August 13th, 2019


Times Quick Cryptic 1416 by Mara

I wasn’t at the races with this one or if I was, backed all the wrong horses. When I eventually finished (rejoining the SCC with 19 minutes), I still struggled with some parsings. 14dn was the main culprit but I think I’ve got that straight now. 7ac (another struggle) earned COD when it eventually clicked (just beating the surface of 2dn). Given my past experience with judging difficulty, I now expect everyone to say how easy this was - but I do hope you fared better than I did.

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  • jackkt

Times Cryptic 27428

I've no solving time to offer as I dozed off for a while with barely half of the grid completed. I had started well in the NW corner and thought it was going to be very easy but then I got stuck and succumbed to tiredness. The brief shut-eye did the trick however, as on resumption the remainder fell into place in roughly 10 minutes.

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