed reading Shakespeare than watching it, but last night's performance was outstanding and quite simply one of the best things I have ever seen on the stage. I can highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.

Definitions are underlined and everything else is explained just as I see it in the simplest language I can manage.

1 Inflammation I insist is circulating outside United States (9)
SINUSITIS - anagram of I INSIST ('circulating') 'outside' US (United States).
6 Cost of penny cereal (5)
PRICE - P (penny) + RICE (cereal).
8 Fare collector caught on tube with old queen (9)
CONDUCTOR - C (caught) + ON + DUCT (tube) + O (old) + R (Regina, queen).
9 Indian lute is brought back by sailor (5)
SITAR - SI (IS 'brought back') + TAR (sailor).
10 Discharge from English mother country (9)
EMANATION - E (English) + MA (mother) + NATION (country).
12 Supporting a Mountie, perhaps, with free study (6)
RIDDEN - RID (free) + DEN (study).
13 Another drink could be reason for cancelling football match? (6)
REFILL - if the REF was ILL, might you cancel the football match?
16 Chap tried getting drunk really inexpensively (4-5)
DIRT-CHEAP - straight anagram ('getting drunk') of CHAP TRIED.
18 Some treasure trove appearing from the past (5)
RETRO - hidden word ('some'): treasuRE TROve
19 A box with insipid artificial sweetener (9)
ASPARTAME - A + SPAR (box) + TAME (insipid).
21 Scrap put right in outhouse (5)
SHRED - R (right) 'in' SHED (outhouse).
22 European MP is sent out for vacancy (9)
EMPTINESS - E (European) + MP + anagram ('out') of IS SENT.
1 Hide away in south-eastern Greek island (7)
SECRETE - SE (south-eastern) + CRETE (Greek island).
2 Good for dieters, regularly needed in undoing feasts? (6)
NONFAT - take regular letters from uNdOiNg FeAsTs.
3 Diving apparatus son got on Caribbean island (5)
SCUBA - S (son) + CUBA (Caribbean island).
4 Mostly carry young child (3)
TOT - 'mostly' TOTe (carry).
5 Grip left in odd storage space on ship (12)
STRANGLEHOLD - L (left) 'in' STRANGE (odd) + HOLD (space on ship).
6 Working outraged past student (12)
POSTGRADUATE - straight anagram ('working') of OUTRAGED PAST.
7 Trespasser at home initially turned more disrespectful (8)
INTRUDER - IN (at home) + T ('initially' Turned) + RUDER (more disrespectful).
11 I’m one having volunteers to run copier (8)
IMITATOR - IM (I'm) + I (one) + TA (territorial army - 'volunteers') + TO + R (run).
14 European millions getting iron ruler (7)
EMPRESS - E (European) + M (millions) + PRESS (iron).
15 Staid, sitting down when the last one rises (6)
SEDATE - SEATED (sitting down) with D ('the last one') 'rising' to third place in this down clue.
17 Expression of surprise over soldier’s dog (5)
CORGI - COR (expression of surprise) 'over' (in this down clue) GI (soldier).
20 Narrowly defeat Philip (3)
PIP - double definition: to narrowly defeat ('pip at the post') and a contraction of the male name Philip (as in, for example, Philip Pirrip, the protagonist of Dickens's Great Expectations).