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May 27th, 2019

Times Quick Cryptic 1360 by Teazel

Solving time: 7 minutes A couple of clues (1ac and 23ac) stopped me in my tracks for a moment re parsing and there was one answer (12dn) I didn't know and had to guess from checkers and residual anagrist.

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Times 27361 - Cock-up on the coding front

A rare sub-16 for me, so we can expect some serious times from the Bay Area and Barnes. I thought this was a most enjoyable stroll, with just a clue or two to keep the solver honest (solvent?). The old Ottoman was a rely-on-the-wordplay clue for those who didn't know him, 1 across is a nice word we don't seem to see enough of, and the breakwater is not at the top of my littoral lexical set, but for all that this is a very amiable opening to the week. 

Post-it note: I'm afraid I had a bit of a cock-up on the not-being-able-to-find-the-Undo-button-and-hitting-the-Go-back-button-instead-front, so the setting half is a bit of a mess. It's late and I was just coming to an end of this masterpiece, so I fear it will stay like this for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, everything I meant to say can be deduced by the cunning cruciverbal codebreaker. Then, of course, there is always the peanut gallery...

1 Improvise service following rabble (8)
RIFFRAFF - RIFF (improvise) RAF (service) F (following)
6 Forest, last of it burning (6)
ARDENT - ARDEN (Shakespeare's go-to forest) [i]T
9 Go round country denying article (4)
10 Intuition perhaps at the heart of Shakespeare? (5,5)
SIXTH SENSE - AKA ESP, which are the central letters of shakESPeare
11 Having nothing on, Keats drank bubbly (5,5)
13 How many adverbs finish couple? (4)
ALLY - actuALLY, reALLY, he's right! 'Couple' in its verbal sense, as uniting or allying with another
14 Our lot'll visit Tyneside thoroughly prepared (4,4)
WELL DONE - WE'LL (our lot will) DO (visit) NE (land of Lawrie McMenemy and alcohol-free lager: it's great, man! [or not - Ed])
16 Cost of swapping equal parts of design (6)
OUTLAY - LAYOUT with its two, equal, 3-letter parts swapped
18 Cultural technicality — first half needs sorting (6)
ETHNIC - TECHNI* ('-cality' is otiose)
20 Elected authority inspires egg mania (8)
INSANITY - NIT (egg) in IN (elected) AY (authority)
22 Boozer's chic without curtains (4)
WINO - IN (chic) in WO (wihtout). Hands up all those who tried to find a 6-letter word of the form *WINO*?
24 Relax with posh lodger and officer (10)
26 A Balkan drinking book is about constant pursuit of tumblers (10)
ACROBATICS - A B in CROAT followed by C in IS
28 Put cover around area (4)
29 Greek unit guards Yankee breakwater (6)
30 Keen, perversely, to hoard pink fuel (8)

2 Snappy declaration by doctor's client? (9)
IMPATIENT - if you were a particularly terse customer (do they still call them that in the NHS?) given to quirky aphorising, then it altogether possible that you will tell the recpetionist (and do they still call them that, I wonder? sounds far too normal and unaggrandised) , you might swing into the surgery and announce 'I'M PATIENT'. 
3 Nice individual embroiled in wild ceremony (7)
FUNERAL - UN (French, here Niçois, one or individual) in FERAL (wild)
4 Like broadcasting about Republican crime (5)
5 Sly type following steer (3)
6 Your hands should be massaged without water (9)
7 Stop working with actors from The Matrix? (3-4)
DIE-CAST - DIE (stop working) CAST (actors). I am totally clueless about such things, but note from Collins that a matrix is a metal mould for casting type, even if 'die-cast' is, it appears, typically a verb, with 'die-casting' the noun. 'Tis but a small step to chop off the 'ing', though...ON EDIT: see Kevin’s explanation below
8 Rocket launchers start to leak through the nose (5)
NASAL - NASA (either a very important programme or a colossal waste of time, life and money, depending on your viewpoint)  L[eak]; 'of or relating to the nose' is closer to the meaning, but I guess there are contexts where 'through the nose' would be fine
12 Old Ottoman boss man breaks front of knee joint (7)
KHEDIVE - HE in K[nee] DIVE (<a href=https://youtu.be/kAS4o51tPzA>joint</a>); the khedive was the viceroy of Egypt under the Ottomans from 1867-1914
15 Black, maybe, note, after very big swing (9)
OSCILLATE - OS (outsize, or very big) CILLA (our Cilla of 'Step inside love' fame) TE (note - a drink with bread and jam, no less)
17 Keen students pay this order to stand still (9)
ATTENTION - Oi! You at the back there! Nose out of your i Phone XS Max!
19 Raised cash to preserve old record for new term (7)
NEOLOGY - O LOG in YEN reversed
21 Number with advantage set about new puzzle (7)
NONPLUS - N (new) in NO (number) PLUS (advantage)
23 Attract resistance pursuing popular copper (5)
INCUR - IN (popular) CU (copper) R (resistance)

A stunner, she loses her heart in sailor's embrace (5)
TASER - S[h]E in TAR
27 QC, beginning to go off class (3)
ILK - [s]ILK; a Queen's Counsel is a particularly smart barrister, oymoronic as that may sound