August 12th, 2019


QC 1415 by Teazel

No time to stop and say anything today. I'm afraid I totally forgot I was on duty and am doing this in a complete rush before having to deal with the rest of life. Many thanks to Teazel for a puzzle which I am sure would have been enjoyable had I had but world enough and time.

Definitions are underlined and everything else is explained just as I see it in the simplest language I can manage.

1 Part of book that may come out in the theatre (8)
APPENDIX - double definition. The theatre in question obviously being an operating one.
5 Shortly announce a piece of data (4)
STAT - STATe ('shortly' announce).
9 Stiff outfit I had (5)
RIGID - RIG (outfit) + ID (I'D = I HAD).
10 Wildly annoyed — relieving drug found (7)
ANODYNE - straight anagram ('wildly') of ANNOYED.
11 Dog old police force rejected (3)
CUR - RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) 'rejected'.
12 Magazine I’m not involved in? (9)
SPECTATOR - if I am a spectator then I am not involved.
13 Signify assent, given sweet dessert? Negative reply (2,4)
NO DICE - NOD (signify assent) + ICE (sweet dessert).
15 Tucking hard into alcohol, daughter complained peevishly (6)
WHINED - WINE (alcohol) with H (hard) 'tucked in' + D (daughter).
17 Injured Cuban, lame, collected in this? (9)
AMBULANCE - straight anagram ('injured') of CUBAN LAME.
19 Joker, one accompanying a footballer (3)
WAG - a footballer is often escorted by one of the pack of Wives And Girlfriends.
20 Shows off extremely faithful relatives (7)
FLAUNTS - FL ('extremely' FaithfuL) + AUNTS (relatives).
21 Entitlement, OK? (5)
RIGHT - double definition.
22 Cover over swimming pool (4)
LIDO - LID (cover) + O (over).
23 In old heaps, wild flower (8)
ASPHODEL - straight anagram ('wild') of OLD HEAPS.
1 Perhaps Egyptian’s day in a prison (7)
AFRICAN - FRIday in A CAN (prison)
2 Publicity about period radio device (5)
PAGER - PR (publicity) 'about' AGE (period).
3 Holiday camp that is barely visited (6,6)
NUDIST COLONY - cryptic definition.
4 I count as angry (5)
IRATE - I + RATE (count).
6 Take liberty to see if dress fits (3,2,2)
TRY IT ON - double definition.
7 Those people’s time with the next in line (5)
THEIR - T (time) + HEIR (next in line).
8 Assess price of electrical connection to be very expensive (4,3,5)
COST THE EARTH - cryptic definition - COST (assess price of) + THE EARTH (electrical connection).
14 Expert wrong to pick up cards (3,4)
DAB HAND - BAD (wrong) backwards ('to pick up' in this down clue) + HAND (cards).
16 Glad it can be twisted round one of the fingers (7)
DIGITAL - anagram of GLAD IT ('twisted') 'round' I (one).
17 Permitted to remove top, very bad (5)
AWFUL - remove the 'top' (i.e. the first letter in this down clue) of lAWFUL (permitted).
18 Are they found in top of tree in loch? (5)
NESTS - semi &lit.: T (top of Tree) in NESS (loch).
19 Carried on having weekly-paid job (5)
WAGED - double definition.
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Times 27427 - 'Til the girls go home

Music: Bach Violin Concerto #2, Gidon Kremer
Time: 25 minutes

Another easy Monday - if you have a lot of obscure knowledge sitting in your brain, that is!   If you don't, you may have to either biff or trust the cryptics.   As an overeducated twit, I tend to whip through this sort of puzzle, but some of these had me searching every nook and cranny of my brain for long-dormant neurons.   But in the end, I came home OK - it's amazing what you can remember if you put your mind to it, and I haven't been a stamp collector for fifty years or more.   It was only Frank Whittle, the man who invented the jet engine, that I had never heard of.

1 Mere game (4)
POOL -  Double definition, with a lot of possibilities. I waited for the checking letters.
3 After year in London college, monk is messing up old genetic theory (10)
LYSENKOISM -  L(Y)SE + anagram of MONK IS.   Familiar to any student of Stalinist Russia.
10 Noble reduced allowance astrologer is after (7)
GRANDEE - GRAN[t] + DEE.  If you have forgotten that fascinating Elizabethan, John Dee, we just had him a few months ago, so take note.
11 Girl in work in a chiropodist’s concern (7)
12 Odds-on mercenary destroyed school in the past (9,6)
SECONDARY MODERN - Anagram of ODDS-ON MERCENARY, a biff for me and many others.
13 Like bad housing, oh dear, after much economic downturn (6)
14 Prone to try for concessions in confrontation (4,4)
FACE DOWN -  Double definition.
17 How stamps can be posted — about five pairs with article (2,6)
SE TENANT - SE(TEN + A)NT.  I managed to dredge up this philatelic term: it refers to a printed block that contains stamps of different designs or denominations.
18 Injunction about little house in high country (6)
BHUTAN - B(HUT)AN.   I thought this had something to do with 'but' and 'h' - then I saw it.
21 Although anything but a fool, a good person in passing (15)
NOTWITHSTANDING - NO TWIT + H(ST)ANDING, another biff, only I intially entered 'nonwithstanding'.   Reconciling to the cryptic forced me to correct it.
23 I am in place, I note, round London district (7)
PIMLICO -P(I'M)L + I + C + O.   I had a hard time thinking of London district ending in -O that wasn't Soho, so I had to use the cryptic to get this one.
24 Engine inventor is to cut deal? (7)
WHITTLE - A simple double defintion, where deal is the type of wood.   If you wanted to put 'is' in something, you were not alone.
25 Fashioned model tiara, created to fit (6-4)
TAILOR-MADE - Anagram of MODEL TIARA.   I got the -MADE readily enough, but could make nothing of the other letters for a while.
26 Get irritated with mist coming off the sea (4)
FRET - Double definition, one that only experienced solvers are likely to know.
1 Matter about wise man looking up constellation (7)
PEGASUS -  P(SAGE upside-down)US.
2 Monaco uncovered separate charge as an instalment (2,7)
ON ACCOUNT - [m]ONAC[o] + COUNT, as in what the DA files against the accused.
4 Yeah, we organised shout at rodeos (6)
YEEHAW - Anagram of YEAH, WE, a starter clue in case you're stuck.
5 Perhaps US door guard has missed second approach (8)
6 Put own employee under house arrest to retain capability (4,4,4,2)
KEEP ONES HAND IN - Double definition, one jocular.
7 Vision of latter half of hadj? (5)
IMAGE - [pilgr]IMAGE, another biff for me.
8 Much of significance about lake pigment (7)
9 Certainly, yours truly is not concerned about current dog (1,4,4,2,1,2)
I DONT MIND IF I DO - I DON"T MIND + I + FIDO, where I is the symbol in equations for electrical current.
15 Clothier’s forbidden more trim (9)
16 Bird dropping fine maggot and caterpillar (8)
INCHWORM - [f]INCH + WORM.   These used to be common in Connecticut when I was a child, but I haven't seen any for decades.
17 Covers students’ union over black mark (7)
SUNSPOT -  TOPS NUS upside down - National Union of Students.
19 Uncared-for state’s new elite around top of government (7)
NEGLECT - N + E(G[overnment])LECT.
20 Horse eating tip of yew was in agony (6)
22 What’s taking place in First Empire times (5)
TEMPI - Hidden in [firs]T EMPI[re].