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July 16th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1396 by Hurley

There seemed to be a few unusual bits and pieces going on in this which all made it fun. It didn’t seem that easy so I was pleased to finish just inside 10 minutes. Loi 6dn.
As well as the fast timers, it’s always good to hear from others who may be taking a bit longer or just pleased to finish (or nearly finish, maybe). We love to hear from everyone on this site, especially if it gives encouragement to/sympathy with others going through similar experiences - a tip of the hat here to the justly famous SCC - self-styled slow coach club - where we all started at some time or other.

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Times Cryptic 27404

I needed 59 minutes to complete this one but on refelection I'm not sure why. I shall be interested to read how others fared.

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