June 5th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1367 by Mara

I was not on the wavelength for this one, just escaping my personal red zone, although in retrospect there's nothing really hard. Even the unusual word at 19dn was quite generously signposted (and preceded by appearances in QCs past). I liked the Yoda-esque definition at 3dn once the penny dropped, but COD to 23ac which reads so deceptively well!

Definitions underlined.

1 Pack with some cards for ship's labourer (8)
DECKHAND - DECK (pack) with HAND (some cards).
5 Petticoat, a mistake (4)
SLIP - double definition.
9 Crate ordered to provide for event? (5)
CATER - anagram of (ordered) CRATE.
10 Greek character with stick — that's bendy (7)
CHICANE - CHI (Greek character) with CANE (stick).
11 Part of spring blossom (3)
MAY - double definition; a month in (part of) spring, and a tree blossom.
12 Maintaining power, lord's way disrupted fencing (9)
SWORDPLAY - anagram of (disrupted) LORD'S WAY, containing (maintaining) P (power).
13 Circuit best for computer (6)
LAPTOP - LAP (circuit) and TOP (best).
15 Gambler cured (6)
BETTER - double definition.
17 Rewritten novel isn't ruined (9)
INSOLVENT - anagram of (rewritten) NOVEL ISN'T.
19 Nation abandoning popular resort (3)
SPA - SPAin (nation) removing (abandoning) 'in' (popular).
20 Plant we see, a new daffodil initially (7)
SEAWEED - anagram of (new) WE SEE A, and the first letter of (initially) Daffodil.
21 Build ship, perhaps? (5)
CRAFT - double definition.
22 By the sound of it, movement of water secured (4)
TIED - homophone of (by the sound of it) "tide" (movement of water).
23 Livelier person going downhill at the end of the working week? (8)
FRISKIER - SKIER (person going downhill) next to (at) FRI (end of the working week?).

1 A pointed figure? (7)
DECIMAL - cryptic definition referring to a number (figure) containing a (decimal) point.
2 Spiteful getting claws out, perhaps? (5)
CATTY - double definition. So not an anagram of 'claws' then, which I wasted a daft amount of time on.
3 Difficult joint? By the way it is! (4,8)
HARD SHOULDER - HARD (difficult) and SHOULDER (joint). Something that is next to (by) the road (way).
4 Found in tin, a chocolate chip (5)
NACHO - hidden in tiN A CHOcolate.
6 Flier allowed to follow flea all over the place (7)
LEAFLET - LET (allow) after (to follow) an anagram of (all over the place) FLEA.
7 Pastry tray empty — goodness! (5)
PIETY - PIE (pastry) and the first and last letters from (empty) TraY.
8 Musical instrument jams — blow it! (12)
FIDDLESTICKS - FIDDLE (musical instrument) and STICKS (jams).
14 Gestapo fixed charge for delivery (7)
POSTAGE - anagram of (fixed) GESTAPO.
16 Minister welcoming a nuclear machine (7)
REACTOR - RECTOR (minister) surrounding (welcoming) A.
17 Something introduced yours truly sent off (5)
INSET - I (yours truly) and an anagram of (off) SENT.
18 Church's official tree (5)
ELDER - double definition.
19 Hindu teacher moved across the Ganges perhaps before one (5)
SWAMI - SWAM (moved across the Ganges perhaps) before I (one).

Times 27369 - French bread and anagrams

Another faiirly easy puzzle for midweek, I thought, with some pleasant touches and no less than five straight anagrams to make life even easier. And the species of ungulate was one we've all heard of! It took me around 20 minutes but it could have been faster if I wasn't watching the TV at the same time.

See EDIT at 14a.

1 Nice bakery's production troubles? (5)
PAINS - Well a bakery in France produces PAIN, but the plural pains = breads does exist even if it's scarcely used.
4 Rod reversed in before animal (8)
ANTELOPE - This week's antelope is, er - ANTELOPE, POLE reversed inside ANTE.
8 Perpetrate a CGI shambles, part of something that’s dragged on? (9,5)
10 Butcher turned out to be lacking education (9)
11 A day that is top-class, the last word? (5)
ADIEU - A, D(ay), I.E., U.
12 Standard kind, heading off to tour south (6)
ENSIGN - BENIGN = kind loses B and has S inserted.
14 Bloke's accompanying country star (8)
HESPERUS - I wonder if there's a typo in this clue, as I can't see where the last S comes from. Bloke's = HE'S, counntry = PERU. Shouldn't it be "country's" to lead to PERU'S? EDIT at noon: suggested below that "accompanying country" could be = PER US. I am not keen on this as PER doesn't mean accompanying, more 'by' or 'through'. I could however buy into the idea that 'accompanying Peru' could = PERU'S, at a stretch. But I think it's an error.
17 Order diet books (8)
REGIMENT - REGIME = diet, NT = books.
18 Good songs lacking English craft without power (6)
GLIDER - G(ood), LI(E)DER. Lieder being German language songs.
20 Chairman wants at first to stifle one catty remark (5)
MIAOW - chairman MAO then W(ANTS) has I inserted.
22 He’s after majority, damaging morale etc (9)
LATECOMER - (MORALE ETC)*. A nice misleading, topical definition.
24 My band listened transportedtheir thoughts elsewhere? (14)
25 Hard-core unit sent into company cutting leave (8)
EXPLICIT - I (unit) inside PLC (company) inside EXIT = leave.
26 Swimmer seen among icebergs heading west (5)
GREBE - Hidden reversed in IC(EBERG)S.

1 Imagine stuff in iron mounting (7,5)
PICTURE FRAME - PICTURE = imagine, FE = Fe, iron, insert RAM = stuff.
2 Occupying fast car circling round block (5)
INGOT - IN = occupying, GT = fast car, insert O = round.
3 Learned motorway is masking restaurant plot (9)
STRATAGEM - SAGE = learned has TRAT (trattoria) inserted then add M for motorway.
4 Wear a sort of square flag (6)
ATTIRE - A, T (square), TIRE = flag.
5 Split in row, getting more in? (8)
TRENDIER - REND = split, inside TIER = row.
6 Wool supplier from a shopping complex turning up (5)
LLAMA - A MALL reversed. Chestnut time.
7 PM and press boss shown first (9)
PREMIERED - PM = PREMIER, ED = press boss.
9 Rum Henry’s stirred with rye for Doctor Foster, say? (7,5)
NURSERY RHYME - (RUM HENRY RYE)*. Doctor Foster went to Gloucester.
13 Notice a large strike where worker changes lines (6,3)
SIGNAL BOX - Notice = SIGN, A, L, BOX = strike.
15 Drug hunter cut up reserve trail (6,3)
POLICE DOG - Cut reversed = LOP reversed = POL, ICE = reserve, DOG = trail.
16 Obsessive with unknown jerk breaking down (8)
ANALYTIC - ANAL = obsessive (as cropped up recently with some discussion), Y = unknown, TIC = jerk.
19 Tough area with no policeman on top of it (6)
STRICT - DISTRICT = area, remove the DI or Detective Inspector.
21 Parade order with list (5)
WHEEL - W = with, HEEL = list, tip over. The order would need to be 'right wheel' or 'left wheel' else there could be chaos in the ranks.
23 Fly jet carrying duke east (5)
MIDGE - MIG the Russian jet we find in puzzles; insert D = duke, add E for east.