July 29th, 2019

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Times 27415 - Peanuts and a prize!

Time: 39 minutes
Music: Rawsthorne, Clarinet Concerto, Thea King

I proceeded rapidly through this easy Monday puzzle - for a while.   Then I discovered that after solving most of the clues, I was left with highly unlikely sets of crossing letters that didn't fit any words that I could think of.  So another 15 or 20 minutes was added to my time as I struggled with the last five or six in.  'Kindred' should not have been so hard, but the 'broadbrush/unequal/harbinger/strike a light/crackerjacks' section put up stiff resistance. 

I got most of the parsings as I went along, and I think I recognize the style.   Yes, there's a lot of clever stuff here, but if you have knowledge and experience you can solve it sooner or later.   I'm sure many of our more skilled solvers did not find it that difficult.

1 Rough outspoken sweeper (10)
BROADBRUSH - BROAD + BRUSH, where the literal nearly collides with the wordplay.
7 Youth pocketing key for the trunk (4)
BODY - BO(D)Y, in the key of D.   The trunk is the body of the body, so to speak.
9 Flare framing convict's body (8)
FUSELAGE - FUSE(LAG)E.   'Fusee' has both a horological and a pyrotechnic meaning.
10 Serious crime: head denied motive (6)
11 Fewer working class (6)
13 Yours truly in a French rhyme? Heavens (8)
UNIVERSE - UN (I) VERSE.  The 'heavens' are not really the universe, since the spot where you're standing gaping up at the sky is also included, but the idea is clear enough.
14 Settle on industrial action? Blimey! (6,1,5)
STRIKE A LIGHT - STRIKE + ALIGHT, giving a UK-ism I had a hard time calling to mind.
17 Sailor tucking into biscuits, things of the highest quality (12)
20 Cussed, given life after objections rejected (8)
STUBBORN - BUTS backwards + BORN.
21 Slashes substantial incomes, primarily (6)
SOLIDI - SOLID + I[ncomes].   I believe some solvers were caught out by this word before, so I hope you membered it this time.
22 Naval force heading for Aden — not all there captured by artist (6)
ARMADA - A{den] + R.(MAD)A.   Artists perform a wide number of functions in these puzzles.
23 Film Rhode Island leader in Ohio? Well done! (3,5)
RIO BRAVO - R.I + O[hio] + BRAVO!
25 Endlessly overexcited to find intensive sales promotion (4)
26 So often dry in resort — and that’s that! (3,2,5)
2 Obstruction blocking avenue? One may bet on it (8)
3 Lacking bit of depth, freshwater fish expert (3)
ACE - [d]ACE, the favorite fish of the NY Times setters.
4 Shrewdness of British government, we hear (5)
BRAIN - B  + RAIN, sounds like REIGN.
5 Not even atypical American dropping out in favour of English queen (7)
UNEQUAL - UN(-us, +EQ)UAL,  a complicated letter-substitution clue.
6 Herald's endless worry holding orgy (9)
HARBINGER - HAR(BINGE)R[y].   My LOI, as I couldn't think of a word that fit - then I saw it.
7 Pioneer in lounge in club bar (5,1,5)
BLAZE A TRAIL - B(LAZE)AT RAIL, biffed by me.
8 Tired of wordy novel about head of state (6)
DROWSY - anagram of WORDY around S[tate]
12 Exchange sword for other weapon (11)
15 Develop complex (9)
ELABORATE - Double definition, take your pick.
16 One participating in a sport — high jumper? (8)
SKYDIVER - Cryptic definition, I would say.
18 Similar type and colour (7)
19 Tempestuous tale captivating millions (6)
STORMY - STOR(M)Y.     Rather obvious since STORY was just used in 26 across.
21 Mock small company very loudly (5)
SCOFF - S + CO +| FF, a compendium of stock cryptic elements.
24 Break down in Cairo traffic (3)
ROT - hidden in [cai]RO T[raffic].

QC 1405 by Izetti

No idea about time, done in the middle of other tasks and interruptions, but it felt like medium difficulty to me.

FOI 5A. LOI 10D and I think that must also be my COD.

Nothing showing on the NATRAF.

Definitions are underlined, and everything else is explained just as I see it in the simplest language I can manage.

Sorry, got to dash, life beckons with its crooked little finger.

1 Holiday-maker? Person getting half cut by river (6)
CAMPER - CAM (river) + PER (PERson 'half cut').
5 Work involving paintings maybe to some extent (6)
PARTLY - PLY (work) 'involving' ART (paintings).
8 Statements as discharged nun meets canon (13)
ANNOUNCEMENTS - straight anagram ('discharged') of NUN MEETS CANON.
9 What sounds like terrible person working with colours (4)
DYER - homophone of DIRE (terrible).
10 Composer taking part after comeback — fellow yet to meet his match? (8)
BACHELOR - BACH (composer) + ELOR (ROLE backwards, i.e. part 'after comeback')
11 Trick by Greek character providing sea food (6)
SCAMPI - SCAM (trick) + PI (Greek character).
13 Mean to have nurse at back of home (6)
INTEND - TEND (nurse) 'at back of' IN (home).
15 Splash when soup initially meets dish (8)
SPLATTER - S (Soup 'initially') + PLATTER (dish).
17 Some crushed in stampede (4)
RUSH - hidden word: cRUSHed.
19 Kitchen ingredient we'd cooked in novel pud — carrots (7,6)
CUSTARD POWDER - straight anagram of WE'D ('cooked') in another anagram ('novel') of PUD CARROTS.
21 Get angry as one of the top players, without hesitation (3,3)
SEE RED - SEED (top player, as at Wimbledon) 'without', i.e. 'outside' ER (hesitation).
22 Good attempt to incorporate a new framework (6)
GANTRY - G + TRY (good attempt) 'incorporating' A + N (a new).
2 A togetherness comes with the departure of one relation (5)
AUNTY - A + UNTY (UNiTY (togetherness) with the departure of I (one)).
3 Set of instructions for scientific unit (7)
PROGRAM - PRO (for) + GRAM (scientific unit).
4 Possibly an extra sequence (3)
RUN - in cricket, a run that is scored other than by the batsman hitting the ball with his bat, is called an 'extra'. Please adapt gender of relevant noun and pronoun to suit your taste.
5 More inclined to moralise, having power and influence? That is right (9)
PREACHIER - P (power) + REACH (influence) + IE (that is) + R (right).
6 Old magistrate about to meet woman in garden (5)
REEVE - RE (about) + EVE (woman in garden (of Eden)).
7 Disappointment in the French community — about 500 (3-4)
LET-DOWN - LE (French definite article) + TOWN (community) 'about' D (Roman numeral for 500).
10 Like one with skin problems needing surgeon in hospital unit (9)
BLISTERED - LISTER (Joseph Lister, surgeon who pioneered the use of antisepctics) 'in' BED (hospital unit).
12 Catch a cold, turning up, then erupt furiously (7)
CAPTURE - AC (A + Cold) reversed (i.e. 'turning up' in this down clue) = CA. Then add on PTURE,  anagram of ERUPT ('furiously').
14 Action in football match to add as extra feature (5-2)
THROW-IN - if you add something as an extra feature you might 'throw it in'.
16 Feature of church to change, we hear (5)
ALTAR - sounds like ALTER (to change).
18 Some problems — we argue and use bad language (5)
SWEAR - hidden word: problemS WE ARgue.
20 Margaret turning up in strange petticoat (3)
PEG - hidden word reversed (i.e. 'turning up' in this down clue): stranGE Petticoat. Peg or Peggy is a comon diminutive for Margaret.