August 8th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic No 1413 by Tracy

No time for me today as I was distracted and interrupted several times, but it felt quite quick, with no major difficulties.  I’ll be interested to see others’ times.  Thanks Tracy.


1         Register includes unknown Hungarian composer (5)
LISZT – LIST is the register, and Z the unknown that is included.  We had LISZT in the QC that I blogged exactly two weeks ago, clued then as a homophone.
Creeping plant in American’s caravan (7)
TRAILER – Double definition, the second from US culture.
8 What psychoanalyst gives male during wild party? (7)
THERAPY – HE (male) inside (during) anagram (wild) of [PARTY].  The definition part is cryptic.
Training doctor poorly (5)
DRILL – DR (doctor) and ILL (poorly).
10 Eventually entered for a marathon? (2,3,4,3)
IN THE LONG RUN – Double definition, the second cryptic.
12 Finish university, about to go through (6)
ENDURE – END (finish) and U{niversity} followed by RE (about).
13 Stroke is worried about onset of storm (6)
CARESS – CARES (is worried) and S{torm} (onset = first letter).
16  Shopkeepers had brass here in resort (12)
HABERDASHERS – Anagram (in resort, or in re-sort) of [HAD BRASS HERE].
18  A bottom in the air (5)
AFOOT – A (a) and FOOT (bottom).  To be AFOOT is to be in play, or in the air!
20  Messenger’s job to intercept porter (7)
APOSTLE – ALE is porter, as in beer, and is interrupted by POST (job).
21  Most of clothes left with child star (7)
GARLAND – GAR{b} (most of clothes) with L{eft} and AND (with).  Referring to Judy GARLAND who was a child star before going on to become an even greater legend.
22  Just ahead of time in competition (5)
EVENT – EVEN (just) and T{ime}.


1         Room inside the French grill (7)
LATTICE – ATTIC (room) inside LE (French for the).  At first, I thought that the definition might be ‘room inside’ and tried, unsuccessfully, to make LATRINE fit.
Hard work disturbed Swede at party (7,6)
SWEATED LABOUR – Anagram (disturbed) of [SWEDE AT] followed by LABOUR (as in the political party).  SWEATED LABOUR is defined in my Chambers as ‘hard work obtained by exploitation’.
Not entirely where studying at university may lead one (2,1,6)
TO A DEGREE – Double definition.
4 Much younger lover in rhyme (3,3)
TOY BOY – Helpful cryptic definition.
Help female servant male deserted (3)
AID – The female servant is a {m}AID – with M{ale} deserting to give AID. 
Recreational complex has unusual line – rest cure to conserve energy! (7,6)
LEISURE CENTRE – Anagram (unusual) of [LINE – REST CURE] with E{nergy}.
Part of official list announced (4)
ROLE – Sounds like (announced) ROLL (official list).
11  Happy, having stumped one former Prime Minister (9)
GLADSTONE –  GLAD (happy) and ST{umped} (cricket shorthand) and ONE (one).  I wonder if our American colleagues across the pond feel the same sinking feeling when a clue refers to an ex-Prime Minister as I feel when a clue refers to one of the many ex-Presidents?
14  Have doubts about group protecting American leader in Paris (7)
SUSPECT – SECT (group) surrounding (protecting) US (American) and P{aris} (leader, i.e. leading letter).
15  Somehow drew diamonds, holding ace and king (6)
EDWARD – Anagram (somehow) of [DREW] with D{iamonds} and holding A{ce}.  We currently have a Prince Edward, but here in England / the UK we have had a goodly number of Kings of that name in the past.
17  Report made by knight in case (4)
BANG – N (knight in chess notation) inside BAG (case).
19  Eleven, maybe, not finishing this drink (3)
TEA – The eleven refers to a TEA{m} (not finishing).

Times 27424: I'd rather have a 21 than a 10

Time taken: 18:56. I struggled mightily with this one, and I think my difficulty was in second-guessing a few of the defintions, which in my mind did not perfectly fit the answers. I should have just relied on wordplay, which works all the way around.

The other early solvers are taking a little longer than their average times (I'm 3rd on the list at the time of writing this up), so I think it is genuinely difficult.

The first definition in each clue is underlined.

Away we go...

1 Acquisitive chap, as we see it (8)
COVETOUS - COVE(chap) TO US (as we see it)
5 Back yard fencing weak and sagging (6)
DROOPY - reversal of all of the wordplay - YD(yard) containing POOR(weak)
8 Stripping off uniform, love holding colonel's coat (10)
UNCLOTHING - U(uniform), then NOTHING(love) containing the exterior letters of ColoneL  Edit: I missed the "coat" section originally and just had CL for Colonel
9 Without a mark where they should be gained (4)
EXAM - EX(without), A, M(mark)
10 Put a stop to Rugby's foul school leader (5,2,3,4)
KNOCK ON THE HEAD - the foul in Rugby is a KNOCK ON, then school leader is THE HEAD
11 Foreign letter coming in is the French letter (7)
EPISTLE -  PI(foreign letter), inside EST LE(is the, in French)
13 Charge to pack knick-knacks hurriedly (7)
AGITATO - AGIO(charge), containing TAT(knick-knacks) - musical term
15 At first, bear one fruit or another (7)
BANANAS - first letter of Bear then one fruit is ANANAS
18 Cited tot defending authoritarian leader (7)
ADDUCED - ADD(tot) containing DUCE(Mussolini, authoritarian leader)
21 Heady mixture of qualities nurse developed (7,7)
TEQUILA SUNRISE - anagram of QUALITIES NURSE. Tequila with grenadine and juice
22 A little house might ... be this? (4)
SEMI - double definition for a little part of, and a house, and to boot, it is hidden inside houSE MIght
23 The writer's twice penning papers of merit (10)
IMPRESSIVE - I'M and I'VE (the writer's twice), containing PRESS(papers)
24 Highest-ranking lady has heart stolen roguishly (6)
ARCHLY - ARCH(highest-ranking), then LADY without the central letters
25 Grant a leader in the papers a column (8)
CARYATID - the actor CARY grant, then A, the first letter in The, ID(papers). A carved figure replacing a column

1 Charles's going to loudly show amusement (7)
CHUCKLE - sounds like CHUCK'LL
2 Number one Scot with puritanical views (9)
VICTORIAN - VICTOR(number one), then IAN(Scot)
3 What handyman has flipping spoils apparel (7)
TOOLKIT - reversal of LOOT(spoils), then KIT(apparel)
4 Errant knight in huge trouble (7)
UNHINGE - anagram of N(knight),IN,HUGE
5 Turned tenacious, holding on (9)
DOGLEGGED -  DOGGED(tenacious), containing LEG(on, in cricket)
6 Stuff’s possibly tax-free, before cuts (7)
OVEREAT -  if something is tax-free there could be 0 VAT. Insert ERE(before)
7 Praise, primarily, to give the thing acclaim? (7)
PLAUDIT - an all-in-one where the whole clue is the wordplay. P(raise), then LAUD IT (give the thing acclaim)
12 One admitted to being unstable? It’s still to be settled (9)
LIABILITY - I(one) inside LABILITY(the chemical property of ready reactivity)
14 This vicar could be the record-holder (9)
16 Complaint received by a miserly sort presenting a threat to workers (3,4)
ANT BEAR - the complaint is TB(tuberculosis), inside A, NEAR(miserly)
17 Liberal leader gave up splitting wood (7)
ASQUITH - QUIT(gave up), inside ASH(wood)
18 Light vessel reversed by a kingdom once (7)
ASSYRIA - AIRY(light), SS(steamship, vessel) all reversed next to A
19 Ruling line in colour, almost ugly (7)
DYNASTY - DY(e) (colour), then NASTY(ugly)
20 European bank invests — diving in here? (4,3)
DEEP END - E(european) inside DEPEND(bank)