June 14th, 2019

Quick Cryptic 1374 by Corelli

Whoops, sorry I'm late. Had it in my head that my day was next week. Luckily this is a very straightforward offering from Corelli which I managed in just under 6 minutes. Nice surfaces on the whole, hard to pick a favourite, probably 8a. Overall a good example of what the quickie should be. I would have posted quicker if there was internet in this tunnel.

1 Rugby player’s support for part of hospital (4,7)
8 Covered in snow, he really is impossible to find! (7)
NOWHERE - hidden word sNOW  HE REally
9 Little bird, just beat it! (5)
PIPIT - To just beat someone is to PIP them, + IT
10 Unorthodox letters from Aethelric (9)
HERETICAL - anagram ('letters from') of AETHELRIC
12 Off and on, Natasha gives exclamation of pleasure (3)
AAH - alternate letters or nAtAsHa
13 About to retweet sharp response (6)
RETORT - RE (about) + TO + RT (Retweet, which I gather is a term used on this new-fangled electric inter-net by the young people)
15 Punches landed also, we hear (3-3)
ONE-TWO - sounds like WON TOO
17 Peg is to pour, missing out Mark (3)
TEE - TEEM (pour) missing M for mark. Notice the capital M is superfluous. Capitalisation and punctuation are legitimately used to throw the solver.
18 Hawk and wren Margo trained (9)
WARMONGER - anagram ('trained') of  WREN MARGO
20 Swede delivered around start of January (5)
BJORN - BORN around J
22 Excited, maybe, preparing to answer quiz question? (7)
BUZZING - crypric definition
23 Former board member, Yankee, not in the book (2-9)
EX-DIRECTORY -EX (former) + DIRECTOR (board member) + Y (Yankee, NATO alphabet)

1 Colditz prisoner, perhaps, with little hesitation, might (5)
POWER - POW (prisoner of war) + ER
2 Get rid of deliveries on Thursday before argument (9)
OVERTHROW - OVER (6 legal cricket deliveries) + TH (thursday) + ROW
3 Run from church in warm coat (6)
FLEECE - FLEE + CE (Church of England)
4 Sort of theatre for traveller (3)
REP - Double definition. The first is short for repertory
5 Protective coating putting stop to poisoner (7)
ASPHALT - stop is HALT, poisoner is ASP
6 Wife, roughly as old as us, taking heart from the bottle? (5,7)
DUTCH COURAGE -Wife is DUTCH (no idea why) + C (roughly) + OUR AGE
7 A lubricant he’s given out, not very generous (12)
UNCHARITABLE - anagram ('given out') of  A LUBRICANT HE
11 Capital place to see the animals here! (6,3)
LONDON ZOO - cryptic definition
14 Hotel do breaks: it’s what the climber needs (7)
TOEHOLD - anagram ('breaks') of HOTEL DO
16 Sara, bickering, holds tongue (6)
ARABIC - hidden word: sARA BICkering
19 Goes round yelling at first, claiming I’m filthy ... (5)
GRIMY - first letters of Goes Round Yelling placed around IM
21 ... and not what’s expected, not quite (3)
NOR - NORM, truncated.