October 23rd, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1467 by Oink

Nothing too scary here. Plenty of footholds and generous clueing meant I was only held up at the very end by 17ac, which I did not know and took ages to switch gears from the usual abbreviations for doctor. No piggies today (well, they do eat noisily) but we have a different farmyard creature, so that's okay.

Definitions underlined.

1 Out of place as a teacher? (5)
AMISS - A and MISS (teacher).
4 Best pot I foolishly presented to old lady (7)
OPTIMUM - anagram of (foolishly) POT I, then MUM (old lady).
8 Passage from old pamphlet (7)
EXTRACT - EX (old) and TRACT (pamphlet).
9 Weaken finally in bankruptcy dispute (3-2)
RUN-IN - last letter of (finally) weakeN inside RUIN (bankruptcy).
10 In prison, where landlords ought to be? (6,4)
BEHIND BARS - straight/cryptic definition, the second referring to publicans.
14 Prices tumbling? Goodness me! (6)
CRIPES - anagram of (tumbling) PRICES.
15 Hope that you may find in church? (6)
ASPIRE - straight/cryptic definition, although really you might find a spire on a church.
17 Doctor pointed at university contingent (10)
DEPUTATION - anagram of (doctor) POINTED AT and U (university).
20 Noisily eat lunch, enjoying different starter (5)
MUNCH - {L}UNCH with a different first letter (starter), in this case M.
22 Soldier scowls occasionally, shading head with this? (7)
PARASOL - PARA (soldier) and every other letter from (occasionally) ScOwLs.
23 Bright around north-east for Mrs Mop? (7)
CLEANER - CLEAR (bright) surrounding (around) NE (north-east).
24 Delete some camera settings (5)
ERASE - hidden in (some) camERA SEttings.

1 Only half of the 26 letters help (4)
ABET - half of alphABET (26 letters).
2 Island postman regularly delivering letter (4)
IOTA - I (island) and every other letter from (regularly) pOsTmAn.
3 Men at test making declaration (9)
STATEMENT - anagram of (making) MEN AT TEST.
4 Get better of old fool, nabbing last of Cointreau (6)
OUTWIT - O (old) and TWIT (fool) surrounding (nabbing) the last letter of cointreaU.
5 Reversing right round a sailor (3)
TAR - reversal of RT (right) surrounding (round) A.
6 Fruit for senior civil servant (8)
MANDARIN - double definition.
7 One visiting cathedral: Foreign Secretary perhaps (8)
MINISTER - I (one) inside (visiting) MINSTER (cathedral).
11 Sid back on track in speech (9)
DISCOURSE -reversal of (back) SID then COURSE (track).
12 Scholarly chap of no practical help (8)
ACADEMIC - double definition. Or maybe just a definition!
13 Son has 9p — or a little less? (8)
SIXPENCE - S (son), IX (nine), and PENCE (p). The definition refers to the rest of the clue, i.e. sixpence is a little less than 9p.
16 Puts up other ranks in drunken state (6)
STUPOR - reversal of (up) PUTS, then OR (other ranks).
18 Like India, having a large land area (4)
ASIA - AS (like), I (india), and A.
19 Run away with circus performer, you say? (4)
FLEE - sounds like (you say) "flea" (circus performer).
21 Glasgow woman found in Parthenon (3)
HEN - hidden in (found in) partHENon.

Times 27489 - a European journey

Well, I thought Monday's was tough, at least the left side of it, but this one was closer to one I'd expect for a Monday. If it has a theme, it's a Tour de l'Europe, and odyssey indeed, referring to places in Greece (twice), Romania, Armenia, Germany (twice), and Italy (twice), But this is a mere observation, made to help avoid a blank space before the analysis of clues below, and doesn't help you solve the clues. It took me 20 minutes and my only MER was in relation to 12d, see below. I thought my clue of the day, 10a, was mildly amusing.

1 Matched level in light drama, backer having withdrawn (8)
COMPARED - PAR (level) inside COMED which is COMEDY without its backer.
5 Seated outside clubs, Hesse emptied small bag (6)
SACHET - SAT has C (clubs) and HE (Hesse emptied) inserted.
8 Wicked deeds at or around large towns (10)
9 Poet relieved of diamonds getting payment in advance (4)
ANTE - the poet DANTE loses his D.
10 Why logician won't accept chair is obvious (6,2,6)
STANDS TO REASON - Cryptic definition ha ha.
11 Daily forced to cancel leader in ridiculous pretence (7)
CHARADE - CHAR (daily) (M)ADE.
13 Headless corpse is sent back for certain journey (7)
ODYSSEY - (B)ODY'S = headless corpse is, YES reversed = sent back for certain.
15 Divine law associated with electoral system (7)
PREDICT - PR (electoral system) EDICT (law).
18 Country folk involved in operatic number (7)
ARMENIA - MEN (folk) inside ARIA.
21 Nobleman to free bananas at this point stuck in tree (4,2,3,5)
PEER OF THE REALM - PALM is the tree, into which insert (TO FREE)* and HERE.
22 Fortify, across the pond, a private thoroughfare (4)
GIRD - GI (across the pond a private), RD (thoroughfare). My loins are frequently girded.
23 One to quit troubled Dáil Eireann — that causes rush! (10)
24 Irishman joins Anglicans for spirited meeting (6)
SEANCE - SEAN the Irish chap joins CE the Church of England. Perhaps not.
25 Outrageous sort of animus (8)
1 Brilliant rescue dog detailed to enter cricket club (7)
CLASSIC - CC cricket club has LASSI(E) a 'detailed dog' inserted.
2 Horse carrying disease endlessly spread (9)
MARMALADE - MARE the horse has MALAD(Y) inserted.
3 Song about stinker seen in rural idyll (7)
ARCADIA - ARIA (song, as in 18a), has CAD (stinker) inserted.
4 Style shown in being short with the French (7)
ENTITLE - ENTITY = being, shortened = ENTIT, LE the in French.
5 One to support stocking revolutionary American poet (9)
SUSPENDER - SU = revolutionary American, SPENDER as in Stephen Spender a poet.
6 Husband tucking into liqueur that’s got body (7)
CHASSIS - CASSIS a blackcurrant liqueur, has H for husband inserted.
7 Agreement achieved with three tens, minus tips (7)
12 Researcher wanting this instruction to make tea? (9)
DOCTORATE - to get TEA you need to 'doctor' ATE. First instincts were that a doctorate is a qualification being sought, or obtained, but here it refers to a person in course of obtaining one, perhaps with an added word 'student' being understood. EDIT there again, as pointed out below, if the definition is "researcher wanting this" it works.
14 Romanians on the rampage in small republic (3,6)
16 Alligator is one regarding soft floor covering (7)
REPTILE - RE (regarding), P (soft), TILE (floor covering).
17 Prepare without finishing and study in China (7)
DRESDEN - DRES(S), DEN = study.
18 Long article about a provincial Greek (7)
ACHAEAN - ACHE (long), AN (article), insert A. An Achaean comes from an area of Greece in the NW Peloponnese.
19 Wine stain unfortunately showing up (7)
MARSALA - MAR = stain, ALAS reversed.
20 After correction, smile, as lacking purpose (7)