May 31st, 2019

Quick Cryptic 1364 by Joker

A mixed bag of write-ins and more obscure ones. Not sure I am happy with the rule-breaking 2d, especially in the quickie. Favourite has to be the elegant 9a, LOI (last one in) 14d

1 Redesigned quad with cute water channel (8)
AQUEDUCT - anagram ('redesigned') of QUAD CUTE
5 Religious group with 100 in clique (4)
SECT - SET (clique) with C for 100 in
8 Express disapproval: our heartless teacher! (5)
TUTOR - TUT + OR (our without the middle letter)
9 Upbringing having run true to form? (7)
NURTURE - nicely disguised anagram ('to form') of RUN TRUE
11 Nothing left at home on returning (3)
NIL - L + IN backwards
12 Angry with procedures as a bishop manoeuvres? (9)
13 Rebellious group loses its first battle (6)
ACTION - FACTION minus the first letter
15 Muscle initially bulging in chaps exercising pretty solidly (6)
BICEPS - first letters of Bulging In Chaps Exercising Pretty Solidly
18 Go off after desk gets broken and run away (9)
SKEDADDLE - go off is ADDLE, with anagram ('gets broken') of DESK on the front.
19 Remain without a home in the country (3)
STY - STAY minus A
20 Iron perhaps used for cores to help cements? (7)
ELEMENT - constructed using the insides of hELp cEMENTs
21 Message with untruth revolving about mother (5)
EMAIL - LIE backwards around MA
22 Extreme features of showy Neo-Gothic harmonise in time (4)
SYNC - first and last letters or ShowY and Neo gothiC
23 Shortly attending church for spirit (8)
PRESENCE - Attending is PRESENT, 'shortly' i.e minus the last letter (remember Curarist's first Law), + CE for church.

1 Worker erected girl’s aerial (7)
ANTENNA - Worker is ANT, girl is ANNE, reversed
2 Jauntily up to appearing in that? (5)
UNTIL - Now hang on. Isn't there a rule that says the definition is always at the beginning or end of the clue? Hidden word jaUNTILy
3 Company officers give order to make a formal speech (11)
4 Preserve Tell’s first functioning part of Switzerland (6)
CANTON - CAN (preserve) + T (Tell's first) + ON (functioning)
6 School note expected about pet? (7)
EDUCATE - E (note) + DUE around CAT
7 Focus attention on cutting first lock of hair (5)
TRESS - Focus attention on is STRESS, minus the first letter
10 Playing sevens tries always needing to move (11)
RESTIVENESS - anagram ('playing') of SEVENS TRIES
14 Metal used for foil when wrapping present in it (7)
THEREIN - TIN (Metal used for foil) around HERE. Straightforward in the end, but I stared at this for ages before I got it.
16 Colour TV company suffering from depression (3,4)
SKY BLUE - SKY (TV company) + BLUE
17 Changer of text in English rubbish I had written up (6)
EDITOR -E (English) + ROT I'D all backwards
18 Species that is missing a means of seeing clearly (5)
19 Spread including whiskey and fish eggs (5)
SPAWN - SPAN with W inside.