June 8th, 2019

Jumbo 1383

A fairly standard Jumbo, with nothing too much of concern.

1 TIMES NEW ROMAN - TIMES = by, NEW = anagram of ROMAN = norma
8 SUGARPLUM - SUP = dine, around GAR = fish, LUM(p) = put up with
13 REALO - hidden in montREAL Opposition
14 DISENTRANCE - DANCE = disco, around I = one, SENT = affected by ecstasy, and R = right
15 DEMON - DEN = study, around M.O. = way of doing things
16 HIGH-LEVEL - HIGH = drunk, LEVEL = even
17 IGOR - (v)IGOR = American vitality
18 INSOLENT - the Isle of Wight ferry operates IN SOLENT waters
20 OCCUPY - alternate letters in tOuChY around CUP = reward for winners
26 RISINGS - RIGS = doctors, around SIN = evil
27 VERDI - VERDI(ct) = judicial decision
31 POTENTILLA - POT = grass, (A LENTIL)*
33 NINE-TO-FIVE - double definition
35 CARRY-FORWARD - CAR = carriage, RY = track, FOR, WARD = former guard
36 RARER - RAER = REAR = rump, reversed around (skewe)R
39 TRACHEA - TRA(p) = mouth, around ACHE = pain
40 ACCIDENTS - ACC = account, I.D. = papers, SENT*
42 TURN OVER A NEW LEAF - TURNOVER = pie, ALE around NEW = fresh, A, F(ish)
44 MOUSER - M.O. = way of acting, USER = long established right
47 OBSTRUCT - OBS = old boys, TRUC(k) = lorry, T = tons
49 BILL - B(r)ILL = wonderful
50 CAESARIAN - CAN = Canadian, around A, E= European, and SARI = dress
52 ILEUM - MUE(s)LI = breakfast food, reversed
53 OBSCENITIES - OB = obsolete, CITIES = big towns, around EN = little space
54 BREAM - BEAM = ray, around R = river
55 MILWAUKEE - MI = note, L = lake, WEE = tiny, around AUK = seabird
56 STEPTOE AND SON - (TEASED NON STOP)*. Definitely one for the more mature solvers and I'm not sure whether this ever made it overseas. I hope not!
1 TORCHWOOD - (DOCTOR WHO)*. I had heard that the Torchwood TV series was so named because it is an anagram of Doctor Who
2 MYALGIC - M = maiden, YAL = LAY = put, reversed, GI = soldier, C = cold
3 SPOILSPORTS - S(oa)P, OILS = lubricates, PORTS = openings
4 ENDIVE - initial letters of Even and Needs, DIVE = a plunge into water
5 RESILIENT - RESIT = take again, around LIEN = legal right to possession
6 MANTIS SHRIMP - M = millions, ANTI = against, S = second, SHRI = title for respected Indian, MP = parliamentarian
7 NARROWNESS - NAR = RAN = managed, reversed, ROW = disagreement, NESS = head
8 SAND - SAD = blue, around N = a number
9 GREENHOUSE EFFECT - GREEN = fresh, HOUSE = home, EFFECT = produce
10 RADIO - RIO = port, around A aand D = day
11 LAMBERT - LAMBER = one delivering sheep, T = time
12 MONITOR LIZARD - MONITOR = screen, L = left, IZARD = chamois
19 CLANGOUR - C = caught, LANGUR = monkey, around O = ring
22 PIVOT - TO V.I.P. = to somebody, all reversed
23 GRANDFATHER CLOCK - cryptic definition
25 STERNER - STERN = back, E.R. = Queen
28 RELEARN - REL = relative, EARN = merit
30 GIVEAWAY - GIVE WAY = let others go, around A
34 TORSO - OS = bone, ROT = decay, all reversed
37 CHEEKINESS - CHE = revolutionary, KINES(i)S = movement
40 ANARCHIST - AN = a, ARCH = leading, I = one, ST = street
41 STRONGMAN - ST = good man, RON = Reagan, G MAN = FBI agent
43 RUSSELL - RUSE = trick, around S = singular, L,L = lines
45 SMILEYS - double definition
46 LESSEE - LESS = not so much, E(stat)E
48 RUMBA - RUM = odd, BA = soul
51 ISLE - alternate letters in dIsSoLvE
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Times Cryptic No 27366 - Saturday, 01 June 2019. Give me the simple solve ...

Well, this was harder than the previous week. It also expanded my general knowledge with things like 11 and 26 across, and was a master class in oblique definitions like those at 14 across, and 15 and 19 down! I think, once the penny dropped, 19dn was my clue of the day!

Finishing the puzzle was interesting. My last five answers were 18dn, 27ac, 19dn, 20ac and 15dn, where each answer gave me just enough helpers to see the next one! Thanks to the setter for a very enjoyable puzzle.

Clues are in blue, with definitions underlined. Answers are in BOLD CAPS, then wordplay. (ABC*) means 'anagram of ABC'. Deletions are in [square brackets].

BTW I will be out of contact for most of the day, so refer to the comments with any issues.

1 Multi-tasking psychiatrist accommodating Italian tenor, not the first one (8)
JUGGLING: JUNG was the psychiatrist, “accommodating” GIGLI the tenor, minus his first “I”.

9 Vegetable course spoken of, followed by whip (4,4)
ROOT CROP: ROOT sounds like route, and then a CROP is a whip.

10 Perhaps miss chasing ball in sports ground (4)
OVAL: O (ball), VAL (a random girl).

11 Rex loudly scrapping with Tim for sweets (5,7)
DOLLY MIXTURE: anagram (“scrapping”) of (REX LOUDLY TIM*). Never heard of it, but I can visualise the dolls’ tea party!

13 Shrinking skin on feet of duck that’s lost weight (6)

14 Wine found next to hamper: that brings relief! (3,5)
RED CROSS: RED (wine), CROSS (hamper). Bringing relief in disaster zones, of course.

15 Type that exasperates, somewhat (3,4)
PET HATE: hidden answer (indicated by “somewhat”), and the whole clue as an &lit. definition.

16 Great figures maybe exhaust and defeat one (7)
COLOSSI: CO (carbon monoxide = exhaust gas, maybe), LOSS (defeat), I (one).

20 Tramps round Australia in tears (8)
FLOOZIES: O (round) OZ (Australia), all in FLIES (tears). I had the OOZ early, but was slow to see that “tears” was “speeds”, not “weeps”.

22 Petition backing high speed rail terminal (6)
EUSTON: EUS=SUE (petition, “backing”), TON (high speed).

If there's one thing that I like
It's a burn up on my bike
A burn up wiv a bird up on my bike
Now the M1 ain't much fun
Till you try and do a ton
A burn up on my bike, that's what I like.

23 Preacher, one carrying around miniature cloth for protection? (5-7)
BIBLE THUMPER: or, differently split, a BIBLET HUMPER. “Biblet” isn’t in the 3 dictionaries I checked, but you get the idea. We call these folks BIBLE BASHERS in my neck of the woods, but again I got the idea.

25 Negative response from Guthrum oddly ignored Henry (2-2)
UH-UH: ignoring the odd letters, GUTHRUM becomes -U-H-U-. Add H for Henry.

26 Symbol of affection nothing granny would show? (4,4)
LOVE KNOT: LOVE (nothing), KNOT (a granny knot, for example). Another I hadn’t heard of, but had no trouble believing.

27 Pole and Greek performing in corner where Victoria is (4,4)
HONG KONG: N (North pole), GK (Greek), ON (performing), all in HOG (corner).

2 Not going to work in blue van I rent (8)
UNVIABLE: anagram (“rent”) of (BLUE VAN I*).

3 First prize catch to get out in the public sphere! (8,4)
GOLDFISH BOWL: GOLD (first prize), FISH (catch), BOWL (get out, at cricket).

4 Husband lifting pants for taking up? (2-6)
IN FLIGHT: anagram (“pants”) of (H LIFTING*).

5 Russian spies you touching cheese (7)
GRUYERE: GRU (Russian spies: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Intelligence_Directorate_(GRU)), YE (you), RE (touching).

6 Party girl to serve porridge (2,4)
DO BIRD: I might resurrect an old practice and leave this one to explain itself!

7 Hamburger off the shelf? (4)
FRAU: cryptic definition. A married German woman would not be on the metaphorical shelf, and would be addressed as FRAU, not FRAÜLEIN. I suspect people will either love or hate this clue. I haven’t altogether decided which camp I’m in!

8 Journalists visiting mostly like holiday entertainment (5-3)
APRES-SKI: PRESS inside (“visiting”) AKI[n].

12 Slips into lorry, stammering in panic (6-6)
TERROR-STRUCK: ERRORS in T-TRUCK (“stuttering”).

15 Simple life of bouncer after promotion (8)
PUFFBALL: BALL (bouncer) after PUFF (promotion). I took “simple life” as in the song, give me the simple life, but of course it’s a fungus.

17 On receiving foreign correspondent, promoting large sort of office (4-4)
OPEN-PLAN: PEN PAL with the ‘L’ “promoted”, inside ON.

18 Hardly the reaction of one in the fast stream (4,4)
SLOW BURN: self-explanatory once you remember a BURN is a stream.

19 Pack in wooden boxes for old cabinet maker (7)
ASQUITH: QUIT (pack in) “boxed” by ASH. Delightful definition! H. H. Asquith was Prime Minister 1908-1916, so his cabinet was made up of Cabinet Ministers, not wood. (No unkind comments about Cabinet Ministers, please!)

21 According to signal from Cockney, Parisian’s one (2,4)
IN TUNE: ‘INT (signal, with the ‘H’ dropped), UNE (French for ‘one’).

24 Drink spoken of in female company? (4)
BEVY: sounds like BEVVY. The setter didn’t really need the “spoken of”, since Chambers gives BEVY and BEVVY as alternative spellings for a drink. I didn’t realise that “bevy” specifically means a group of women, although a “bevy of beauties” obviously is so.
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Sunday Times Cryptic 4853, by David McLean — Tout est dans les clous

Every ingredient of this tasty puzzle seemed to be in apple-pie order… hence my headline. The expression, nodding here (first) to, uh, clue (a near homophone) 18—comes from the fact that pedestrian crossings in France were as late as 1950 demarcated by two parallel rows of nails (clous) placed in the pavement; hence, to go between the nails means to follow the rules, respect the code. Of course, if you are a schoolchild at an intersection in Great Britain, there might be a LOLLIPOP MAN to keep you in line.

I (blithely assure myself I) have no more questions about any of this, except—just possibly—1. 1 across, of course…

I do (ganasarm)* like this, and italicize anagrinds in the clues.

 1 Foreign article covering a sport (8)
LACROSSE — L(ACROSS)E. I think the “a” in the clue must stand for “Across,” as in these puzzles—although I found this neither in a list of cryptic-crossword abbreviations nor in any online dictionary. I toyed with the idea that “sport,” in the sense of a mutation (sport of nature), and “cross,” in the sense of a hybrid, could be listed somewhere as somewhat tangentially synonymous, but this is not an &lit…
 6 One longing to get rid of York’s premier brass maker (6)
 9 One charged to protect conservative figure (4)
10 Change weekly alcohol units, perhaps, over time (10)
11 Too fab, essentially wonderful (2,4)
AS WELL — [-f]A[-b] SWELL
12 Burning houses labourer evacuated unhurt (3,5)
ALL RIGHT — ”Burning,” ALIGHT, walls in L[-aboure]R
14 Cosmetic surgery’s needed for lean matron (10)
ORNAMENTAL — (lean matron)*
16 Christ appearing in England, oddly (4)
EGAD — EnGlAnD. Blimey!
18 Some overclouding point of great interest (4)
CLOU — HIdden. Literally, as we have seen, “nail.”
19 John McEnroe often put his foot in it (6,4)
TENNIS SHOE — CD. (Boy, did he ever!)
21 Land our hands cultivated (8)
HONDURAS — (our lands)*
23 Boyfriend chasing former PA? (3,3)
OLD MAN —Hmm. If your “boyfriend” is your MAN and this word comes after (is “chasing”) OLD, or “former,” you then have an expression for your pa. But why the question mark? And is arbitarily capping the definition (all—both—letters) a legitimate ploy? And then some gals call their boyfriend—or even their husband—their “old man.” But if “boyfriend” were the definition, I couldn’t make sense of the wordplay.
25 Sea mist over Ramsgate front is normal (10)
MAINSTREAM — ”Sea” is MAIN, and then you have STEAM for “mist,” over (enclosing) the first letter (“front”) of Ramsgate.
27 Send back American periodical (4)
28 Feel aggrieved at being powerless here (6)
29 Building alteration? Concrete’s first to go (8)
TENEMENT — The first word after the definition is the answer to clue 10, or TEN, and then you have [-c]EMENT. My LOI. I couldn’t, actually, parse it till Tuesday.

 2 New cast learn of predecessors (9)
ANCESTRAL — (cast learn)*
 3 Compass displaying north in storm (5)
 4 You could say one’s a non-chain rental service (5,6)
 5 Pull out old treatise (7)
EXTRACT — EX = “old” and TRACT = “treatise”
 6 Sport that doesn’t hold wife’s attention (3)
EAR — [-w]EAR
 7 Isn’t a rest fantastic for irritability (9)
RATTINESS — (Isn’t a rest)*
 8 English policeman upset, getting hard time (5)
EPOCH — E(nglish) + COP<= + H(ard)
13 Chap who makes kids properly cross before school? (8,3)
LOLLIPOP MAN — CD. A new term to this Yank.
15 Great deal for a roll plus salsa? (9)
ABUNDANCE — A BUN (“roll”) + DANCE (“salsa,” DBE)
17 Love is not a road I travelled (9)
ADORATION — (is not a road I)*
20 Starting out on climb, nervous initially (7)
NASCENT — N[-ervous] + ASCENT
22 Talk over singer, that’s rude ultimately (5)
ORATE — O(ver) + RAT (“singer”) + [-rud]E. “That’s” meaning “that has” (which I find annoying, y’know, but so be it).
24 Fancy shot taken round central Leeds (5)
DREAM — DR(E)AM (E being the middle, or “central,” letter in “Leeds”)
26 Rubbish piece of needlework? (3)
TAT — DD, the second referring to ink under the skin