June 21st, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic No 1379 by Hurley

A well-constructed and entertaining end of the QC week today. I breezed through this finishing in a sub-average time of less than 6 minutes, but maybe I was just on our setter's wavelength. A nice mix of straightforward clues and a smattering of those requiring a bit more thought, to my mind - a couple of cryptic definitions and a potentially misleading one may cause some head-scratching. Or did they? COD to 18D with the current un-flaming June weather, although it's too warm for the white stuff. Thanks Hurley for, I think, a Goldilocks-zone QC. Or did some of you find it too hard or soft? Hmm maybe I should have some porridge for breakfast later. How did you all get on?

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