October 22nd, 2019

  • jackkt

Times Cryptic 27488

I've no solving time to offer for this one as I was distracted and forgot to note how long I was away from it. There were a couple of answers unknown to me and an unknown meaning required for parsing, but much of this was straightforward enough. I thought we were in for a pangram but we are missing V and J.

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Times Quick Cryptic 1466 by Joker

This QC was so well devised that it led me the wrong way around most of the clues. I gave up on any thought of timings and settled down to work through and enjoy the cleverness of the clues. I struggled most trying to finish in the NE but made it in the end.
For Jackkt (and anyone else) who has mentioned problems with reading the font, I would point out that the word in 3dn is BURN (not bum).
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