October 18th, 2019

Quick Cryptic 1464 by Tracy

Well, I started badly by solving yesterday's by mistake, then wondering why Therotter had already blogged it and 30+ people had already commented on it. The perils of leaving browser windows open. Anyway, this was a fun puzzle of medium difficulty, and a lot easier than yesterday's. 8 minutes for me

1 Crusade Conservative politician is entering again, sadly (8)
CAMPAIGN - C (conservative) + MP inside anagram ('sadly') of AGAIN
5 Fish, black as soot, initially (4)
BASS - B (black) + AS + S
8 Fellow's initially entering minister's house (5)
9 The main deity, a heavenly body (7)
NEPTUNE - Planet, named after the Roman sea god, hence 'main' deity. Geddit?
11 Their sister trained a dog (5,6)
IRISH SETTER - anagram ('trained') of THEIR SISTER
13 Decorative ornament: last one placed inside (6)
FINIAL - FINAL  with I inside
14 Black girl returned in a state of exhaustion (3,3)
JET LAG - JET (black) + GAL backwards
17 Accountant in bar started to lose heart earlier (4-7)
BEAN-COUNTER - Bar is COUNTER, before which we have BEGAN without its heart (i.e central letter)
20 Former partner, big enough for a model (7)
21 Item of historical interest found in barrel I collected (5)
RELIC - hidden word: barREL I Collected
22 Hold the fort? (4)
KEEP - double definition
23 Old charitable centre reveals oversight (8)

1 Strong horse circling male groom (4)
COMB - COB is a strong horse, insert M for male
2 Refer to soldiers on it abroad (7)
MENTION - MEN + anagram ('abroad') of ON IT
3 Accra is excited about me winning yachting race (8,3)
AMERICAS CUP - anagram ('excited') of ACCRA IS around ME, + UP (winning)
4 Head of government also greeting spiritual leader (6)
GANDHI - G (head of 'government') + AND + HI
6 Grown-up daughter wearing gold locket that's empty (5)
ADULT - D for daughter inside AU for gold, plus LT which is 'locket' with the insides removed
7 Pilot to decline cheapest accommodation (8)
STEERAGE - STEER + AGE, third class accommodation at the rear of a ship
10 Here members salute (7,4)
PRESENT ARMS - write-in
12 Delivery of francs on holiday (8)
OFFBREAK - OF + F + BREAK. Type of delivery by a spin bowler in cricket
15 Siren of traditional stories on the French island (7)
LORELEI - LORE (traditional stories) + LE + I. A siren who lured boatment to destruction on the Rhine, the bitch.
16 Mother accepting employment in the Ashmolean, say (6)
MUSEUM - MUM with USE inside. Ashmolean being an example right here in Oxford.
18 Shock article on Indian corn I ignored (5)
AMAZE - A + MAIZE with the I removed. I wasnt sure what the 'Indian' was doing in this clue, but 'Indian corn' is apparently a type of maize, used for making decorations rather than food.
19 Examine top of soup tin (4)

Times Cryptic Jumbo 1404: Nothing To Share A Stake At

Greetings this week from Estes Park, Colorado, on the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park, into which tomorrow morning I shall be venturing, full of missionary zeal to bring news of the Times Cryptic Crossword to the black bear population therein.

A well-put together Jumbo, this, though it made me sad because I managed to bung in STAKEHOLDERS for SHAREHOLDERS, an error I feel sure I've committed before. I mean a company's investors could be its STAKEHOLDERS, SHAREHOLDERS or STOCKHOLDERS and agriculturists could as well be brandishing stakes or even stocks as shares, though admittedly only the last of those could really be described as a "cutting edge", more's the pity.

Many of the answers went in rather quickly but there were also some cracking (semi-)&lits and a few other really clever moments - I particularly liked the Roman maths in 16ac and that, therefore, shall be my COD for this one. Good work setter!

1 Brightly coloured hat? We hear you are wearing that (5)
LURID - LID [hat], "worn" by U R ["we hear" you are]

4 Sound from above? This is missing below (7)

8 Husband considered “never good”' in retrospect, showing a certain sort of fake concern (9)
GREENWASH - reversed H SAW NE'ER G [husband | considered | never | good]

13 Specialist element said to be backing police investigator (9)
TECHNICAL - homophone of NICKEL [element], backing TEC [police investigator]

14 Team falling apart? That's very funny (13)
SIDESPLITTING - or SIDE SPLITTING [team | falling apart]

15 Singer thus embracing musical work took off (7)
SOPRANO - SO [thus] "embracing" OP. RAN [musical work | took off]

16 Numbers in financial documents — one number therein multiplied by five (7)
AMOUNTS - take ACCOUNTS [financial documents], and multiply its CC [200] by V [5] to get M instead

17 One that may go through wood in county with endless wonder (7)
BUCKSAW - BUCKS [county] + AW{e} ["endless" wonder]

18 Total entertainment — everything being enjoyed by blondes? (3,3,3,2,3,4)
ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR - with a cryptic alternative definition, with "fair" now suggesting hair colour.

21 After victory you initially like a drink in the bar? (4)
WINY - after WIN [victory], Y{ou}

23 Criminal ten gaoled, given a stretch (9)
ELONGATED - (TEN GAOLED*) ["criminal"]

25 Fierce folk, initially getting into rows (6)
TIGERS - G{etting} "into" TIERS [rows]

26 Move your hips without hesitation — thanks to me? (6)
PHYSIO - (YO{ur} HIPS*) ["move"], UR being the hesitation needing to be removed from the anagrist. Semi-&lit

28 Agriculturists at the cutting edge who hope to do well from investments? (12)
SHAREHOLDERS - or agriculturists may hold a (plough)share to be at the cutting edge.

30 One given go-ahead sign, beginning to travel east in splendid emergency vehicle (4,6)
FIRE ENGINE - I [one], given GREEN [go-ahead sign] but with its first letter travelling eastwards to its end, inside FINE [splendid]

33 Verbiage used by fashionable folk in London location (10)
PADDINGTON - PADDING [verbiage] by TON [fashionable folk]

34 Mean person who achieves little success as a pickpocket? (5-7)
PENNY-PINCHER - or, if you are a pickpocket who manages to pinch only pennies, you aren't doing very well.

37 Celebrity and agent in front of truck (6)
REPUTE - REP [agent] in front of UTE [truck]

39 Love, very good, had to be seen in one man's view of religion (6)
OPIATE - O PI ATE [love | very good | had]. Karl Marx's view, opiate of the masses etc etc.

40 Original equine measure — from the horse's mouth! (5-4)
FIRST-HAND - or FIRST HAND [original | equine measurement]

42 Country refugee's claim about what he or she did? (4)
IRAN - or I RAN (away)!

43 Re Lent: Christianity constructed basic set of beliefs (6-4,8)
THIRTY-NINE ARTICLES - (RE LENT CHRISTIANITY*) ["constructed"]. The defining statements of the doctrines and practices of the Church of England.

46 In saint one recognises someone who prays lyrically? (7)
INTONER - hidden in {sa}INT ONE R{ecognises}

47 Combed and scrubbed (7)
SCOURED - double def

48 Periodical facing difficulty, having nothing that provides spark (7)
MAGNETO - MAG [periodical], facing NET [difficulty], having O [nothing]. I took a long time convincing myself that NET was a difficulty exactly, but it certainly is if you're a fish?

50 A scholar, I get excited when there's buried circle? (13)
ARCHAEOLOGIST - (A SCHOLAR I GET*) ["excited"] with O [circle] "buried", very nice &lit

51 What you may see with photograph of mum and computer? (9)
MAINFRAME - or MA IN FRAME, what you may see with photo of mum!

52 Game plan to engage one who’s willing to take highlevel risks (4,5)
TEST PILOT - TEST [game (of cricket)] + PLOT [plan] to "engage" I [one]

53 With worker having little energy, movement is slow (7)
ANDANTE - AND ANT [with | worker] + E ["little" energy]

54 Very little support given to American city (5)
TEENY - TEE [support] given to N.Y. [American city]

1 Group of dreamers tolerates us working (5-6)

2 Playing field a player's first to go back over (5)
RECAP - REC A [playing field | a] + P{layer}

3 Sign in with teeth sadly amiss — to see the likes of us? (6,10)
DENTAL HYGIENISTS - (SIGN IN + TEETH SADLY*) ["amiss"], another highly polished semi-&lit

4 Rebuke coming from country bumpkin losing head, interrupting smart gent (4,3)
TICK OFF - {h}ICK [country bumpkin "losing head"] "interrupting" TOFF [smart gent]

5 Without guidance, without merit, without knowledge (9)
UNLEARNED - UNLED [without guidance] "without" EARN [merit]

6 Unease that could be engendered by sitcom if rude (12)

7 Managing school and boosted by success (6,4)
RIDING HIGH - RIDING [managing] + HIGH [school]

8 Non-English visitors — they may breeze in (5)
GUSTS - GU{e}STS [visitors, minus E for English]

9 From collection of old politician, by chance not complete (2-6)
EX-LIBRIS - EX-LIB [old politician], by RIS{k} [chance "not complete"]

10 See old books with pleasant binding (6)
NOTICE - O.T. [old books] with NICE [pleasant] "binding"

11 Like position of sailor maybe, well away from port? (9)
AMIDSHIPS - a sailor is probably found AMID SHIPS? I'm not sure that amidships actually means away from port as much as it does away from bow and stern, but I'm a landlubber so what would I know really.

12 Why each dog must be trained — one included rules for walkers etc. (7,4)
HIGHWAY CODE - (WHY EACH DOG*) ["trained"], with I [one] "included"

19 Man is fat — very many years getting stuffed (7)
LEONARD - LARD [fat] "stuffed" with EON [very many years]

20 Strange female, old, having time in office (7)
FOREIGN - F O REIGN [female | old | time in office]

22 To have low opinion of modern technology? That matters not a bit! (5,7,2,2)

24 For all that it is hard inside, it is hard outside (6)
THOUGH - H [hard] inside TOUGH [hard]

27 One sad little person, boy getting lost (6)
WEEPER - WEE [little] + PER{son} [losing SON = boy]

29 Careless type in drive policeman caught out (7)
DROPPER - DR {c}OPPER [drive | policeman, minus C = caught]

31 Outcast somewhat masculine, from what we hear (7)
ISHMAEL - ISH [somewhat] + homophone of MALE [masculine]. Son of Abraham, cast out after the birth of Isaac.

32 Terrible English editor getting told off got worse (12)
DETERIORATED - (E EDITOR*) ["terrible"] + RATED [told off]

33 Some old company worker quietly interrupts active member (11)
PARTICIPANT - PART ICI ANT [some | old company | worker] "interrupted" by P [quietly]

35 Hellish situation in rescue operation? Find that's not new (11)
REDISCOVERY - DIS [hellish situation] in RECOVERY [rescue operation]

36 Woman who went up barely making an impression? (4,6)
LADY GODIVA - cryptic def. "Up" as in "on a horse", "barely" as in "in the nude".

38 Procedures involving amounts charged when only part of play is screened (9)
PRACTICES - PRICES [amounts charged] "screening" ACT [only part of play]

40 WC, maybe “Gents”, for cricketers (9)
FIELDSMEN - FIELDS [WC, the children-and-dog-hating comedian] + MEN [gents]

41 Fuel must be cleaner — firm beginning to abandon oil finally (8)
CHARCOAL - CHAR CO [cleaner | firm] + A{bandon} {oi}L

44 A home in the capital offers a sort of lettuce (7)
ROMAINE - A IN [a | home] in ROME [capital]

45 Head of government spots uprising — answer is to make a settlement (6)
ENCAMP - reversed PM ACNE [head of government | spots]

47 Explorer lodging in this cottage (5)
SCOTT - hidden in {thi}S COTT{age}

49 Cheer brought by counselling service, right away (5)
ELATE - {r}ELATE [counselling service, minus R = right]